Why Notre Dame was originally dedicated to Mary Magdalene

NOTRE DAME in Paris is dedicated to Mother Mary – this is at least the official version. However, once you have developed a deeper interest in Mary Magdalene, you find out that most of the great cathedrals in Europe were originally dedicated to her and not to Mother Mary, such as Notre Dame in Paris, or the cathedral in Chartres, and many other churches in Europe.

But… why?

What has happened?

Why Mary Magdalene was taken away from Jesus’ side

On my spiritual journeys through the south of France I could clearly see what a strong impact Mary Magdalene has made and still makes on this region.

Up until the 12thand 13thcentury she had the undisputed position by Jesus’ side in the belief of the people of the Languedoc and the Provence, and she was his undoubted successor.

Only few people are aware of the replacement of Mary Magdalene, including her teachings which came directly from Jesus. She was not only his wife, but also the first apostle, who should have become his successor instead of Paul.

Mary Magdalene spread Jesus’ teaching in the south of France

Jesus assigned Mary Magdalene to spread his word in the south-western Europe of today. She carried out her mission with infinite patience and love, supported by many friends and members of the family who accompanied her to the south of France. Part of the group went on to England later, to act there.

Even then this was a thorn in the side of the Church of Rome. Jesus’ teaching said that everybody should look for, and walk their own spiritual path, finding God within oneself. This can be read in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene from the 5thcentury whose content, however, is questioned by the church.

Mary Magdalene and her companions already had then a lot of followers, and it was from her teachings that the religion of that time developed in France (and also because of Joseph of Arimathea in England at the same time).

The church did not like Mary Magdalene’s traditional role

From then up to now the church has disliked the fact that Mary Magdalene was recognized as an equal partner of Jesus. The ecclesial dignitaries decided in the 12thand 13thcentury to relentlessly delete the knowledge about Mary Magdalene’s role and her teachings. The crusades against the Cathars, which aimed to destroy Mary Magdalene’s teaching in the broadest sense, are a stain upon history.

The church consciously replaced Mary Magdalene with Mother Mary. Not Jesus’ wife and companion should get all the attention, but his mother.

The knowledge about Mary Magdalene started to fade

The knowledge about Mary Magdalene faded more and more over the centuries. Now in the time of great transformation the truth is gradually revealed. More and more people feel the energy of Mary Magdalene, and do not allow church authorities to tell them what to believe in.

We need them both, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, as both Ascended Masters offer their loving energies for mastering challenges in our time:

A motherly and a feminine energy,

a protecting and encouraging one,

a soothing and nonconformist one.

The two Ascended Masters would never compete with each other. It was us who allocated them to a certain place in history. But now the time has come to rethink whether these places are still appropriate, or whether we can or should look at the two Marys from a new perspective.

The time has come! Their time has come! And so has ours!



photo Notre Dame ©AP/dpa/Thibault Camus

Mary Magdalene

How ELIZABETH can bring more understanding, harmony and peace in your family


ELIZABETH, the mother of John the Baptist, is called an ASCENDED MASTER, accompanying you on the spiritual level through our times as a luminous being.

Many women feel responsible for the harmony in their families, which increasingly overstresses them. They want to settle tensions between brothers and sisters, parents, children and grandchildren, which sometimes makes them get caught in the crossfire. But what has this got to do with ELIZABETH, one of Mary Magdalene’s companions?

The BIBLE portrays ELIZABETH as Mother Mary’s cousin. They met when they were both pregnant, ELIZABETH with John, and Mother Mary with Jesus. Whether ELIZABETH literally was a companion of MARY MAGDALENE, cannot be traced back, but she definitely was her precursor.

As Ascended Master ELIZABETH offers her help when

  • you have problems with your family of origin
  • you feel trapped in your old family patterns
  • family traditions paralyze and tighten you
  • you notice karmic bonds within your family
  • you feel like the black sheep of the family
  • you wish for more harmony in your patchwork family
  • there is rivalry and envy in your family (e.g. amongst siblings)

Therefore, invite ELIZABETH into your life, and connect with her. To strengthen and intensify this connection, you can integrate the Master Symbol, energized by her, and the energized Master Aura Essence ELIZABETH into your daily life or your therapy and body work.

The symbol and the Aura Essence, energized by her, work on the quantum level in the subtle-spiritual body, the chakras, the morphogenetic field, and in the multidimensional DNA-layers. They solve energy blockages in the present, the past, and former lives.


Mary Magdalene

¡No tienes ni idea de la repercusión que puedes tener!

“¡Saludos! Soy el arcángel Haniel, y me gustaría alentaros a que penséis sobre el poder y la repercusión de vuestros pensamientos en el día a día. Y no solo son poderosos vuestros pensamientos, sino también vuestras palabras y patrones de creencia. Pensad que no solo sois seres humanos de carne y hueso, sino también seres con consciencia cuyos efectos no deben subestimarse.

Además, podéis llevar campos energéticos muy fuertes almacenados dentro, que algunas personas altamente sensibles pueden percibir como el aura o Merkabah. Por ello, me gustaría recordaros los siguientes aspectos importantes:

Todo lo que penséis y hagáis vuestra verdad permanece energéticamente almacenado en vuestro interior. Si fuéramos capaces de expresar vuestros pensamientos con colores, vuestros pensamientos positivos – energéticamente hablando – serían azules y los negativos rojos.

Cuando más negativamente penséis, más rojo se almacena en vuestro campo energético. Cuanto más tristes o agresivos seáis, más se almacena el rojo en vuestro campo energético. Y lo mismo sucede a la inversa, cuanto más positivo penséis o sintáis, más amor lleváis dentro de vosotros y más azul hay en vosotros y se extiende en vuestro campo energético.

Todo lo que recibís mental, emocional y energéticamente cada día, fortalece vuestras vibraciones y vuestro campo energético. No hace falta que os diga qué color tienen las noticias, los reportajes sobre guerras o las películas de terror y qué color potencian la meditación y la higiene mental.

Formáis parte de un sistema muy complejo llamado vida humana. Habéis venido a este mundo con libre albedrío, que la mayoría de vosotros/as podéis vivir. Así que, ¿qué pensáis de centraros voluntariamente en lo positivo de la vida? ¿Y de ser conscientes de que toda la rabia contra alguien causa energía negativa en vosotros/as al mismo tiempo? ¿De que toda la negación y el llanto contra los excesos en la sociedad y la política causa algo negativo en vuestro campo energético a menos que empecéis con cambios en vosotros/as?

Todo está conectado con todo, y todos conectados con todos. Aunque esto resulte difícil de imaginar. No reduzcáis esto a lo físico, ya que sois mucho más que lo que los científicos intentan deciros. Vuestras energías están estrechamente interrelacionadas, mucho antes de que veáis la luz.

Si os dejáis cargar por acontecimientos negativos, este movimiento descendente estará dentro de vosotros/as. Si os centráis en lo positivo, eleváis vuestro campo energético.

Por ello, pensad la próxima vez qué dirección energética queréis tomar antes de uniros a los quejas y discusiones en vuestro ambiente social. Está en vuestra mano influir en los acontecimientos colectivos. ¡Está en vuestro corazón! Soy el arcángel Haniel. ¡Saludos!’’

© transmitido por Ingrid Auer


Sarah Tamar’s loving energies for your Inner Child and the Children of the New Age


SARAH TAMAR, the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus is now called an Ascended Master. She accompanies you on the spiritual level as a luminous being if you want to heal your inner child, or understand better and accompany the children of the New Age. She is also a wonderful support if you work on the effects of miscarriage or stillbirth.

She is not mentioned in the Bible at all because the existence of a daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus would equal blasphemy. However, traditions and channelled information say that SARAH TAMAR travelled to the south of France together with Mary Magdalene and other members of the family, where she lived for decades.

As an Ascended Master SARAH TAMAR offers her help when

  • you want to heal your inner child
  • you want to work on your childhood
  • you do not want to pass your unpleasant childhood patterns on to your children
  • you want to improve/heal the relationship with your child
  • you accompany/look after children
  • you want to understand the children of the New Age better
  • you want to get in contact with an unborn child
  • you want to work on a miscarriage/stillbirth
  • you want to listen to your heart more
  • you should shed emotional dependencies.

*** *** ***

To get a closer connection with the energies of Sarah Tamar, you can integrate the energized Master Symbol of SARAH TAMAR, or the energized Master Aura Essence SARAH TAMAR in your daily life, or your therapy session.

Both the symbol and the Aura Essence, energized by Sarah Tamar, work on the quantum level in the subtle-spiritual body, the chakras, the morphogenetic field, and the multidimensional DNA layers. They dissolve energy blockages from the present, the past, and former lives.

Mary Magdalene

What MARY MAGDALENE’s loving energy can mean for you and your life


MARY MAGDALENE is called an ASCENDED MASTER who accompanies you through our times on a spiritual level as a being of light. An increasing number of women feel attracted to her, her energies, and her messages, as she helps us to realign the balance between the feminine and the masculine.

The Bible portrays her as a sinner and prostitute. However, this image is fading, as it was created arbitrarily. In recent decades more and more books, and scientific research shows that she was close to Jesus, and that she herself came from a noble and influential family. She was not only the first disciple, she was also his wife.

As an Ascended Master MARY MAGDALENE offers you her support, whenever

  • you do not respect and esteem yourself properly,
  • you get stuck in old role patterns that do not suit you any longer,
  • you do not get the appreciation you deserve,
  • you want to communicate with your heart,
  • you feel strongly about gender equality,
  • you find yourself in a process of spiritual awakening,
  • you want to work through an abuse,
  • you suffer from a breach of trust,
  • you find yourself defamed, or
  • you have problems in your relationship.

*** ***

To get a closer connection with the energies of Mary Magdalene, you can integrate the energized Master Symbol of MARY MAGDALENE, or the energized Master Aura Essence MARY MAGDALENE in your daily life, or your therapy session.

Both the symbol and the Aura Essence, energized by Mary Magdalene, work on the quantum level in the subtle-spiritual body, the chakras, the morphogenetic field, and the multidimensional DNA layers. They dissolve energy blockages from the present, the past, and former lives.

Mary Magdalene

Estáis aquí para traer luz al mundo

“Habéis estado moviéndoos en una espiral de consciencia durante algún tiempo. Podéis compararlo con una escalera serpenteante que os llevará a alturas desconocidas e increíbles.

La pregunta es: ¿estáis realmente preparados/as para ello?

Las energías de la Nueva Era están empujando y empujando, volviéndose más fuertes e intensas. Aquellas personas que se opongan a estas energías y luchen contra ellas, se tambalearán. Esta es la principal razón para la confusión en el mundo ahora mismo.

Es la vieja energía, pegándose a vosotros/as como la resina, impidiéndoos pensar anticipadamente. Muchas personas ya están en el camino, pero la mayoría de los habitantes de la Tierra aún no han dado ni el primer paso.

Esto no cambiará en los próximos meses, ya que el proceso lleva tiempo, Por ello, intentad comprender que las próximas semanas serán turbulentas dentro y fuera. ¡Estad preparados/as!

Todo lo que necesita cambio, pero que retenéis, crea como una especie de remolino de energía. Estáis corriendo en círculos, las cosas se ponen patas arriba, pero seguís sintiéndoos como pisando en tierra firme.

¿De qué sirve esta información para mí y para mi vida? Os preguntaréis algunos/as.


  • estad preparados/as cuando lleguen estos remolinos de energía y no tengáis miedo,
  • permaneced –mientras sea posible– alineados, incluso si todo se vuelve inestable ahí fuera,
  • no intentéis resistiros, sino dejaros fluir en las olas hasta que la tormenta se haya calmado,
  • abandonar lo que ya no os pertenezca y,
  • si os sentís desmoronados (a algunas personas os está sucediendo esto), entonces conectad con el mundo espiritual, intentado permanecer quietos/as y confiados/as. Porque lo que está sucediendo ahora mismo os ayuda a reorientaros y recalibraros.

¿No habéis prestado atención a esto durante mucho tiempo?

¿No habéis estado esperándolo durante décadas?

¿Que habéis estado pensando que venga con el proceso de transformación?

Bueno, estáis en mitad de él, y continuará durante algún tiempo. Esto lo sabéis en lo más profundo de vuestra alma. Es por eso que habéis venido aquí y ahora, en esta época, para mantener encendida una luz, ¡para vosotros/as y para los demás!

Permite que esta espiral de energía te lleve arriba. Continuad inmutables y permitid que vuestra luz brille en la oscuridad.


¡Estamos con vosotros/as! Somos el grupo de ángeles Akabesh. Hemos empezado el camino con vosotros/as, para acompañaros, guiaros y protegeros. Os saludos, trabajadores/as de luz. ¡Estamos aquí para serviros!’’


You are here to bring light into the world

“You have been moving upwards in a spiral of awareness for some time. You might compare it to a winding staircase which may lead you to unknown and incredible heights.

The question is: are you really ready for it?

The energies of the New Age are pushing and pushing, getting stronger and more intense. Those who object to these energies and fight against them, will falter. This is the main reason for all the turmoil in your world right now.

It is the old energy, sticking on you like liquid resin, deterring you from thinking ahead. Many people are already on the way, but the majority of the earth’s inhabitants have not even made the initial step.

This will not change in the next few months, as this process takes its time. Therefore, try to understand that the weeks ahead might be turbulent, inside and outside. Be ready!

Everything that needs change, but is held back by you, creates some sort of energy whirl. You are running in circles, things are turned upside down, but you still feel like treading in place.

What use is this information for me and my life? some of you might wonder.


  • be prepared when these energy whirls come, and do not be scared,
  • stay – as well as possible – aligned, even if it gets rocky in the outside,
  • do not try to hold on, but let yourself flow on the waves until the storm has quietened,
  • let go of whatever does not belong to you any longer, and
  • if you feel energetically taken apart (some of you are just going through this experience), then connect with the spiritual world, trying to remain quiet and confident. Because what you are going through right now, serves your re-orientation and re-calibration.

Have you not been looking out for it for a long time?

Have you not been waiting for it for decades?

What have you been thinking the transformation process might bring?

Well, you are in the middle of it, and it will go on for some time. But you know this deep down in your soul. This is why you have come here, now, in this time, to keep the light up – for you and for others!

Let yourself be driven upwards by this energy spiral. Just go on unswervingly, and let your light shine in the darkness.

With are with you! We are the angel group Akabesh. We have set out together with you, to accompany you, guide you and protect you. Greeting to you, light workers. We are here to serve you!”