“Greetings, I am the Ascended Master Adalah’. I was asked to give you some information on the subject of high sensitivity, as you call it. Well, many of you are still surprised at the fact that there are people among you who are more thin-skinned and more sensitive than most other people. Maybe you think of them as oversensitive and therefore not as easily integrable into society as many others. Where do you put your focus when you look at them? Is it really all about quantifiable performances with you human beings? Is it not high time that you rethink your values and ideals?

The highly sensitive among you are harbingers and members of a new species of human beings, which is spreading everywhere on Earth and of which we have been talking for a very long time. Maybe you imagined them differently, maybe you thought of them as something extraterrestrial. Well, that is not entirely wrong, after all you can take it that these highly sensitive people come from far away in the universe.

Many of the souls that reincarnate as highly sensitive people in your time and age are here by their own choice. After all, most of them have already left the wheel of reincarnation and could withdraw to a higher plane of the planet Earth if they wanted to. But they have come here of their own volition, because they wanted to serve humanity and Gaia. They are the ones you call indigo children or crystal children, and you frequently forget that they are not children anymore but have been grown-ups for a very long time.

If you want to give a new orientation to your life and your home planet Earth, you cannot carry on the way you used to. You know that too! It needs many people who live from their heart, who see more than just with their physical eyes, who think with more than their physical intellect and who do not let themselves be wedged in by apparent truths. Those you call highly sensitive have come to you and you are in the process of pushing them to the margins of society because they are not able to perform the way you are. As I have already said, performance can be defined in various ways …

But now I also want to address those who think that they are highly sensitive but who, in fact, are lazy and shy away from difficulties and challenges. Yes, they exist as well. I call them the highly sensitive copycats … they hide their laziness under the guise of high sensitivity and thereby cheat their way through life. But life will show them that they cannot escape responsibility.

Well then, you truly highly sensitive people, do not lose heart! Your life is not always easy and sometimes you need more energy than you have at your disposal. But always think about why you are here and why you have chosen this particular life: You are the pioneers that humanity needs in order to open itself up to the spiritual level of its being and in order to reconnect with your multidimensional wisdom.

Your world will not be saved through intellect, but through sensitivity, wisdom and above all the love that connects you with the universe. This is why you are here! And we with you! We, the Angels and Masters, love and accompany you! Be greeted, I am Adalah’, a Master of the Hathors.”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


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  1. Dear Ingrid, I love your products and your personal high vibration. I bought your DNA, Mary, cleaning protecting etc
    the DNA has done marvels to cure my skin of a very strong rash. Very painful and the soothing effect of the DNA is immediate. Feel free to share because I had this rash/ultra sensitivity to food for over 4 years. went to the hospital with my throat closing more than once. so the help from your products is not minor. I am based in Sao Paulo Brasil. send you my love and gratitude!


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