Tapping on your body and dissolving fears and blocking beliefs? … A likely story! Do you know this thought?  Is this the reason why you have not tried tapping acupuncture or tapping therapy on yourself or your clients yet? There are different methods, and you will find yours, if you develop a serious interest. It is certainly worth trying, believe me!


The meridians are the energy conductors of our body. Our vital energy flows through them, and they belong to the columns of the traditional Chinese medicine which has been practised for more than 2000 years. But only in 2005 Professor Dr. Popp and Dr. Schlebusch were able to make them visible to the human eye through special infrared technology.

It is recognised that each meridian is connected with emotions, and therefore, our world of feelings is reflected in the energy flow of our meridians. In other words, fears, burdening feelings and painful experiences, or negative belief patterns block the energy flow in the body, and as a consequence, can manifest on the physical level.

By tapping certain meridian points we stimulate and activate the energy conductors. As a result, the corresponding emotions can be energetically erased from our body-emotion-thought-system.


There are different tapping techniques, such as the EFT-method or the MET-method. Negative emotions are expressed in sentences, and while tapping certain meridian points, said out loud. Burdening beliefs can also be removed from our body-emotion-thought-system in this way. Afterwards we can reprogramme ourselves energetically and mentally, by tapping combined with positive affirmations.


People, who are into reincarnation and other spiritual topics, know that we bring these fears and blockages from former lives. It is often hard to approach them in this life. These energy blockages are situated in the eighth aura layer. With traditional and alternative healing methods they can hardly be reached and solved. We – laymen, energy practitioners, healing practitioners and therapists – are often not allowed to interfere in, and work on other people’s karma. Unfortunately many people do not know this and cross these ethical borders.

If we apply the following spiritual tools in combination with the tapping technique, we avoid an interference with karma, as the spiritual world is included.

You alone decide whether it is allowed to work on your karma, and how much may be transformed.

With the application of spiritual tools there is a new dimension to the efficiency of tapping acupuncture techniques, namely the spiritual one. The physical, emotional, mental, and the spiritual level of the client are positively influenced.


It is easy: Spray the Aura Essences above your head, and therefore, into the subtle-energetic system.

If you cannot make a decision which spiritual tool you should use, follow your intuition, or find out what is best for you or your client, with the help of a pendulum, the muscle test or a dowser.


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