As soon as a small crab, which is kept in a bucket with other crabs, tries to climb out and escape, the other crabs keep pulling it back.

But what has this got to do with us women, and particularly with our first chakra, the energy centre at the bottom of our spine, from where we absorb earth energies(1)? Well, the first (female) chakra is closely connected to our clan awareness. The focus is not on love, friendliness or tenderness, but loyalty. The clan does not concentrate on individual needs, but the preservation and survival of the collective and the family. Even when the clan talks about love and solidarity, it really means compulsory clan formation which has nothing to do with affection or love.


  • “You don’t really love me otherwise you would visit the family and me more often.”
  • “If you really loved me, you would not have a problem with my parents.”
  • “The family must stick together, and therefore you will care for my sick mother.”
  • “You cannot possibly go away and leave us alone for some days.”
  • “You will not make this decision on your own, but we will do it together.”
  • “Surely you cannot get together with these women! Who knows how they are going to influence you.”
  • “As long as you live in my house, you will do what I tell you.”
  • “Self-confident women are egotistic.”
  • “You cannot have a therapy, otherwise you might want a divorce.”

Let’s go back to the crabs. If one of them wants to leave the bucket, the others react in the same way as a woman who wants to free herself from tight family patterns. There it’s normal for family members also to try and sabotage – at least in the beginning – her efforts.


Our first chakra is influenced by education during the early years, for example by your family, belonging to a certain race, the social status we grow up in, as well as all the influences of our clans which have been passed on from generation to generation.

It has not got much to do with heredity. More important is the collective morphologic field of awareness of our family of origin, where the principles of our clan are imprinted.

Most families do not intend to hurt their members deliberately. They only pass on their ‘knowledge’ which they consider as the sole truth. Even it is about painful and restrictive structures, they are usually not ready to rethink them or let them go. “We have always done it like this…” Which woman does not know this sentence?

This clan awareness or clan suppression can go so far that mothers or families do not believe their daughters who have been sexually harassed, raped or forced into incestuous actions. How often is the perpetrator more likely to be seen as innocent than the affected woman. And this does not only apply to misogynous cultures.


…are at the same time the basis for typical female disease patterns:

  • inherited problems from the line of ancestors or clan
  • unresolved problems with the parents
  • incest (also applies to the second chakra)
  • abuse or neglect during childhood
  • restrictive beliefs that have been passed on over generations (e.g. You are a stupid/bad/useless girl; you should be ashamed of your body; men are always first; you are a girl and do not need to study; women have to serve the family/men, etc.)


The following table (after C.N. Shealy and C.M. Myss, The Creation of Health, 1983) shows the disorders that may arise, after the female chakra has been weakened over a long period of time.

organs mental and emotional area physical disorders
first chakra physical support of the body

hip joints


safety and security in the world;

inability to satisfy essential needs;

lacking assertiveness;

longing for a home;

no support  by others

chronic pains in the lower back


varicose veins

tumour/cancer in the rectum


There are various different ways, such as:

  • physical exercises or yoga on the energetic level
  • with the help of body-energy-work
  • with the help of meditation
  • on the emotional level through talk therapy, family settings, kinesiology, astrological counselling, etc.
  • on the mental level through positive thinking, mental training, etc.
  • on the spiritual level through transformation of karmic blockages or oaths with the help of spiritual tools, e. g. my channeled spiritual symbols and essences

ANNA, the grandmother of Jesus, can support you as an ASCENDED MASTER and provides you with her high vibrating energies. She can help you to recognize and dissolve old blockages that go back to your ancestors, and to transform old belief patterns and inconvenient behaviors that you have inherited from your family of origin.

To heal your 1st female chakra, you can integrate my energized Master Symbol of ANNA , or my energized Master Aura Essence ANNA (soon available on Amazon USA) in your daily life, or your therapy session.

Both the symbol and the Aura Essence, energized by ANNA, work on the quantum level in your subtle-spiritual body, in your chakras, your morphogenetic field, and your multidimensional DNA layers. They dissolve energy blockages from the present, the past, and past lives.

Learn how to use my Mary Magdalene symbols / my Angel symbols in my International eAcademy 

(1) The Japanese scientist Michio Kushi (1926 – 2014), a leading authority on macrobiotics and energetics, pointed out that the centripetal force of the earth ascends our body through the feet.

Source female chakras: Dr. Christiane Northrup


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