For years I have been putting him to the test, and now it is time for me to write a personal progress report. ‘He’ is Archangel Uriel, and I owe him a great deal of thanks and respect for his help and support!

Two or three times a year I travel to the U.S.A., or to Mexico, on business. On these long distance flights I have the chance to test the efficiency of my angel aura essence (spray), energized by Archangel Uriel, against jetlag.

There I was again last week. After a draining flight (including a return to the terminal due to a technical problem before departure), we sat in the plane for twelve and a half hours all together. From Mexico City to Frankfurt and Vienna. The time lag cost another seven hours on the watch.

During the flight, my husband and I sprayed the aura essence above our heads. I am sure some fellow travellers also benefitted from the effect, without knowing.

To cut a long story short. Already, on the second day after my arrival, I was in my normal rhythm again, which was extraordinarily quick this time. Normally it takes me three to four days with Uriel’s help. Unfortunately, we did not have the essence in our hand luggage the last time, but left it in the large suitcase which we had to check in. Then it took me two weeks to get back into my normal rhythm.

Therefore, I do know how unpleasant jetlag can be. And so I will not forget to put Uriel into my hand luggage anymore! Many thanks to him for his unbelievably wonderful energetic support!

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