How ANNA, Jesus’ grandmother, can help you to heal your 1st female chakra

As soon as a small crab, which is kept in a bucket with other crabs, tries to climb out and escape, the other crabs keep pulling it back.

But what has this got to do with us women, and particularly with our first chakra, the energy centre at the bottom of our spine, from where we absorb earth energies(1)? Well, the first (female) chakra is closely connected to our clan awareness. The focus is not on love, friendliness or tenderness, but loyalty. The clan does not concentrate on individual needs, but the preservation and survival of the collective and the family. Even when the clan talks about love and solidarity, it really means compulsory clan formation which has nothing to do with affection or love.


  • “You don’t really love me otherwise you would visit the family and me more often.”
  • “If you really loved me, you would not have a problem with my parents.”
  • “The family must stick together, and therefore you will care for my sick mother.”
  • “You cannot possibly go away and leave us alone for some days.”
  • “You will not make this decision on your own, but we will do it together.”
  • “Surely you cannot get together with these women! Who knows how they are going to influence you.”
  • “As long as you live in my house, you will do what I tell you.”
  • “Self-confident women are egotistic.”
  • “You cannot have a therapy, otherwise you might want a divorce.”

Let’s go back to the crabs. If one of them wants to leave the bucket, the others react in the same way as a woman who wants to free herself from tight family patterns. There it’s normal for family members also to try and sabotage – at least in the beginning – her efforts.


Our first chakra is influenced by education during the early years, for example by your family, belonging to a certain race, the social status we grow up in, as well as all the influences of our clans which have been passed on from generation to generation.

It has not got much to do with heredity. More important is the collective morphologic field of awareness of our family of origin, where the principles of our clan are imprinted.

Most families do not intend to hurt their members deliberately. They only pass on their ‘knowledge’ which they consider as the sole truth. Even it is about painful and restrictive structures, they are usually not ready to rethink them or let them go. “We have always done it like this…” Which woman does not know this sentence?

This clan awareness or clan suppression can go so far that mothers or families do not believe their daughters who have been sexually harassed, raped or forced into incestuous actions. How often is the perpetrator more likely to be seen as innocent than the affected woman. And this does not only apply to misogynous cultures.


…are at the same time the basis for typical female disease patterns:

  • inherited problems from the line of ancestors or clan
  • unresolved problems with the parents
  • incest (also applies to the second chakra)
  • abuse or neglect during childhood
  • restrictive beliefs that have been passed on over generations (e.g. You are a stupid/bad/useless girl; you should be ashamed of your body; men are always first; you are a girl and do not need to study; women have to serve the family/men, etc.)


The following table (after C.N. Shealy and C.M. Myss, The Creation of Health, 1983) shows the disorders that may arise, after the female chakra has been weakened over a long period of time.

organs mental and emotional area physical disorders
first chakra physical support of the body

hip joints


safety and security in the world;

inability to satisfy essential needs;

lacking assertiveness;

longing for a home;

no support  by others

chronic pains in the lower back


varicose veins

tumour/cancer in the rectum


There are various different ways, such as:

  • physical exercises or yoga on the energetic level
  • with the help of body-energy-work
  • with the help of meditation
  • on the emotional level through talk therapy, family settings, kinesiology, astrological counselling, etc.
  • on the mental level through positive thinking, mental training, etc.
  • on the spiritual level through transformation of karmic blockages or oaths with the help of spiritual tools, e. g. my channeled spiritual symbols and essences

ANNA, the grandmother of Jesus, can support you as an ASCENDED MASTER and provides you with her high vibrating energies. She can help you to recognize and dissolve old blockages that go back to your ancestors, and to transform old belief patterns and inconvenient behaviors that you have inherited from your family of origin.

To heal your 1st female chakra, you can integrate my energized Master Symbol of ANNA , or my energized Master Aura Essence ANNA (soon available on Amazon USA) in your daily life, or your therapy session.

Both the symbol and the Aura Essence, energized by ANNA, work on the quantum level in your subtle-spiritual body, in your chakras, your morphogenetic field, and your multidimensional DNA layers. They dissolve energy blockages from the present, the past, and past lives.

Learn how to use my Mary Magdalene symbols / my Angel symbols in my International eAcademy 

(1) The Japanese scientist Michio Kushi (1926 – 2014), a leading authority on macrobiotics and energetics, pointed out that the centripetal force of the earth ascends our body through the feet.

Source female chakras: Dr. Christiane Northrup

Mary Magdalene

Estáis aquí para traer luz al mundo

“Habéis estado moviéndoos en una espiral de consciencia durante algún tiempo. Podéis compararlo con una escalera serpenteante que os llevará a alturas desconocidas e increíbles.

La pregunta es: ¿estáis realmente preparados/as para ello?

Las energías de la Nueva Era están empujando y empujando, volviéndose más fuertes e intensas. Aquellas personas que se opongan a estas energías y luchen contra ellas, se tambalearán. Esta es la principal razón para la confusión en el mundo ahora mismo.

Es la vieja energía, pegándose a vosotros/as como la resina, impidiéndoos pensar anticipadamente. Muchas personas ya están en el camino, pero la mayoría de los habitantes de la Tierra aún no han dado ni el primer paso.

Esto no cambiará en los próximos meses, ya que el proceso lleva tiempo, Por ello, intentad comprender que las próximas semanas serán turbulentas dentro y fuera. ¡Estad preparados/as!

Todo lo que necesita cambio, pero que retenéis, crea como una especie de remolino de energía. Estáis corriendo en círculos, las cosas se ponen patas arriba, pero seguís sintiéndoos como pisando en tierra firme.

¿De qué sirve esta información para mí y para mi vida? Os preguntaréis algunos/as.


  • estad preparados/as cuando lleguen estos remolinos de energía y no tengáis miedo,
  • permaneced –mientras sea posible– alineados, incluso si todo se vuelve inestable ahí fuera,
  • no intentéis resistiros, sino dejaros fluir en las olas hasta que la tormenta se haya calmado,
  • abandonar lo que ya no os pertenezca y,
  • si os sentís desmoronados (a algunas personas os está sucediendo esto), entonces conectad con el mundo espiritual, intentado permanecer quietos/as y confiados/as. Porque lo que está sucediendo ahora mismo os ayuda a reorientaros y recalibraros.

¿No habéis prestado atención a esto durante mucho tiempo?

¿No habéis estado esperándolo durante décadas?

¿Que habéis estado pensando que venga con el proceso de transformación?

Bueno, estáis en mitad de él, y continuará durante algún tiempo. Esto lo sabéis en lo más profundo de vuestra alma. Es por eso que habéis venido aquí y ahora, en esta época, para mantener encendida una luz, ¡para vosotros/as y para los demás!

Permite que esta espiral de energía te lleve arriba. Continuad inmutables y permitid que vuestra luz brille en la oscuridad.


¡Estamos con vosotros/as! Somos el grupo de ángeles Akabesh. Hemos empezado el camino con vosotros/as, para acompañaros, guiaros y protegeros. Os saludos, trabajadores/as de luz. ¡Estamos aquí para serviros!’’


Why HIGHLY SENSITIVE children are labelled too quickly

80% of adults are ‘normally sensitive’. You can easily put two and two together to see who writes the school curriculum for our children, and who writes and develops the teaching methods. It is usually the ‘normally sensitive adults’!

Therefore, it is not surprising that highly sensitive children are ignored when it is about responding to their needs. The problem starts with the fact that many adults do not even know about highly sensitive children. Many adults have a clichéd view of highly sensitive children as being:

  1. restless

Highly sensitive children are often called restless and exhausting because they react to certain situations, changes and tensions more sensitively.

But honestly: what one adult finds a pleasant scent, a reasonable volume or a good light, can be unpleasant for another. So why do we not allow highly sensitive children to feel differently? Why do we call them restless and fretful only because they express their irritation?

  1. shy

Highly sensitive children are often considered to be shy and are treated as such because nobody wants to make the effort to see the difference between being highly sensitive and being shy:

  • For a start highly sensitive and shy people keep their distance from strangers, watching them before they approach them.
  • However, highly sensitive children watch strangers very carefully, are curious, and after they have made their own judgement, they dare to make a step forward.
  • Whereas shy children avoid any eye contact, are tense, nervous, and seem unhappy when they are expected to approach strangers.
  1. introvert

Most people measure the state of being introvert or extrovert by the person’s sociability.

Introvert people often only have one or two friends, and they prefer this to being part of a big group. They would rather stay in the background, watching and thinking about what they see.

Extroverts like approaching others, talking to strangers and dealing with unfamiliar situations.

But there are also extroverts amongst the highly sensitive children! Therefore, it is important not to apply one standard to all, and automatically call highly sensitive children introvert.

  1. over-sensitive

Some experts with medical a background call the phenomenon of being highly sensitive a disorder. For them it is problematic when children are ‘too sensitive’, not being able to filter and coordinate external information and impulses.

This, for instance, appeals to behavioural therapists who apply sensory integration therapy to deal with the problem. They also see being over-sensitive as a problem which should be cured. (1)

Of course, highly sensitive children – just like normally sensitive ones – can have a sensory integration problem. However, seeing this high sensitivity as a basic problem, or wanting to therapeutically treat it, is for me an ‘over-sensitive reaction of insensitive adults’!


The classic among my spiritual tools in connection with children is the Angel Aura Essence ANGEL HARIEL. Not only is it the “spiritual emergency essence for children”, but it has also been used very successfully by people working on their inner child for years.

(1) Aron, Elaine N. ‘The Highly Sensitive Person’

High Sensitivity

Cuando ser ALTAMENTE SENSIBLE se vuelve normal

Alguna gente piensa que el tema de ‘‘ser altamente sensible’’ es una nueva moda… Otros, en especial los a los que afecta directamente, se sienten aliviados de que su ‘‘ser diferentes’’ por fin tenga un nombre y de que ya no están solos. Porque muchas personas desconocen que entre el 15 y 20 % de la población nace altamente sensible (si quiere saber si pertenece a este grupo, pulse aquí). Me atrevería a decir que hay más personas altamente sensibles de lo que pensamos. No obstante, empecemos por el principio:

En Francia, Elaine N.Aron está considerada entre los expertos como la descubridora de la alta sensibilidad. La psicóloga ya en 1991 se percató de que muchos de sus clientes, que buscaban ayuda y consejo, mostraban los mismos patrones de conducta que ella. Obviamente estaban en las mejores manos. En los últimos años, el conocimiento sobre la alta sensibilidad se ha extendido, de modo que en librerías se pueden encontrar estantes llenos de libros sobre este tema.


Como en otras áreas de la vida, también hay diferentes puntos de vista sobre la alta sensibilidad. Empecemos por la perspectiva humana-terrenal (yo la denomino “programa uno” o perspectiva de la rana):

Elaine N.Aron explica la alta sensibilidad como una sensibilidad aumentada a los estímulos. Esto no solo se refiere a los sentidos de oído, vista y tacto. La diferencia se encuentra en algún lugar entre los nervios y el cerebro o en el cerebro mismo, en el procesamiento de la información. [2]

Dejemos esta explicación y observemos a una persona altamente sensible desde una perspectiva diferente, la perspectiva de pájaro o “programa dos”. [3]


También en los años noventa, el medium estadounidense Lee Carroll recibió los primeros mensajes del mundo espiritual que hablaban sobre la llegada de un nuevo ser humano. Hablamos sobre los llamados ‘‘niños índigo’’, que muestran una personalidad y pautas de comportamiento muy fuera de lo común y que solo se habían visto antes en pocas ocasiones.

Muchas de sus características son las mismas que las de las personas altamente sensibles. Los niños índigo son sensibles, les afectan los ruidos, son delicados, sienten las enfermedades o estados de las otras personas o leen su pensamiento, están estrechamente conectados con el mundo espiritual, etc. Además, en general no suelen comportarse según lo que se espera de ellos, al menos según las expectativas de los adultos.


Es parte de su plan de vida no adaptarse y empujar a los adultos fuera de sus zonas de confort. Esto suena provocador, pero en este artículo corto no puedo entrar en detalles. Además de su alta sensibilidad, socavan las viejas y obsoletas normales sociales son su forma de ser que no se adapta.

Por desgracia, los adultos malinterpretan el comportamiento de los niños índigo (igual que el de los niños cristal) como un comportamiento negativo perturbado o travieso. Por lo tanto, estos niños en ocasiones tienen que sufrir las consecuencias el resto de su vida.

Los precursores de estos niños ya nacieron en las últimas décadas del siglo XX y por ello, no es ninguna sorpresa que haya tantos adultos altamente sensibles. Estoy convencida de que muchos de ellos tienen las características típicas de los niños índigo. Con su forma de ser diferente también confrontan a su enforno y fuerzan a cuestionar lo que es ‘‘normal’’ o no lo es… lo que debería cambiar en nuestra sociedad y lo que no.


Los niños y adultos altamente sensibles necesitan un alto grado de comprensión, pero también necesitan herramientas especiales que les ayuden a levantarse de donde están. A saber, a un nivel vibracional mucho más elevado que en el que vive el resto de la gente.

Por ello, no me sorprende que los efectos de mis herramientas espirituales, como los símbolos y esencias energetizadas, se ‘‘comprendan’’ y perciban mejor por las personas altamente sensibles que por las personas con una sensibilidad normal. Sobre todo, la Esencia Angelical para el Aura Protección Energética que proporciona una barrera energética para el día a día.

Muchas personas altamente sensibles revelan que no podrían sobrevivir en el mundo de hoy en día con todos los desafíos energéticos y cargas sin esta esencia. Y estas energías negativas no irán a menos en el futuro, sino todo lo contrario.

[1] Programa uno: el nivel físico, lógico y material
[2] Aron, Elaine N.: The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive when the World Overwhelms You. Broadway Books, 1997
[3] Programa dos: el nivel mental, metafísico y espiritual



When being HIGHLY SENSITIVE becomes normal

Some people think the topic of being highly sensitive has become a new hype… Others, particularly the ones who are affected themselves, feel relieved that their being different has got a name at last, and that they are not alone. Because most of us do not know that 15 to 20 per cent of people are born highly sensitive (if you would like to know whether you belong to this group, then click here). I dare say that there are a lot more highly sensitive people than we think. However, let us start at the beginning:

In France Elaine N. Aron is considered among experts as the discoverer of high sensitivity. The psychologist already recognized in 1991 that many of her clients, who came for help and advice, showed the same behaviour patterns as herself. So they were obviously in the best hands. In the last years, the knowledge about high sensitivity spread, so that in bookshops you can find shelves filled with books on this topic.


As in other areas of life, there are also different views on high sensitivity. Let’s start with the human-earthly one (I call it ‘programme one’ [1] or the frog-perspective):

Elaine N. Aron explains high sensitivity by an increased sensitivity to stimuli. This does not only appeal to the sense of hearing, sight and/or touch. The difference is somewhere on the way between the nerve and the brain, or in the brain itself, the processing of information. [2]

Let’s leave this explanation and look at a highly sensitive person from a different perspective, the bird’s-eye view, or ‘programme two’. [3]


Also in the nineties the American medium Lee Carroll received the first messages from the spiritual world that there was a new type of man coming. We are talking about the so-called Indigo children, who show very unusual personality and behaviour patterns, and could only be occasionally be found before.

Many of their characteristics are congruent with ones of highly sensitive people. Indigo children are thin-skinned, sensitive to noise, delicate, feel other people’s conditions, or read their thoughts, are closely connected to the spiritual world, etc. In addition, they mainly do not behave according to expectations, at least to adults’ expectations.


It is part of their life plan to be so unadjusted, to push adults out of their comfort zone. This sounds quite provocative, but in this short article I cannot go into detail. Besides their high sensitivity, they undermine old encrusted, and obsolete social norms with their being not adjusted.

Unfortunately the behaviour of Indigo children (as well as Crystal children) is often misinterpreted by adults as negative disturbed behaviour or mischief. Accordingly these children sometimes have to suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives.

The forerunners of these children were already born in the last decades of the 20th century, therefore, it is not surprising that there are already so many highly sensitive adults. I am strongly convinced that many of them show typical characteristics of Indigo children. With their being-different they also challenge their environment, and force it to question what is ‘normal’ and what is not… what should be changed in our society, and what should not…


Highly sensitive children and adults need a large degree of understanding, but they also need special tools which pick them up from where they are. Namely, a much higher vibrational level than the rest of the people live in.

Therefore, I am not surprised that the effects of my spiritual tools, such as the energized symbols and essences, are better ‘understood’ and perceived by highly sensitive people than normal sensitive ones. Above all, the angel aura essence Energetic Boundary which provides an energetic barrier in everyday life.

Many highly sensitive people report that they could not survive in today’s world with all its energetic challenges and burdens without this essence. And these burdening energies will not get less in the future, on the contrary.

[1] ‘programme one’: the earthly, material, intellectual level of awareness of human beings

[2] Aron, Elaine N.: The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive when the World Overwhelms You. Broadway Books, 1997

[3]  ‘programme two’: the metaphysical or spiritual level of human existence


High Sensitivity

How NICODEMUS can heal your 5th female chakra

It is sometimes claimed (usually by men!) that we women have a more pronounced need to talk than men do. However, I know men who talk at least as much as we women do, if not more;-)! But it is not necessarily the length of a conversation, but the content that counts. Even if we women like to chat about handbags, TV, or mascara, we also have just as many conversations about personal feelings, and experiences.

However, there are still many women amongst us who have never learnt to talk about their feelings, or needs. Since their childhood, they have carried on their family’s way of thinking without questioning it. These beliefs might be based on the following dogmas:

_ Women should not protest!

_ Women should swallow unpleasant things!

_ Women should not talk about themselves!

According to statistics it is easier for women to talk about feelings than for men. And what is important to them is more often discussed with a friend, than a partner. Many women also find it easier to stand up for others than for themselves. As girls they used to hear that their opinion is not worth listening to.


  • “Hold your tongue!”
  • “Don’t be so cheeky!”
  • “Only speak when spoken to!”
  • “Nobody is interested in your opinion.”
  • “Don’t be so curious!”
  • “This is none of your business.”
  • “Do not bombard me with questions!”
  • “Women’s talk! It’s only idle chatter!”
  • “Life is not a request programme.”


The fifth chakra is located in the area of the larynx, or the thyroid gland, which causes problems for a lot of women. Symbolically, and energetically, this chakra stands for the natural need to express oneself, and to say what is important.

Women, suffering from an overactive thyroid gland, often have problems standing up for themselves. They often talk quietly, and can hardly make themselves heard.

The throat chakra also stands for the inner life plan which we have brought into this life. If we deviate too much from it, by not expressing and living our true feelings, talents, wishes or desires, we can feel the effects in our fifth chakra. Therefore, excessive will, stubbornness, or fixations, can cause thyroid problems.

As long as we fight against our life, against a higher will or power, it can have negative effects on other areas of our body in the long term. A typical message would be: “I do what I want, no matter what my body says!”


  • Not being able/allowed to express oneself
  • Swallowing problems
  • Keeping quiet
  • Being scared of conflict
  • Biting one’s tongue
  • Not having/wanting to express an opinion
  • Not living one’s talents
  • Straying from one’s inner life plan

The following table (according to C.N. Shealy and C.M. Myss, The Creation of Health, 1983) shows what disorders can be related to a weak fifth female chakra:

organs mental and psychological areas possible physical disorders
fifth chakra thyroid gland


neck vertebrae



teeth and palate

self expression

realizing dreams

creative work in the world by using personal strength

(chronic) sore throat

oral cancer

problems with the palate

disease of the jawbone joint



swollen glands

problems with the thyroid



As with all the other chakras there are different ways to strengthen and balance the fifth chakra, such as:

  • on the energetic level through physical exercises or yoga
  • with the help of body-energy-work
  • with the help of meditation
  • on the emotional level through talking therapy, family settings, kinesiology, astrological sessions, etc,
  • on the mental level through positive thinking, mental training, etc.
  • on the spiritual level through transformation of karmic blockages, or oaths with the help of spiritual tools

2,000 years ago NICODEMUS was a follower and friend of Jesus and of MARY MAGDALENE. In our times he supports you as an ASCENDED MASTER if you have problems communication and expressing your thoughts and needs. His high vibrating energies can support you with courage, to talk about unpleasant situations and/or feelings.

To heal your 5th female chakra, you can integrate my energized Master Symbol of NICODEMUS , or my energized Master Aura Essence NICODEMUS  in your daily life, or your therapy session.

 Both the symbol and the Aura Essence, energized by Ascended Master NICODEMUS, work on the quantum level in your subtle-spiritual body, your chakras, your morphogenetic field, and your multidimensional DNA layers. They dissolve your energy blockages from the present, the past, and past lives.

Learn how to use my Mary Magdalene symbols / my Angel symbols in my International eAcademy 


Mary Magdalene


Remaining in Inner Balance

If a healer for the new age does not reside in his center or does not believe in his capabilities, he will sooner or later be unable to find any patients. As soon as he drifts out of his center, either for emotional or other reasons, people will sense this more and more clearly. As inside, so outside, as above, so below! In the course of the transformation process this cosmic law will be even more evident than before. The advantage here is, however, that black sheep and charlatans among the healers will be more quickly unmasked and identified as such.

Recognizing the Readiness of the Client

In the future it will be more important to pay attention to the inner readiness of the individual, the patient or client who is seeking help. If the readiness is not sufficient, we can spare ourselves all attempts to help this person. If he is not truly ready from within – and here I am not speaking of a readiness born from the intellect – every effort to help him is a waste of effort. Too little or no readiness will always result in an inadequate healing process.

A Heartfelt Desire to Help

To successfully work in a healing profession in the future, a sincere and honest inner attitude toward the client is necessary. If a physician, health practitioner or healer is first and foremost interested in personal financial gain from his work, he will in the long run be unable to exist in the energy of the new age. The more the transformation process will advance, the less pure rip-off will be possible in the healing professions.

Interesting Facts


Doctors and health practitioners learn an unbelievable amount during their many years of training, and in their practice they gather rich with which to help sick people. This is not be questioned. Classic medical training and traditional alternative methods are the foundation on which our current health system is built, and which we cannot do without. But in the future we should not limit ourselves to this. In parallel with scientific medical research it will be imperative to open up to new aspects of healing. The new age needs new forms of healing and it also requires “new age physicians!”

Developing Interdimensional Consciousness

In the future, the capabilities and successes of medical professionals and healers will, more than ever before, be tied to their own spiritual growth. No one can, for example, teach Japanese if he has not himselflearned this language, now one can perform holistic spiritual healing, if he has not himself expanded and aligned his consciousness with the newinterdimensional levels. This however, requires honest self-examination, personal and spiritual development and intensive inner work. Likewise, this means occupying oneself with the interdimensional side of our human existence and allowing spirituality to be part of one’s own life.

Interesting Facts


“Energy healing is a system that deals with balance. Healers do not heal, they simply create balance. The individual human reaction to the restoration of balance through healers who are balanced themselves, is what heals a person.” KRYON

The world is subject to the transformation process and its changes and this reality also affects doctors and healers. It is important that they redefine their understanding of healing and adapt it to the demands of the new age. The quotation from KRYON, cited above, drives home the point: People who want to help others with their physical or psychic issues must recognize that they are not healing, but that they are only initiating or activating the self-healing process in their client’s body. This also applies – strictly speaking – to prescribing medications, because these can change or improve the clinical view or symptoms.. When one considers healing as a holistic process, however, in which the physical body, the emotional level, the intellect and spirituality are included, then medication or surgery can only cover a part of the healing process.

Interesting Facts

Would you like to know how my handcrafted symbols are made?

Some people think that my Angel-, Master-, Goddess- or Patron Saint Symbols are made with the help of a computer. Far from it! They are made by hand at my Lichtpunkt headquarters in Amstetten.

By taking the example of my Angel DNA Symbols, I would like to show you what the crafting process of a symbol looks like:

There are some real symbol-drawing experts among my employees. They draw the symbols to perfection. I would never be able to do that! In Image 1, you can see how, as a first step, the margins of the symbols are drawn with liquid colour on transparent plastic foil. The colour must be allowed to dry for 24 hours. Afterwards, they fill the symbol’s surface with colour, which again needs to dry for 24 hours.

Symbole 1

Finally, the symbol signs, which I have channelled and put on paper, are drawn onto the symbol surface (Image 2). After that, the symbols need to dry for another 24 hours.

Symbole 2

Afterwards, the symbols are cut out with a pair of manicure scissors (Image 3) …

Symbole 3

Symbole 4

… and wrapped up (Images 5 & 6)

Symbole 5

Symbole 6

Before they go out into the world, they – just like my essences – are cleansed energetically, energised and sealed. This is done in cooperation with the spiritual world, from where I received clear instructions 20 years ago.

Symbole 7

The 12 DNA Symbols activate our multidimensional DNA layers, as defined by KRYON, who is channelled by Lee Carroll.


Interesting Facts