Some people think that my Angel-, Master-, Goddess- or Patron Saint Symbols are made with the help of a computer. Far from it! They are made by hand at my Lichtpunkt headquarters in Amstetten.

By taking the example of my Angel DNA Symbols, I would like to show you what the crafting process of a symbol looks like:

There are some real symbol-drawing experts among my employees. They draw the symbols to perfection. I would never be able to do that! In Image 1, you can see how, as a first step, the margins of the symbols are drawn with liquid colour on transparent plastic foil. The colour must be allowed to dry for 24 hours. Afterwards, they fill the symbol’s surface with colour, which again needs to dry for 24 hours.

Symbole 1

Finally, the symbol signs, which I have channelled and put on paper, are drawn onto the symbol surface (Image 2). After that, the symbols need to dry for another 24 hours.

Symbole 2

Afterwards, the symbols are cut out with a pair of manicure scissors (Image 3) …

Symbole 3

Symbole 4

… and wrapped up (Images 5 & 6)

Symbole 5

Symbole 6

Before they go out into the world, they – just like my essences – are cleansed energetically, energised and sealed. This is done in cooperation with the spiritual world, from where I received clear instructions 20 years ago.

Symbole 7

The 12 DNA Symbols activate our multidimensional DNA layers, as defined by KRYON, who is channelled by Lee Carroll.


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