It is time for a new understanding of animals!

A spiritual message from Archangel Bariel

“Greetings, I am Archangel Bariel! I am appealing to you today because it is time for you to start seeing animals from a different perspective. For thousands of years, they had or were allowed to serve you, depending on the viewpoint. On the part of the animals it was a “good turn”, but the way they were treated by many humans is disgraceful and profoundly undeserving.

At the beginning of your evolution, when you arrived on Earth together with the animals (please forget the stories according to which you humans are descended from apes), a contract existed between you humans and the animals: both wanted to make experiences, both wanted to expand their consciousness, and both were willing to learn from each other and profit from the shared experiences. But at some point, this cooperation started to break down, and you subjugated the animals. Just like you subjugated humans and still do.

But this learning and experience process is gradually drawing to a close. You are in the middle of a big ascension process, and your consciousness is developing rapidly. You are activating the multidimensional DNA that is inherent in you, and you have entered the process of mastership. Is it not high time – considering your new consciousness – to change your treatment of animals!

I am not speaking to you in order to moralise, nothing could be further from my mind. But it is one of my duties to remind you of the fact that you cannot take a spiritual path and at the same time have no consciousness of and no understanding for the basic needs of your animals.

As long as you humans consider animals as objects, sources of food and comestibles and do not see and treat them as independent, sensitive beings that are not controlled by instinct, you will not understand what animals actually are: beings just like you, in a differently formed, special body, with different duties, but creatures of God nonetheless. As long as you jam them into cages, let them vegetate or torment them knowingly or unknowingly, we see that you humans have roughly understood spiritual consciousness but are not yet able to actually live it.

I am with you! I am Archangel Bariel. Be greeted!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer

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In the helping or healing professions it is not uncommon that clients or patients are being manipulated – often without their noticing it. The greatest means of exerting pressure is fear. As is common in many branches of business, many so- called helpers in the healing professions regrettably have joined that “business with fear.” First fear is generated, then help is offered and soon the manipulation machinery is running at high speed. Unfortunately, this can frequently be seen as well in situations where the healer tries to talk his patients into buying products or medications that are not really necessary but generate a nice extra income for him. One should also be especially on one’s guard against healers who wish to create dependencies. Often these are individuals who pose as being very spiritual and knowledgeable, yet at closer examination reside on the dark side of power, wanting to bind people to themselves through manipulation and creating fear.

Guiding Toward Personal Responsibility

The quality of a helper or healer can be measured in terms of how well he supports his clients on the path toward personal responsibility. Recovery and a fulfilling life can only “function” if the client recognizes that he and only he is responsible for it. He can of course seek help and support, but in the final analysis he must assume personal responsibility in order to achieve health or to remain healthy.

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Remaining in Inner Balance

If a healer for the new age does not reside in his center or does not believe in his capabilities, he will sooner or later be unable to find any patients. As soon as he drifts out of his center, either for emotional or other reasons, people will sense this more and more clearly. As inside, so outside, as above, so below! In the course of the transformation process this cosmic law will be even more evident than before. The advantage here is, however, that black sheep and charlatans among the healers will be more quickly unmasked and identified as such.

Recognizing the Readiness of the Client

In the future it will be more important to pay attention to the inner readiness of the individual, the patient or client who is seeking help. If the readiness is not sufficient, we can spare ourselves all attempts to help this person. If he is not truly ready from within – and here I am not speaking of a readiness born from the intellect – every effort to help him is a waste of effort. Too little or no readiness will always result in an inadequate healing process.

A Heartfelt Desire to Help

To successfully work in a healing profession in the future, a sincere and honest inner attitude toward the client is necessary. If a physician, health practitioner or healer is first and foremost interested in personal financial gain from his work, he will in the long run be unable to exist in the energy of the new age. The more the transformation process will advance, the less pure rip-off will be possible in the healing professions.

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Doctors and health practitioners learn an unbelievable amount during their many years of training, and in their practice they gather rich with which to help sick people. This is not be questioned. Classic medical training and traditional alternative methods are the foundation on which our current health system is built, and which we cannot do without. But in the future we should not limit ourselves to this. In parallel with scientific medical research it will be imperative to open up to new aspects of healing. The new age needs new forms of healing and it also requires “new age physicians!”

Developing Interdimensional Consciousness

In the future, the capabilities and successes of medical professionals and healers will, more than ever before, be tied to their own spiritual growth. No one can, for example, teach Japanese if he has not himselflearned this language, now one can perform holistic spiritual healing, if he has not himself expanded and aligned his consciousness with the newinterdimensional levels. This however, requires honest self-examination, personal and spiritual development and intensive inner work. Likewise, this means occupying oneself with the interdimensional side of our human existence and allowing spirituality to be part of one’s own life.

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“Energy healing is a system that deals with balance. Healers do not heal, they simply create balance. The individual human reaction to the restoration of balance through healers who are balanced themselves, is what heals a person.” KRYON

The world is subject to the transformation process and its changes and this reality also affects doctors and healers. It is important that they redefine their understanding of healing and adapt it to the demands of the new age. The quotation from KRYON, cited above, drives home the point: People who want to help others with their physical or psychic issues must recognize that they are not healing, but that they are only initiating or activating the self-healing process in their client’s body. This also applies – strictly speaking – to prescribing medications, because these can change or improve the clinical view or symptoms.. When one considers healing as a holistic process, however, in which the physical body, the emotional level, the intellect and spirituality are included, then medication or surgery can only cover a part of the healing process.

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How often have we been told that a human’s body, mind and soul need to be in tune with each other so that he or she can be or remain healthy and inwardly balanced? However, when we have a closer look at these three domains, we immediately encounter some ambiguities. After all, …

… the human body is clearly defined, there is no doubt about that …

… but what is its mind? Is it the reason, the intellect or perhaps – as some people claim – the spiritual part, i.e. the soul?

But if so, what about the soul? If it is supposed to be the spiritual or metaphysical part of a human being, where does the area of feelings, the level of a person’s emotional state and experiences, come in?

Body, mInd and soul

People who have brought their life into line with a holistic or alternative philosophy know that a healing process cannot be complete without an alignment of the emotional level and the level of feelings. So what is to be done?

How about a new, all-encompassing definition?

Namely the following:

  • Body (including body energetics)
  • Mind (intellectual level)
  • Emotions (emotional level)
  • Spirituality

This definition does not only include the bodily, emotional and intellectual/mental level, but also the spiritual one!

Graphically represented, this concept looks like this:

body, mind, soul, emotions

What does this new approach mean in practice?

CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE draws almost entirely on the bodily-energetic level in order to initiate a recovery process. This includes all measures that affect the body directly (i.e. manually, like, for example, surgery, massages, physiotherapy, etc.) but also energetically, since chemical processes (e.g. through medication, ointments, etc.) also belong to the energetic level in the broadest sense.

A HOLISTIC TREATMENT does not only involve the body including the energetic level, but also the emotional and mental level. This includes all kinds of conversational therapy, homeopathy, kinesiology, sound massages, flower and stone essences, colour therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, etc.

Thus, one might say that “body, mind and soul” are treated anyway. But why is that not enough in many cases? The answer is simple: because the spiritual level is not taken into account! (One needs to keep in mind that the term “holistic” must not be confused with “spiritual”; e.g. palm healing is not spiritual, but energetic.)

SPIRITUAL TREATMENTS with spiritual tools, like, for instance, the Angel Symbols, Angel Essences, Master Symbols or Master Essences, which are directly energised by the spiritual world (and not by humans), do not only reach a person’s spiritual level, but also the mental and emotional level. By this means, the bodily-energetic level is balanced out.

Through Lee Carroll, the angelic being Kryon transmitted the following information to humankind already more than 10 years ago: I have some advice for you if you’re a healer. Would you like to make your healing abilities more profound? … For the first time I’m going to tell you that your healing abilities will be connected to the work you’re doing on yourselves – physically and spiritually.”[1] This means that healing will be less and less successful without an involvement of the spiritual level. The more spiritual a person becomes, the more important it is for him or her to draw on the spiritual level in his or her treatment.

[1] Carroll, Lee. KRYON. Lifting the Veil.

Interesting Facts

Would you like to know how my handcrafted symbols are made?

Some people think that my Angel-, Master-, Goddess- or Patron Saint Symbols are made with the help of a computer. Far from it! They are made by hand at my Lichtpunkt headquarters in Amstetten.

By taking the example of my Angel DNA Symbols, I would like to show you what the crafting process of a symbol looks like:

There are some real symbol-drawing experts among my employees. They draw the symbols to perfection. I would never be able to do that! In Image 1, you can see how, as a first step, the margins of the symbols are drawn with liquid colour on transparent plastic foil. The colour must be allowed to dry for 24 hours. Afterwards, they fill the symbol’s surface with colour, which again needs to dry for 24 hours.

Symbole 1

Finally, the symbol signs, which I have channelled and put on paper, are drawn onto the symbol surface (Image 2). After that, the symbols need to dry for another 24 hours.

Symbole 2

Afterwards, the symbols are cut out with a pair of manicure scissors (Image 3) …

Symbole 3

Symbole 4

… and wrapped up (Images 5 & 6)

Symbole 5

Symbole 6

Before they go out into the world, they – just like my essences – are cleansed energetically, energised and sealed. This is done in cooperation with the spiritual world, from where I received clear instructions 20 years ago.

Symbole 7

The 12 DNA Symbols activate our multidimensional DNA layers, as defined by KRYON, who is channelled by Lee Carroll.


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People who work with my spiritual tools, that is the spiritual symbols and essences, frequently encounter the term “morphogenetic field” in my books or seminars. Many people ask themselves, “What is it actually?”

A simple term for the morphogenetic field is “mass consciousness,” that is to say the combined consciousness of all mankind. The British scientist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake studied plant physiology at Cambridge University, and philosophy at Harvard University. He developed the theory that there are fields that surround humans, animals, plants and objects, and that they oscillate in a specific rhythm. He developed the theory of a universal field, which contains the basic coded and stored pattern and frequency of an individual or object. As soon as an individual (human, animal etc.) modifies or changes in this field, the change impacts the entire field. It appears that this concept is applicable on all existing levels from quantum physics to social group behavior, (which is the reason why family constellation work, and why energetic cleansing after this type of work is essential).

If a person within a group makes a certain experience, this information, which is stored in his or her field, can spread to the morphogenetic fields of the other group members. Group members have a morphogenetic resonance, so to speak, and as a result they have the opportunity to reorient themselves accordingly. This then implies that a rise in frequency, a consciousness raising process or the spiritual development in one individual can to a certain degree influence the morphogenetic fields of others. Thus the interaction of the morphogenetic fields of spiritual individuals is the explanation why it only needs a fraction of the whole world population to infuse mankind with such a positive, high frequency morphogenetic field that ultimately all mankind will develop in a positive direction – even though the majority may not be aware of it at all, and at present it may not yet be likely.

In contrast to the electromagnetic field (aura), which is referred to as the “energetic type of causation” the morphogenetic field does not make energy available, but is largely the storehouse or “memory board” for information and defining patterns.

Based upon information from the angel world, my Angel Combi Symbols (and the corresponding essences and oils) work powerfully not only in the electromagnetic field, in the chakras and in the light body, but also in the morphogenetic field. A particularly intensive cleansing of the morphogenetic field and with that a clearing of our “imprints”, our behavior patterns, beliefs, fears or karmic patterns can for example, be very effectively supported by the Angel Combi Symbol No. 04 Aniel or No. 24 Sorael or the corresponding Aura Essence Sorael.

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THE NEW AGE REQUIRES PIONEERS. Opening to Interdimensional Thinking

“The frequency of your reality has changed. Oh, your healing methods will continue to work, but they will become less effective, unless you begin to search for the new frequency, which will activate them.” [1]


If we want to deal with spirituality and healing on a deeper level, a close look at the term “subtle energy DNA” will be necessary. DNA is the abbreviation for desoxyribonucleic acid, which is the information carrier for the genome (genetic information) in the nucleus of a cell. A DNA molecule consists of two strands, which are spirally wound around one another, thus forming a double helix. The genetic information of a human being is encoded in the DNA, as the current science sees it, while. Dr. Bruce Lipton already holds a slightly different point of view. His view is shared by KRYON who for nearly 25 years now has tried to communicate the following information, which has naturally not (yet) been scientifically proven:

Every physical DNA strand is surrounded by energetic “layers.” It is believed that there is a total of twelve DNA layers, and the first layer – the physical DNA strand, known to man – is called a genome. Note: Some books refer to twelve DNA strands. This could be a translation error.

As a visual hypothesis, these DNA layers could be imagined like aura layers, flowing into and moving within one another. Just to provide one illustration: The personal akashic record (the collective cosmic memory, connecting all human beings), for example, resides in the eighth subtle energy DNA level..

Each physical and each subtle energy DNA strand is then surrounded by a subtle energy crystalline coating, which energetically-physically is closely connected to the magnetic field of the earth. Now if the frequency in the DNA of a person is being raised through his/her spiritual growth process, this higher frequency is transmitted through the subtle energy crystalline coating of the DNA to the magnetic field of the earth and there also triggers a rise in frequency.

The reverse is also true: When the earth receives a rise in frequency from the outside, for example from a solar flare, the resulting higher frequencies are transmitted to the magnetic field of the earth and from there into the magnetic field of the DNA, the crystalline coating, effecting a rise in the DNA frequency of the person at the subtle energy level. The spiritual evolution of a person is thus closely connected to the spiritual evolution of the earth, the global transformation process. From a spiritual perspective, the subtle energy DNA layers are the starting point for spiritual growth, which finally may lead to spiritual enlightenment.

[1] Carroll, Lee: Behind the Veil

Interesting Facts


Illness is not only connected to thoughts and/or emotions, but also to the spiritual level of our being. If this level is not experienced or there is no access to the higher dimensions, it can also lead to disorders in the area of health and well-being. In the present time, in the time of great transformation this is truer than ever before.

In his groundbreaking book “The Biology of Belief,” the American cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton comprehensively illustrates for his readers, how human thoughts and feelings penetrate each individual cell of the body and what then occurs on the molecular level.

And beyond this, in the epigenetic science developed by him he questions the prevailing assertion: that our physical existence is determined by our DNA. And he proves that individual human life as well as our collective existence is controlled by the relationship between spirit (spirituality) and matter.

In my opinion Bruce Lipton is one of those most revolutionary scientists who closely link medicine with spirituality. Just as Swiss Dr. Jakob Boesch, Ph.D. who reports in his book “Spirituelles Heilen und Schulmedizin” experiences from his practice. He presents results from the latest scientific research from various countries and delivers important arguments so that spiritual healing and traditional medicine will in the future quite naturally join forces. In this regard he also places tremendous importance on the personal responsibility of the individual patient.

As someone who is not a doctor, it is of course not appropriate for me to speak about health and sickness from a medical point of view. I can only confine myself to the areas of energetics and spirituality, which stand behind everything. And there certainly are new discoveries and new information, which reaches us directly from the spiritual world. Here I would like to pass along the following to you:

“You humans, who desperately are seeking new possibilities for healing, be prepared that what you have researched and learned during the past decades and centuries is only a small part of what ultimately constitutes healing. To access this knowledge, you must drop your limitations and leave what seems to be the secure terrain of science. Pepare yourselves for that which the cosmos, the spiritual world or whatever you want to call this metaphysical realm, will be offering in terms of new information. You limit yourselves tremendously and occupy yourselves too much with the search for evidence and the discovery of proof, because you have no faith. Were you to live and act more from your inner knowledge, you would be much farther along with your medical discoveries. We, the helpers from the spiritual levels, will guide you and show you where the journey is going to. If you agree to this, we can together affect a great deal, and what you call a miracle today will one day be your reality, your medical reality. I am Archangel Raphael.”

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