‘Greetings, dear ones! We are an Angels group accompanying during your process of transformation and awareness. We watch you very closely, as it is our task to be by your side, guide you and support you. Therefore, we know that, despite all your honest efforts, you sometimes deceive yourselves when it is about understanding and interpreting the learning tasks behind situations.

Although most of you were born into this present and former lives as highly developed souls, you have, (so to speak), wrapped the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ around yourselves. This was done to enable you to find your way in duality, and to cope with the learning tasks you have chosen. This means that your ‘divine’ wisdom is buried deep, so that you can mainly make human experiences and develop here on this level.

For some years now, you have been remembering who you really are. Because of the great transformation process and the vibrational elevation on Planet Earth the veil of forgetfulness has become thinner and thinner. For the first time, you recognize connections between the earthly and the spiritual level beyond duality. You learn to understand your life not only from a human, but also a spiritual point of view. You talk about the so-called ‘programme-one’ or 3D (the earthly level) and ‘programme-two’ or 4D, 5D, 6D, etc., which means the spiritual level.

However, this often holds the heart of the problem. You try to explain programme-one with the help of programme-two, interpreting the spiritual level which lies behind your earthly actions and experiences. In doing so, your human mind and your ego interferes, although you have started to think in a spiritual way. The crux of the matter is: it is all about your ‘spiritual excuses’!

Thereby we mean your attempts to explain situations or facts in everyday life, which are unpleasant, but which you quickly try to handle with a ‘spiritual interpretation’. Or you apparently connect with the spiritual world, hoping to get confirmation for your actions there.

But this is not the way it works! Do not deceive yourselves! Stop pretending to believe half-truths and untruths! Yes, for you people it is still hard to be free of the influences of the ego, and misinterpretations of spiritual truths. You do not have to prove to yourselves and others how spiritual you already are! Spirituality has always also got to do with humbleness. This is what we want to remind you of at the end of our message. Remember this in your attempts at spiritual explanation!

We are with you!’

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


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