When I was a kid, my favorite things to do were drawing, painting and writing. I lived in my own dream world, journeyed to imaginary places and had imaginary friends. Then the school years came, and I started to lose most of my creativity and with it, most likely, my childlike naiveté and natural trust in my spiritual connection.

So the years went by and it took a major life crisis to shake me up and guide me back towards my inner potential. I re-established contact with the spiritual world and as this connection grew and continued to deepen, the bond became stronger. In 1998 I finally received my calling: to channel Angel Symbols and Angel Essences, prepare them and make them known as spiritual tools for the New Age. This was the beginning of my spiritual activity and now it represents a corner stone of my work and my life.

As a messenger for the spiritual world I share my knowledge and my experience on many subjects in the realm of spiritual themes: through books, lectures, seminars and increasingly online as well. I transmit and channel messages from angels, ascended masters, Mary Magdalene and other patron saints and higher entities.

If you are interested in my work you can find more on my  website ingridauer.com .