The transformation process is for us as water is for a seed

Message from Ascended Master Lady Gaia

“Greetings to you! I am Lady Gaia. I am not an Ascended Master in the traditional sense. But rather a form of awareness which is closely connected with the Earth, whom we will call Gaia. In other words, I am the soul or the awareness of your planet.

You have learned at school that the Earth is dead matter, and therefore lifeless chemistry. This approach only applies from a limited human view. A scientist cannot find any life in a stone when he investigates it with technical equipment, just as doctors cannot find a person’s soul in the body.

Our planet and its inhabitants are energetically and spiritually connected very closely. Since there have been people on this planet, they have shared a symbiosis with the Earth. They benefit from it through the increased vibrational frequency of the transformation process.

At the same time that the vibration frequency of the Earth is raised, the vibrational frequency in the people’s field of consciousness is also raised. It is the same the other way around. Therefore, as the awareness in the energy field of Gaia increases, the awareness also increases in every single person. I love to speak in images. Imagine a seed in the soil. What does it need to, germinate, grow and eventually develop into full bloom? It needs light and water.

It is the same with the sparks of awareness which you have brought into the present over aeons of years. They are innate. Your sparks of awareness are Divine seeds that you are already carrying. They are your souls.

The transformation process is similar for people, just as the light and water trigger the development of a seed allowing the growth and development of the plant. As soon as the plant has its roots, it aerates the soil to build humus. Plant and soil ‘fertilize each other’, for the benefit of one another.

In the transformation process it is not just about a new environmental awareness to protect the Earths’ resources, that is to stop the clearing of the rainforests, or not to pollute the environment excessively. It is rather to honour and love the Earth like a mother that has given life to you.

This is my message for you. I am Lady Gaia, the guardian of this Earth!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


“THE EGO AND ASCENSION“ Message from Ascended Master Saint Germain

“I give you my greetings. I am Saint Germain. I would like to present you an important message on the topic of ego, which seems to be an essential and hidden issue for you. Many of you think that the ego is a great human weakness, and some even confuse it with egotism.

Can you imagine a time when you lived as all-love, divine unity and as a divine spark of awareness, where you experienced only love? As beautiful as that was, you would not have the opportunity for soul growth that comes from the learning experiences of duality. These insights into your actions, thoughts and feelings can give you a way to know yourself better, what translates into progress in the growth of your soul.

When you decided to journey outside the divine source to have human experiences in the world of duality, the ego was created. It became an indispensable tool for survival, growth experiences and your development. The ego is the driving force for experiencing ALL aspects of being human.

What should you do with your ego? Could you love it, accept it and be grateful that it has been your guidance system through numerous incarnations? Instead of fighting against it or rejecting it, invite the healthy ego to become a more integrated part of you. You and your ego will be transformed together.

When you have become a Master of yourself and your ego, you will have started your journey back to the divine source. You will not have to leave the earth, but you will be living in the consciousness of an Ascended Master.

I am Saint Germain!“



“THE WORLD IS BECOMING FEMALE!” Message from Ascended Master Mary Magdalene.

“I give you my greetings, I am Mary Magdalene. Many of you know me as Jesus’ wife, however, others dismiss this fact – it does not matter. I would like to talk to you about the energies of the present and future.

I am here with you energetically while you undergo a great change and upheaval in every part of your life. There are no exceptions! It is time for you to be free from old structures, values and views. It is my task to accompany and support you.

Your lessons from ancient times, experienced in numerous incarnations in the past 20,000 years, will gradually decrease in their importance to you. You have had many experiences, that gave you the opportunity to develop personally and spiritually; that is the reason your journey in duality has been important.

I was a living example of how partnership can be, with mutual respect and admiration. In ancient times this partnership was unusual, since women had lower social status than men. Women were only there to serve, and not allowed to express an opinion. Girls from good families were the only ones educated in writing, reading, learning Greek, or trained in art and healing techniques.

Jesus and I lived an equal relationship; he had the utmost respect for all women and chose me as his official successor. Those in power would not accept me as a woman for his successor and history took a different turn.

Then, as now, many women do not play a central role in society, but a serving one. They are expected to make space for men, or let them take the lead. Many women do not live to their full potential and consider themselves less important than men or they take on masculine characteristics trying to become equal with men. Women also compromise their sexuality, playing a role to keep men satisfied, or to hold their ground in the male world.

The transition to the New Age is accompanied by soft, feminine energy, I here to tell you that the world is becoming female. Do not forget, this transition is not about turning from patriarchy to matriarchy. Balance and harmony between masculine and feminine will bring the equality we are longing for.

I am present and happy to accompany and support you as a sister, friend or consultant. I am on your side!

I am Mary Magdalene!”



Not the children, but society displays behavioural problems

A Message from Master Aurora

“Greetings, I am Aurora! Today I have a message for you parents, grandparents and the many people who dedicate their life to children.

Children are born as spiritual beings, and they bring a lot of inner wisdom into this life. And what happens then? In school, at the latest, they are crammed with primarily intellectually oriented subject matters and learning contents. However, those energies are not consistent with their soul structure, because they are not in harmony with them, and sometimes they are more of a hindrance than a help. Nonetheless, you force your children into this thought and learning pattern.

We are aware of the fact that only few of you can afford to send their children to private or alternative schools, although many of you would like to do that. But what could and would actually change as long as you adults do not change your stance on learning? As long as you associate learning with achievement and success?

People who perform earn money. People who perform meet the demands of society. People who perform meet with appreciation and respect and are therefore able to gain a certain status. That is what you think, right?

We Ascended Masters are well aware of the fact that one cannot live off idleness, because we as well passed through many incarnations on Earth. But what I would ask of you today: Deliberate on the topic of performance once again!

How up-to-date is your performance principle?

How happy do you make your children with it?

How could you redefine it?

From where else could you draw your self-worth, your contentment, your financial basis and your happiness?

The Children of the New Age – your children and your children’s children – bring a different set of values into their life. They challenge you by refusing to participate in the established learning and performance principle. They are called “maladjusted” or even “troublemakers with behavioural problems”. How would you describe your achievement-oriented society? Does it not also display behavioural problems?

Let us revisit the topic of the established school system: Is it not high time to learn to differentiate between learning contents that are old, worthless burdens and such that are actually helpful to your children? Do not fixate on traditional knowledge transfer and the stimulation of the intellect; after all, the wisdom of the heart must not get the short end of the stick. It alone will help humanity survive! Your children have brought a lot of it into this life. Do not forget that! I am Aurora, be greeted!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


‘‘¡YA NO ES NECESARIO SUFRIR!’’ Mensaje de Maestra Ascendida Madre María.

‘’Saludos. Soy María y es un gran placer dirigirme hoy a vosotros.

Cuando os observo, me doy cuenta de la poca ligereza que hay en vuestra vida. ¡Sí, os falta ligereza y alegría! El esfuerzo, el dolor, el sufrimiento y la desesperación influyen de manera decisiva en vosotros; son algo heredado de vuestros padres que traéis a esta vida.

¿Os habéis preguntado alguna vez de dónde viene este legado? Si miráis atrás, os daréis cuenta de que la sociedad y la iglesia influían y controlaban a vuestros antepasados en un régimen basado en el miedo y la tiranía. Sus vidas dependían de ciertas leyes y prohibiciones supuestamente basadas en las enseñanzas de Jesús. Los gobernantes de aquellas épocas a menudo utilizaban su nombre y sus mensajes para mantener al pueblo en su lugar.

Esta estrategia de manipulación se basó en gran medida en hacer creer a la gente que se podía llegar al Cielo a través del dolor. Esto les llevo a soportar pobreza, opresión y explotación. Esperaban conseguir la vida eterna al ser liberados de sus pecados y errores.

En aquel entonces, en los siglos siguientes —e incluso en la actualidad— se honraba a través del sufrimiento. Esto no solo afectaba a cada individuo, sino que se establecía como información permanente en el campo energético de la humanidad. Por eso resulta tan difícil eliminar y transformar esta energía de nuestro campo.

Durante mucho tiempo el sufrimiento se consideró una forma esencial de limpiar karma. Incluso ahora, para algunos, el sufrimiento es la única forma posible de liberar y transformar karma. Las personas que piensan así llevan una vida muy inconsciente y no prestan atención a su personalidad, a sus procesos de aprendizaje y a los aspectos espirituales de la existencia.

La humanidad está viviendo un increíble proceso de transformación que presenta infinitas posibilidades más allá del sufrimiento para progresar en la rueda de las reencarnaciones y alcanzar la maestría. Cuanto más conscientemente viváis vuestra vida y más honestamente emprendáis vuestros procesos de aprendizaje, menos necesitaréis el sufrimiento y el dolor para avanzar.

¡No penséis en el sufrimiento como en un castigo! No sois víctimas desamparadas a merced de cualquier dios. Sois chispas de consciencia divina en un cuerpo humano. Sois perfectamente capaces de rectificar ciertas experiencias y aprender de ellas sin necesidad de castigos. No se trata de ser culpables y de recibir castigo, sino de ser responsables de vosotros mismos con todas las consecuencias.

‘¡Ya no es necesario sufrir!’ Este es mi mensaje para vosotros. ¡Estoy con vosotros en el amor!

Soy María.’’


“THERE IS NO NEED TO SUFFER ANY MORE!” Message from Ascended Master Mother Mary.

“Greetings! I am Mary and it is with great pleasure that I am able to talk to you today.

When I look at you, I notice how little lightness there is in your life. Yes, you are lacking in lightness and joy! You are shaped by effort and pain, desperation and suffering. You partly bring this into your life, it is, so to speak, your mothers’ and fathers’ heritage.

Have you ever wondered where this heritage comes from? If you go back far into the past, you will see that your ancestors were influenced and dominated by the strict and frightening regime of society and church. Their lives were shaped by laws and prohibitions which were supposedly rooted in the teachings of Jesus. His name and messages were often misused by the rulers of these times to keep the people in their place.

One main part of this manipulation was the thought that through experiencing pain people deserved heaven straight away. This is what made them endure poverty, oppression and exploitation. Hoping to be freed from sins and mistakes, they expected to gain eternal life.

In those days, and in many centuries to follow – even up to the present – homage was paid to suffering. This did not only shape the people themselves, but also settled as indelible information in the energy field of mankind. That is why it is so difficult to withdraw energy from this field and transform it.

For a long time suffering was meant to be an essential way of solving karma. Even now, for some people, suffering is the only possible way to solve and transform karma. They live a very unconscious life and do not deal with their own personalities, their learning steps and the spiritual aspects of life.

Mankind is undergoing a huge transformation process which provides more possibilities than suffering to progress from the wheel of reincarnation and develop into mastery. The more consciously you live your life and, the more honestly you deal with your learning steps, the less you need a corrective, in the form of suffering and pain.

Do not see suffering as punishment! You are no helpless victims left at the mercy of some god. You are divine sparks of consciousness in a human body. You are capable of correcting certain experiences and learning from them, without being punished. It is not about blame and punishment, but self-responsibility and the consequences that follow.

‘Suffering is not necessary any more!’ I am with you, in love!

I am Mary.”


“THE NEW AGE NEEDS NEW HEALING METHODS“. Message from Ascended Master Djwal Khul.

“Be greeted, I am Djwal Khul. I closely cooperate with Archangel Raphael and, among other things, I am responsible for healing in the New Age. You are going through an increasing transformation process. Your natural vibration, this is your body’s frequency, is raised. This might sound technical, but it is easy to explain.

Think of a piano student who is practising the first octave on his piano. It is hard work at the beginning, but he finds it more and more easy to play simple music pieces within this octave. However, one day he starts to get bored and he would like to play other tones beyond this first octave. So he works on the second octave, which vibrates higher than the first one. His musical repertoire is extending, because within two octaves many more variations of tones are possible.

Can you make a connection now between the transformation process and the octaves on the piano? The higher your physical body starts to vibrate, the higher your awareness vibrates. The higher your awareness vibrates, the sooner you will discover and implement your spiritual aptitudes which you have brought into this life as sparks of consciousness. The spirituality inside you awakens!

Remember: you are a highly developed soul in a physical body, ‘descended’ into duality to make certain experiences which are only possible in duality. At the same time a veil of forgetting covers your awareness, decreasing your vibrational frequency. But what has this got to do with the healing methods of the New Age?

The higher your frequency starts to vibrate during the transformation process, the higher the healing methods or tools have to vibrate. Only then can they agree with your natural frequency and become effective. If the tools and healing remedies vibrate on a lower frequency than you, they cannot reach you anymore, and therefore remain ineffective.

Think of the so-called children of the New Age. Many of them are born with a very high level of awareness, and bodies and souls with high frequencies. This is why, in case of illnesses, they often do not respond to traditional and even holistic healing methods and remedies. This is the way they force their parents and their environment to deal with spiritual methods and possibilities.

This will become stronger in the coming years and decades. If you are one of these people that work with others physically, mentally or emotionally, you should rather keep in mind that the spiritual level will become increasingly important. So far it has been rejected or neglected in treatments or during healing processes.

If you are a patient or client yourself, be aware that also doctors, therapists or healing practitioners have to go through a change of consciousness. Only then they will be able to satisfy your needs. Spiritually highly vibrating patients need highly vibrating tools and remedies, which at least have to reach the patients’ natural vibration in order to have a positive impact.

It is my task to inspire all the people in helping and healing jobs. I give them impulses to create new methods and tools. Now you can understand why I closely cooperate with Archangel Raphael, the great Angel of Healing!

Call me if you need me! I am available for you.

I am Master Djwal Khul!”