Amazing experience with the Lemurian Goddesses Symbol Cards

“Dear Ingrid, I want to share with you the experience one of my patients made with your Lemurian Goddesses Symbol Cards. Sofia (her name has been changed)  is a woman of 32 years. Eleven months ago, she was pregnant and did not feel ready to have that child, so she decided to have an abortion. Only her boyfriend and she knew about it, they did not tell anyone else.

It is two months ago that she first came to me. She came to me because she was feeling really angry and aggressive, but also lost and unhappy all the time. She was also having problems with her facial skin, which was getting all red, for which she was treated by a dermatologist.

We began to work with each other, and I was getting deeper inside her in each session, using crystal healing, theta healing, qigong, focussing, and all that was needed, which varies from session to session, as you know.

Three weeks ago, she told me about the abortion (we meet once a week), we worked on healing, forgiveness, acceptance, and the whole emotional aspect. The ultimate relief came last week when we used the Goddess Symbols. The fact is that Sofia would really have loved to be able to tell her mother about what she had done and receive her support, love and forgiveness, but she comes from a very religious family, and she thinks they would never accept that their “perfect daughter could have done such a thing”, so she was not ready to tell them about the abortion.

I asked Sofia if she would like to use the cards to ask her line of ancestors to forgive her, give her strength, etc. She agreed.

We did some breathing, relaxing, and conscious preparation for some minutes. Sitting in a chair, she picked some cards: one for herself, one for her mother, one for her grandmother, one for her great grandmother and one for the unborn child. Then I asked her to lie down on the massage table, while I put on some angel music. With closed eyes, she relaxed, and I asked her to place the cards intuitively on her body. I guided her through a meditation to connect with the present, past, and future of her body.

I do not remember all the words I used or even the whole meditation. But what happened was simply beautiful. Her whole female line of ancestors was there, women from all kinds of places, times and cultures, forming a circle around her, all dressed in the traditional costumes of their culture, performing a dance, singing around her. I clearly saw them. Words came out of my mouth, guiding Sofia so she could connect with all of them, their strength, their love, their support, their forgiveness, their courage. She cried gently while experiencing, feeling and receiving.

Towards the end of the meditation (it lasted about 20-25 minutes), she told me that she had seen her great grandmother, whom she had known. Her great grandmother had talked to her, had given her words of admiration for who she is as a woman and forgiveness and had told her that she comes from a line of strong women that endured a lot in the course of their lives and that she is strong and wise enough to go through all of this. Sofia felt that a big weight was lifted off her body, she even felt that the unborn child forgave her. She felt clean in her feminine organs and ready to receive another baby when the right moment comes (she felt dirty before, guilty, with no sexual appetite, she did not feel worthy to receive a child and was not able to experience pleasure). She was full of love after the session and deeply thankful.

Yesterday, when she came to the session, she told me that the previous session with the cards had been the most important one for her. She also told me that she really felt that a huge weight had been lifted off her body and that a big step had been taken. She really feels everything is clean inside her regarding the abortion, she has made her peace with it, she also really forgave herself, and she even feels more confident now. It was a big leap. Our work has achieved a lot, and she has more self-esteem now, she is also more in tune with what she feels, and she does the things she wants to do, and not things other people want her to do. She is putting aside that “perfect, gentle Sofia everyone takes for granted”, and she is beginning to be who she really is, without being in a rush, but she is still doing it. That session initiated a huge healing and recovery process in her whole cell system.

Thank you, Ingrid, from the depth of my heart!

Veronica, Mexico City”



‘The Divine is within you!’ A message from Ascended Master Sananda

“Greetings, dear ones! I am Sananda. No matter what abilities you brought into this life, you were hardly ever allowed to develop and live your potential.

In the last centuries and millenniums it has been one of people’s main learning experiences to submit themselves and their personalities to a large collective, and to be part of it. This was your learning experience throughout numerous incarnations.

However, your journey into duality has been a voluntary one. To begin with, you knew that you were divine consciousness, slipping into a human body to make certain learning experiences. But in the course of all the incarnations you started to forget. You descended into the deepest darkness of duality, to be human. In the process you have buried your divinity deep inside you and forgotten what is inside you.

On your long journey through duality you have been subject to different leaders: high priests, pharaohs, spiritual and worldly leaders, shamans, tribal leaders, gurus, bosses and other authorities. This has strongly shaped you. You either handed over the power over yourself and your life to others, or you were forced to do so. In some of your lives you were even deprived of your own dignity.

But those days are now over! You have reached the end of your journey through duality, and at the same time, at the beginning of a new era. You call this transition transformation process. It forces you to question all your supposed ‘truth’. At the same time, many of your authority figures and their rules and laws are questioned and steadily lose their importance.

You are no longer sheep, following their shepherd. You are shepherds yourself. Self-determined, responsible and full of joy you follow the star which is shining inside you. It is your divine spark of awareness which you have not lost during all the journeys through time and space. You have only forgotten that it exists.

I accompany you on this important part of your journey, which I have already done some time ago. Besides me there are also numerous other Ascended Masters ,angels, archangels and other higher beings on your side. They support you when you change into a higher level of awareness. The journey back into divine unity has begun! Maybe some more incarnations are waiting for you, but it is going to be a journey full of light – and we are happy with you!

Call me whenever you need me! I will be on your side.

I am Sananda, I am the light!”


You are here to bring light into the world

“You have been moving upwards in a spiral of awareness for some time. You might compare it to a winding staircase which may lead you to unknown and incredible heights.

The question is: are you really ready for it?

The energies of the New Age are pushing and pushing, getting stronger and more intense. Those who object to these energies and fight against them, will falter. This is the main reason for all the turmoil in your world right now.

It is the old energy, sticking on you like liquid resin, deterring you from thinking ahead. Many people are already on the way, but the majority of the earth’s inhabitants have not even made the initial step.

This will not change in the next few months, as this process takes its time. Therefore, try to understand that the weeks ahead might be turbulent, inside and outside. Be ready!

Everything that needs change, but is held back by you, creates some sort of energy whirl. You are running in circles, things are turned upside down, but you still feel like treading in place.

What use is this information for me and my life? some of you might wonder.


  • be prepared when these energy whirls come, and do not be scared,
  • stay – as well as possible – aligned, even if it gets rocky in the outside,
  • do not try to hold on, but let yourself flow on the waves until the storm has quietened,
  • let go of whatever does not belong to you any longer, and
  • if you feel energetically taken apart (some of you are just going through this experience), then connect with the spiritual world, trying to remain quiet and confident. Because what you are going through right now, serves your re-orientation and re-calibration.

Have you not been looking out for it for a long time?

Have you not been waiting for it for decades?

What have you been thinking the transformation process might bring?

Well, you are in the middle of it, and it will go on for some time. But you know this deep down in your soul. This is why you have come here, now, in this time, to keep the light up – for you and for others!

Let yourself be driven upwards by this energy spiral. Just go on unswervingly, and let your light shine in the darkness.

With are with you! We are the angel group Akabesh. We have set out together with you, to accompany you, guide you and protect you. Greeting to you, light workers. We are here to serve you!”


‘Your spirituality is innate’. A message from Lady Nada

„You may sometimes feel alone and misunderstood with your spirituality, your love for the angels and us, the Ascended Masters. Maybe other people tell you that spiritual messages are just fantasy which are not scientifically accurate, and lack an intellectual foundation.

You may wonder why so many people simply do not allow any spiritual thoughts?

You should accept that the large majority of your fellow people are still stuck in their tight box of thoughts, not seeing any reason to get out of it. Unfortunately in many cases it takes tragic strokes of fate for them to start looking for an escape from their spiritual dead end.

Ever since the messages from KRYON, channelled by Lee Caroll, you know that your spirituality is virtually innate, based in the multi-dimensional layers of your DNA. However, your DNA may keep sending you spiritual impulses, but as long as you are not ready and open for them, you will not be able to perceive them.

Therefore, it is important for you not to feel alone with your spirituality, or feel like an outsider in society, but be part of a network of light workers. Join spiritual groups, take part in spiritual events, and exchange with others about spiritual views, opinions and experiences.

Living your spirituality consciously can also happen on another level. For example, in your mind, or during meditations you can join the energy of other people who also work for the vibrational elevation and the development of the spiritual awareness on earth, no matter whether you personally know them or not.

There are many ways of consciously living and practising spirituality, and more are emerging every day. Because you have come into this life to mark the beginning of the great change in awareness, and to increase the vibrations of planet earth. Do not be insecure, you have already achieved so much! Just go on! I am the Ascended Master Lady Nada. Greetings! I am with you!”


‘Mankind is moving upwards in a coil of awareness.’ A message from Sanat Kumara

“Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara. Would you have thought, 30 or 50 years ago, that you would be able to communicate over long distances as normally as you do now? Although, even then, there was the possibility to phone, wire or use Morse codes, you now go online, see each other on screens, meet for meditations virtually, help and coach each other, and offer trainings over long distances. Today this has become a matter of course, as the internet is part of your everyday life.

But, nevertheless, there are many things you cannot imagine now which will be reality in a few years or decades. Of course, there will be good, and sometimes not so good, things. However, mankind is moving upwards in a coil of awareness, slowly, but steadily. In doing so, we more and more get out of the darkness.

There are many things we can let go of on this way up: old dogmas, restrictions and paradigms. Present knowledge will change, and so will the so-called human truth. Your perspective will widen hugely, and you will be able to take a look into another dimension, our dimension.

Why do I tell you this? Well, there are still so many sceptics. They stick with the old field of energy and knowledge. The more they hold tight, the more they block the new. Therefore, I am telling you: get ready for the future, for the apparently impossible which will soon be possible!

You are taking part in an unbelievable process of awareness which mankind has never experienced before. You are the transformers, and it won’t work without you! Remember this whenever doubts overcome you.

We Ascended Masters are by your side, we are with you! I am Sanat Kumara, greetings!”



‘Spirituality has always got to do with humbleness’. An Angel message for you

‘Greetings, dear ones! We are an Angels group accompanying during your process of transformation and awareness. We watch you very closely, as it is our task to be by your side, guide you and support you. Therefore, we know that, despite all your honest efforts, you sometimes deceive yourselves when it is about understanding and interpreting the learning tasks behind situations.

Although most of you were born into this present and former lives as highly developed souls, you have, (so to speak), wrapped the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ around yourselves. This was done to enable you to find your way in duality, and to cope with the learning tasks you have chosen. This means that your ‘divine’ wisdom is buried deep, so that you can mainly make human experiences and develop here on this level.

For some years now, you have been remembering who you really are. Because of the great transformation process and the vibrational elevation on Planet Earth the veil of forgetfulness has become thinner and thinner. For the first time, you recognize connections between the earthly and the spiritual level beyond duality. You learn to understand your life not only from a human, but also a spiritual point of view. You talk about the so-called ‘programme-one’ or 3D (the earthly level) and ‘programme-two’ or 4D, 5D, 6D, etc., which means the spiritual level.

However, this often holds the heart of the problem. You try to explain programme-one with the help of programme-two, interpreting the spiritual level which lies behind your earthly actions and experiences. In doing so, your human mind and your ego interferes, although you have started to think in a spiritual way. The crux of the matter is: it is all about your ‘spiritual excuses’!

Thereby we mean your attempts to explain situations or facts in everyday life, which are unpleasant, but which you quickly try to handle with a ‘spiritual interpretation’. Or you apparently connect with the spiritual world, hoping to get confirmation for your actions there.

But this is not the way it works! Do not deceive yourselves! Stop pretending to believe half-truths and untruths! Yes, for you people it is still hard to be free of the influences of the ego, and misinterpretations of spiritual truths. You do not have to prove to yourselves and others how spiritual you already are! Spirituality has always also got to do with humbleness. This is what we want to remind you of at the end of our message. Remember this in your attempts at spiritual explanation!

We are with you!’

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer



‘Your spiritual core is brought with you.’ An Angel message for you

‘Greetings, dear ones! We are the Angels for Change and Transformation. Humans now live in a time that has seen the greatest change ever taken place on the planet Earth. By this, however, we do not mean the sweeping changes in technology and science that you have undergone at a stunning pace during the past decades.

No, we mean the global process of change, which has also been called the transformation process by some. This stage of your developmental history gives you the opportunity to elevate your consciousness, not only through learning and mental training, but also through spiritual growth.

When you take a look around at your personal surroundings and observe them carefully, you will realise that development on the personality level alone will not suffice. After all, humans not only consist of a physical body, feelings, intellect and a personality, but they also possess a spiritual ‘core’.

This spiritual core is brought with you into all your incarnations, and in every incarnation you have the opportunity to become aware of your inherent spirituality and allow it to unfold and make it shine. However, your change in consciousness frequently needs a loud wake-up call from without so that you can embark on your journey toward yourselves and begin to develop your spirituality more completely.

In everyday life, you usually do not have much room for spirituality, because you tend to focus on earthly topics and issues, which keep challenging you.

But this is what it is all about!

Realise that you are in need of strong, external impulses so that your process of change and transformation can be set in motion!

These impulses are not always very convenient. Often they can come along with sorrow, pain, hopelessness or desperation. In many cases, you need a certain degree of suffering in order to make changes.

 But do you still need it?

Or do you embark on the journey towards rethinking, change and transformation by your own choice?

The choice is yours!

Greetings! The Angels are with you and are happy to support you whenever you ask us for help. Many of you are familiar with our symbol.´

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


‘Doff your old clothes!’ Message from the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara

“Greetings, dear ones! Of course, the full moon of the 31st of January, which involved a total lunar eclipse, will have repercussions on us humans for some time, resembling a strong energetic wave. Highly sensitive people probably feel it the most acutely, but the transforming energies influence all humankind. The annual energies of 2018 practically force us to deal with certain topics, for instance with authenticity and inner clarity. I received a metaphorical message on that topic from the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara, which I will gladly share with you:

“In the course of your life, you have acquired various ‘clothes’, which on the one hand underline your personality and on the other hand are supposed to protect you. However, sometimes you identify with your clothes to such an extent that you forget who you really are.

Therefore, check your ‘wardrobe’ from time to time, and winnow out those articles of clothing that do not fit you anymore because they show you in an old light that is out of keeping with you. Dive deep into your soul, and realise who you really are. The energies of the current time increasingly urge you to be authentic and honest with yourselves and others. Discard your old role models if they are not really your own.

You have arrived at a point in the developmental history of humanity where you need to develop new aspects of you personality. After all, those you have adopted from the generations before you will become less important. They do not fit you and the requirements of the new time anymore. You can notice this in the children who were born during the past years and decades. They already bring the energies of the future into the world and force you to discard your old clothes and roles through their behaviour.

Maybe you will feel naked and vulnerable at the beginning, maybe even disoriented. But this is part of the rebirth of your human consciousness.

Accept this transitional phase, and connect with the various high beings which are here to support you, namely with the Angels and Ascended Masters, the Saints, the Elohim, the Seraphim, as well as the Goddesses and Beings of Nature.

No matter to which of us you feel the most attracted, invite us into your life. Be authentic and rather remain ‘naked’ for a while than go out in the wrong clothes. We are with you! Be greeted – I am Sanat Kumara.”


© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


‘What the eternal wheel of reincarnation means.’ Message from Pallas Athene

“Greetings, dear ones! I am the Ascended Master Pallas Athene, and I would like to convey the following parable to you in order to explain in a metaphorical way why it is that you incarnated here on this planet Earth and what the alleged eternal wheel of reincarnation means.

Imagine a train with a number of carriages that are connected to each other. This train is a train of learning and development and is usually boarded through the rear carriage and left through the front carriage. Souls who want to advance in their development by means of a learning experience, that they can only make in this particular earthly learning train, throng around the rear entrance and wait to be admitted. They are aware that they are going to learn something in the course of their well-nigh endless journey through eternity that they can only learn and experience on this particular train.

In order to get from the rear carriage to the carriages in the middle of the train and in order to be able to leave the train through the front carriage one day, the passengers need to have certain experiences and pass a number of tests. It is within every soul’s own discretion to make progress at their own pace. Nobody presses them to do anything, because they are only answerable to themselves.

The carriages are furnished differently and depending on the respective level of development, have different overall conditions in order to offer an ideal learning environment for their passengers. They are also charged with different energy frequencies that correspond to the respective energy fields of the souls. Moreover, the ‘students’ are all accompanied by different teachers.

The souls at the first developmental stage, that is in the rearmost carriage, are confronted with other learning tasks than the ones in the middle and front area of the train. As soon as they have finished an incarnation, they leave the respective carriage and board the same carriage in their next incarnation in order to resume their journey of learning and development from there.

Of course, there are also souls which for various reasons already fulfil all the requirements to board a middle carriage of the train right from the outset. Some newcomers can even take a seat in the front carriages. You call them Indigo or Crystal children. They have skipped the rear ‘developmental carriages’, which is why they lack certain experiences that can only be made there. For this reason, they sometimes feel a little awkward and displaced in their compartment although they fulfil all the requirements for a lateral entry on the spiritual and emotional level.

Some souls spend a lot of time in the respective carriages; they take long breaks or put their development on hold due to various distractions and alternative occupations. Sometimes they even have to board the same carriage over and over again throughout a number of incarnations because they have not fulfilled the prescribed learning task yet and have not used their chance for development. But there is no one who assesses, judges or criticises them. Every soul is responsible for itself.

The journey has already taken quite some time, and the train has recently picked up speed. Owing to this acceleration, the various energy fields in the carriages have begun to change. Those who used to take their ease are now confronted with different conditions and either have to speed up their learning steps or leave the carriage after a short while in order to make a new attempt in their next incarnation.

Because many souls have already made their way to the middle and front carriages, the rear carriages become more and more empty. But the journey will take some more time, and many ‘students’ have become teachers themselves in the meantime. Others, conversely have already left the train through the front carriage in order to continue their journey to an entirely different part of the universe.”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer



At the turn of the year, some pessimists wish to speak even louder than during the year, to get rid of their fears and worries. Yes, we are living in turbulent times, characterized by instability and unexpected events. However, it does not make sense, freezing in fear and panic. On the contrary!

Insecure times need secure people!

We can all contribute by inner realignment and a positive view into the future. Mankind has been undergoing a great process of transformation in the last few years. Things will be turned upside-down, but eventually light will win over darkness. I am truly convinced of this. In this sense!

Happy New Year 2018!

Much love,