People who work with my spiritual tools, that is the spiritual symbols and essences, frequently encounter the term “morphogenetic field” in my books or seminars. Many people ask themselves, “What is it actually?”

A simple term for the morphogenetic field is “mass consciousness,” that is to say the combined consciousness of all mankind. The British scientist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake studied plant physiology at Cambridge University, and philosophy at Harvard University. He developed the theory that there are fields that surround humans, animals, plants and objects, and that they oscillate in a specific rhythm. He developed the theory of a universal field, which contains the basic coded and stored pattern and frequency of an individual or object. As soon as an individual (human, animal etc.) modifies or changes in this field, the change impacts the entire field. It appears that this concept is applicable on all existing levels from quantum physics to social group behavior, (which is the reason why family constellation work, and why energetic cleansing after this type of work is essential).

If a person within a group makes a certain experience, this information, which is stored in his or her field, can spread to the morphogenetic fields of the other group members. Group members have a morphogenetic resonance, so to speak, and as a result they have the opportunity to reorient themselves accordingly. This then implies that a rise in frequency, a consciousness raising process or the spiritual development in one individual can to a certain degree influence the morphogenetic fields of others. Thus the interaction of the morphogenetic fields of spiritual individuals is the explanation why it only needs a fraction of the whole world population to infuse mankind with such a positive, high frequency morphogenetic field that ultimately all mankind will develop in a positive direction – even though the majority may not be aware of it at all, and at present it may not yet be likely.

In contrast to the electromagnetic field (aura), which is referred to as the “energetic type of causation” the morphogenetic field does not make energy available, but is largely the storehouse or “memory board” for information and defining patterns.

Based upon information from the angel world, my Angel Combi Symbols (and the corresponding essences and oils) work powerfully not only in the electromagnetic field, in the chakras and in the light body, but also in the morphogenetic field. A particularly intensive cleansing of the morphogenetic field and with that a clearing of our “imprints”, our behavior patterns, beliefs, fears or karmic patterns can for example, be very effectively supported by the Angel Combi Symbol No. 04 Aniel or No. 24 Sorael or the corresponding Aura Essence Sorael.

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New dimensions open up. Message from Archangel Metatron

“Greetings! I am Archangel Metatron. For a long time the spiritual world has been preparing you for the global paradigm shift which you also call increase of consciousness or transformation process. The preparation process involved the entire planet earth with all its inhabitants, no matter whether human, animal, plant, mineral, bacteria or microbe. Everything, absolutely everything, is subject to this enormous process of change which has just started.

Some of you can already feel it clearly because you have been dealing with it for some time. Others, however, have no idea of it. They are still wrapped up in their earthly learning programme. They have not had time yet to develop any sensors. But this is not important anyway. Sooner or later they will also begin and undergo their transformation process.

There are people amongst you who are scared to make mistakes while going through this process of change. They forget that all the information they need for their development is saved in their souls, their body cells and their subtle DNA. Think of the little caterpillar that is going to develop into a butterfly – it ‘knows’ exactly what it needs to pupate, to slip out of its cocoon and one day develop wings. It is the same with you!

If we could turn time forward one hundred years … you would be surprised! Of course, you would be astonished how much your environment would have changed – for example, your houses, your means of transport and other technical appliances. But you would also wonder about your metaphysical abilities.

Many things that seem to be impossible now, will be taken for granted. Take bilocation (the ability to be at different places at the same time), light-nutrition, communication through telepathy, operations with bare hands, without any surgical tools, to name but a few. You have already made the first steps into this New Age. In the near future it is about continuing this way, refining and completing it. You will be at home on a higher level of awareness, but still remain strongly rooted in earthly life. How does this work? You will experience it. The time has come!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer



“I do not know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” (Plato)

How often do we try to please other people, because we want to have our peace, want to avoid arguments and discussions, or are seeking for love and appreciation? Although we should already know better, we fall back into these old and probably acquired patterns of behaviour from time to time.

The wish for well-being and harmony informs the nature of women to a large extent, and this is why we do our utmost so that others thrive and feel as comfortable as possible. Cost what it may! To this end, we frequently restrain ourselves, suppress our needs, bite our tongue, and take responsibility for other people and situations that do not really concern us.

You are probably already on the way towards shedding this pattern of behaviour, or you have already discarded it and left it behind you.

But, to be on the safe side, ask yourself the following questions from time to time:

  • Do I sometimes say YES, when I actually want to say NO?
  • Do I sometimes catch myself trying to impress other people?
  • Do I not want others to regard me as egotistical?
  • Do I like to avoid conflicts?
  • Do I allow my behaviour to be guided by other people’s opinions?
  • Is it easier for me to agree with someone rather than pressing my own point?
  • Do I feel responsible for other people’s well-being?
  • Do I assume responsibility for other adults?
  • Do I try to make sad or glum people happy?
  • Do I strive for the praise and appreciation of the people close to me?
  • Do I sometimes forget to draw the line?

It is easier than you might think to walk into the trying-to-please-everybody-trap and be caught in it. After all, sometimes it is very difficult to recognise the fine line between autonomy and heteronomy. But as soon as you have realised why to want to please everybody, you can easily recognise your behaviour and steer it into another direction.

This is how you can free yourself from the trap:

  • Take enough time to consider before you say YES or NO.
  • Learn to bear feelings connected with disagreements or conflicts.
  • Do not feel responsible for everything and everyone.
  • Do not lose sight of your values.
  • Do not always take the same line as other people.
  • Have the courage to stand by your opinion and needs.
  • Learn to distinguish self-love from egotism.
  • Do not think about what others might say about you.
  • Remain true to yourself.
  • Draw your boundaries, even though others might not like them.
  • Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by others.

Even though it is not always easy to discard acquired or adopted patterns of behaviour. It is worth it!



¡Es el momento de una nueva comprensión sobre los animales!

Un mensaje espiritual del arcángel Bariel

“Saludos. Soy el arcángel Bariel. Me dirijo a vosotros hoy porque es el momento de que empecéis a ver a los animales con una perspectiva diferente. Durante miles de años, tenían o se les permitía serviros, dependiendo del punto de vista. Por parte de los animales se trataba de un “favor”, pero la forma en la que eran tratados por muchos humanos es vergonzosa y profundamente inmerecida.

Al comienzo de vuestra evolución, cuando llegasteis a la Tierra junto a los animales (por favor, olvidad las historias sobre cómo los humanos descienden de los simios), existía un contrato entre los humanos y los animales: ambos querían tener experiencias, ambos querían expandir su conciencia y ambos estaban dispuestos a aprender del otro y beneficiarse de las experiencias compartidas. Pero en un determinado punto, esta cooperación empezó a romperse y sometisteis a los animales. Igual que sometéis a otros seres humanos y lo seguís haciendo.

Pero esta experiencia y proceso de aprendizaje está gradualmente llegando a su fin. Estáis en medio de un gran proceso de ascensión y vuestra conciencia está desarrollándose muy rápidamente. Estáis activando el ADN multidimensional que hay inherente en vosotros y habéis entrado en el proceso de maestría. ¡¿No es hora –teniendo en cuenta vuestra nueva conciencia– de que cambiéis la forma en que tratáis a los animales?!

No os hablo para moralizaros, mi intención está muy lejos de ello. Pero es uno de mis deberes recordaros el hecho de que no podéis tomar un camino espiritual y al mismo tiempo no tener conciencia ni comprensión de las necesidades básicas de vuestros animales.

Mientras consideréis a los animales como objetos, fuentes de alimento comestibles y no veáis y les tratéis como seres sensibles independientes que no son controlados por instinto; no entenderéis lo que los animales son realmente. Son seres como vosotros, en un cuerpo especial y con diferente forma, con funciones diferentes, pero criaturas de Dios al fin y al cabo. Mientras les encerréis en jaulas, les dejéis vegetar y les atormentéis consciente o inconscientemente, vemos que los humanos habéis entendido la conciencia espiritual pero que aún no sois capaces de vivirla realmente.

¡Estoy con vosotros! ¡Soy el arcángel Bariel! ¡Saludos!”

© Mensaje transmitido por Ingrid Auer




“¡Antes o después nos afecta a todos! ¡Nos vemos atrapados en una crisis! Ya no podemos sentirnos, ya no sabemos si podemos confiar en nosotros mismos, nuestra familia, nuestros amigos y relaciones. La crisis puede presentarse como separación, agotamiento, enfermedad, etc. Nos quedamos bloqueados en un callejón sin salida. La situación parece sin esperanza.

Si estamos atrapados en una crisis vital, buscamos ayuda, nos aferramos a cualquier cosa. Cuando buscaba ayuda para acercarme más a mí misma, me encontré con Ingrid Auer y sus Símbolos Angelicales y esencias. Aunque admito que al principio era tremendamente escéptica, mi curiosidad venció y me abrí al desconocido mundo de los ángeles. Fue como cruzar un puente. De mi mundo al mundo de las energías. Y me hizo sentir bien, ¡ciertamente bien! Las cartas con los símbolos me enseñaron a reflexionar. Empecé a ‘jugar’ con ellas, poniendo círculos de protección; empecé a escribir, a preguntar, teniendo pensamientos más claros; empecé a tomarme tiempo para mí misma. Muy simple. Fue un proceso fascinante.

Tiempo después, me di cuenta de que después de decidir traspasar el umbral de mi mente, construí un puente a mi alma, a mi centro y parte más íntima, a mi esencia. Alcancé la parte que las mujeres solemos reprimir. Hemos olvidado escuchar nuestra voz interior, estamos permanentemente disponibles para nuestros hijos y pareja. Y para nuestro trabajo…; estamos estresadas y no tenemos suficientes descansos. Lentamente nos perdemos en el día a día.

Aprendí mucho sobre mí misma y sobre la gente a mi alrededor. Aprendí sobre el ‘programa uno y dos (1.)’, como Ingrid los llama, y las ventajas de buscar a un nivel superior y, al mismo tiempo, estar en casa en los dos niveles. Sus símbolos y esencias me acompañan en mi vida diaria, a veces más a veces menos. Me apoyan, ayudan y transforman de una forma maravillosa. Con mucho amor y a mi propio ritmo.

Estoy llena de pasión y muy agradecida de que Ingrid y los ángeles hayan estado acompañándome desde 2009.’’

Christine Poignie

Madre de tres hijos, autónoma, Mallorca

  (1) Programa uno y programa dos: el nivel físico, lógico y material y el nivel mental, metafísico y espiritual.




“Sooner or later it affects us all! We are caught in a crisis! We can’t feel ourselves any more, do not know any longer whether we can trust ourselves, our family, our friends and relations. The crisis can be presented as separation, burnout, illness, etc. We get stuck in a dead end. The situation seems hopeless.

If we are caught in a life crisis, we look for help, clutching at any straw. When I was looking for help, to come closer to myself, I bumped into Ingrid Auer and her angel symbols and essences! Although I have to admit that I was extremely sceptical to start with, my curiosity won, and I opened up for the strange world of the angels. It felt like crossing a bridge. From my world into the world of energies. And it felt good, very good indeed! The symbol cards taught me to reflect. I started to ‘play’ with them, laying protection circles; I started to write, to question, getting clear thoughts; I started to take time for myself. Very simple. It was an amazing process.

Eventually I noticed, that after I had decided to cross my mental threshold, I built a bridge to my soul, my innermost core, my essence. I reached the part which we women tend to suppress. We have forgotten to listen to our inner voice, we are permanently available for our children and partner. And for our work, … we are stressed and do not have enough breaks. We slowly get lost in everyday life.

I learnt a lot about myself and the people around me. I learnt about programme one and two (1), as Ingrid calls them, and the advantage of looking up to a higher level, and at the same time, being at home on both levels. Her symbols and essences accompany me through my daily life, sometimes more and sometimes less. They support, help and transform in a wonderful way. Lovingly and in my own rhythm.

I am full of passion and very grateful that Ingrid and the angels have been accompanying me since 2009.”

Christine Poignie

Mother of three children, self-employed, Mallorca

  (1) Programme one and two: the physical, logical, material level and the mental, metaphysical, spiritual level

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Durante años, he estado poniéndole a prueba y ya ha llegado el momento de que escriba un feedback personal sobre mi progreso con él. ‘‘Él’’ es el Arcángel Uriel y le debo un montón de gracias y respeto por su ayuda y apoyo.

Dos o tres veces al año viajo a Estados Unidos o México por negocios. En estos vuelos tan largos tengo la posibilidad de probar la eficiencia de mi Esencia Angelical para el Aura (en spray) para el jet-lag, energetizada por el Arcángel Uriel.

Ahí estaba yo otra vez la semana pasada. Después de un vuelo agotador (que incluyó un retorno a la terminal debido a un problema técnico antes de la salida) nos sentamos en el avión durante doce horas y media seguidas. Desde Ciudad de México a Frankfurt y después a Viena. El desfase horario era además de otras siete horas.

Durante el vuelo, mi marido y yo nos pulverizamos la Esencia para el Aura sobre la cabeza. Estoy segura de que algunos compañeros de viaje también se beneficiaron del efecto sin saberlo.

Para resumir. Ya el segundo día después de mi regreso volví a mis ritmos normales, algo extraordinariamente rápido esta vez. Normalmente me lleva unos tres o cuatro días con la ayuda de Uriel. Por desgracia no teníamos la Esencia en nuestro equipaje de mano la última vez, ya que la dejamos en una maleta más grande que tuvimos que facturar. Entonces me llevó dos semanas volver a mi ritmo normal.

Por ello, sé cuán desagradable puede ser el jet-lag. ¡No me olvidaré de poner a Uriel en mi equipaje de mano nunca más! ¡Muchas gracias por su increíble y maravilloso apoyo energético!

Mi Esencia Angelical para el Aura ‘Arcángel Uriel’ también está disponible en Estados Unidos:




For years I have been putting him to the test, and now it is time for me to write a personal progress report. ‘He’ is Archangel Uriel, and I owe him a great deal of thanks and respect for his help and support!

Two or three times a year I travel to the U.S.A., or to Mexico, on business. On these long distance flights I have the chance to test the efficiency of my angel aura essence (spray), energized by Archangel Uriel, against jetlag.

There I was again last week. After a draining flight (including a return to the terminal due to a technical problem before departure), we sat in the plane for twelve and a half hours all together. From Mexico City to Frankfurt and Vienna. The time lag cost another seven hours on the watch.

During the flight, my husband and I sprayed the aura essence above our heads. I am sure some fellow travellers also benefitted from the effect, without knowing.

To cut a long story short. Already, on the second day after my arrival, I was in my normal rhythm again, which was extraordinarily quick this time. Normally it takes me three to four days with Uriel’s help. Unfortunately, we did not have the essence in our hand luggage the last time, but left it in the large suitcase which we had to check in. Then it took me two weeks to get back into my normal rhythm.

Therefore, I do know how unpleasant jetlag can be. And so I will not forget to put Uriel into my hand luggage anymore! Many thanks to him for his unbelievably wonderful energetic support!

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Tapping on your body and dissolving fears and blocking beliefs? … A likely story! Do you know this thought?  Is this the reason why you have not tried tapping acupuncture or tapping therapy on yourself or your clients yet? There are different methods, and you will find yours, if you develop a serious interest. It is certainly worth trying, believe me!


The meridians are the energy conductors of our body. Our vital energy flows through them, and they belong to the columns of the traditional Chinese medicine which has been practised for more than 2000 years. But only in 2005 Professor Dr. Popp and Dr. Schlebusch were able to make them visible to the human eye through special infrared technology.

It is recognised that each meridian is connected with emotions, and therefore, our world of feelings is reflected in the energy flow of our meridians. In other words, fears, burdening feelings and painful experiences, or negative belief patterns block the energy flow in the body, and as a consequence, can manifest on the physical level.

By tapping certain meridian points we stimulate and activate the energy conductors. As a result, the corresponding emotions can be energetically erased from our body-emotion-thought-system.


There are different tapping techniques, such as the EFT-method or the MET-method. Negative emotions are expressed in sentences, and while tapping certain meridian points, said out loud. Burdening beliefs can also be removed from our body-emotion-thought-system in this way. Afterwards we can reprogramme ourselves energetically and mentally, by tapping combined with positive affirmations.


People, who are into reincarnation and other spiritual topics, know that we bring these fears and blockages from former lives. It is often hard to approach them in this life. These energy blockages are situated in the eighth aura layer. With traditional and alternative healing methods they can hardly be reached and solved. We – laymen, energy practitioners, healing practitioners and therapists – are often not allowed to interfere in, and work on other people’s karma. Unfortunately many people do not know this and cross these ethical borders.

If we apply the following spiritual tools in combination with the tapping technique, we avoid an interference with karma, as the spiritual world is included.

You alone decide whether it is allowed to work on your karma, and how much may be transformed.

With the application of spiritual tools there is a new dimension to the efficiency of tapping acupuncture techniques, namely the spiritual one. The physical, emotional, mental, and the spiritual level of the client are positively influenced.


It is easy: Spray the Aura Essences above your head, and therefore, into the subtle-energetic system.

If you cannot make a decision which spiritual tool you should use, follow your intuition, or find out what is best for you or your client, with the help of a pendulum, the muscle test or a dowser.


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¿Estimular puntos de tu cuerpo y disolver miedos y creencias que bloquean? ¡Lo dudo! ¿Te suena esta frase? ¿Es este el motivo por el que aún no has probado a estimular puntos de acupuntura con las manos o la terapia de estimulación contigo mismo/a o tus clientes? Hay diferentes métodos y tú has de encontrar el tuyo, si sientes interés por ello. Merece la pena probarlo, créeme.


Los meridianos son los canales de energía de nuestro cuerpo. Nuestra energía vital fluye a través de ellos y pertenecen a los pilares de la Medicina Tradicional China, que se practica desde hace más de 2000 años. A pesar de esto, solo en 2005 los doctores Popp y Schlebusch consiguieron hacerlos visibles al ojo humano a través de tecnología infrarroja especial.

Se ha establecido que cada meridiano está conectado con las emociones y, por ello, nuestro mundo emocional se refleja en el flujo energético de nuestros meridianos. En otras palabras, miedos, emociones que nos cargan y experiencias dolorosas o creencias negativas bloquean el flujo de energía en el cuerpo y, por ello, estos pueden manifestarse a nivel físico.

Al estimular con la mano ciertos puntos de los meridianos, estimulamos y activamos los canales energéticos y, como resultado, las emociones correspondientes pueden ser eliminadas energéticamente de nuestro sistema cuerpo-emoción-pensamiento.


Hay varias técnicas de estimulación manual como el método EFT o el método MET. Las emociones negativas se expresan con frases y mientras se presionan ciertos puntos de los meridianos se dicen en voz alta. Las creencias negativas también pueden ser eliminadas de esta forma de nuestro sistema cuerpo-emoción-pensamiento. Después podemos reprogramarnos energéticamente y mentalmente al estimular nuestro puntos y realizar afirmaciones positivas.


Las personas a las que les interesan temas como la rencarnación u otros temas espirituales, saben que traemos estos miedos y bloqueos de vidas anteriores. A veces resulta muy difícil hacerles frente en esta vida. Estos bloqueos energéticos están situados en la octava capa del aura. Con métodos de sanación tradicional y alternativa apenas se puede llegar a ellos y resolverlos. A nosotros (la gente corriente, los sanadores con energía y otros terapeutas) no se nos permite interferir ni trabajar con el karma de otras personas. Por desgracia mucha gente desconoce esto y sobrepasa las fronteras de lo ético.

Si aplicamos las siguientes herramientas energéticas en combinación con la técnica de estimulación de puntos de acupuntura, evitamos interferir con el tema, ya que el mundo espiritual se incluye. Tú mismo decides si se permite que trabajes con tu karma y cuánto de él quieres transformar.

Con la aplicación de herramientas espirituales hay una nueva dimensión en la eficacia de la estimulación de puntos de acupuntura: la dimensión espiritual. Los aspectos físicos, emocionales, mentales y espirituales del cliente se ven influidos muy positivamente.


Es muy fácil: puedes pulverizar las Esencias para el Aura sobre tu cabeza y, con ello, sobre tu sistema energético sutil.

Si no puedes decidir qué herramienta espiritual debes utilizar, sigue tu intuición o encuentra la que va mejor con tu cliente con ayuda del péndulo, el test muscular o varilla.

Mis Esencias Angelicals para el Aura también están disponible en Estados Unidos:

La Esencia Angelical para el Aura “Arcángel Rafael”
La Esencia Magistral para el Aura “Serapis Bey”
Esencia Angelical para el Aura “Capas del ADN multidimensional”