ELIZABETH, the mother of John the Baptist, is called an ASCENDED MASTER, accompanying you on the spiritual level through our times as a luminous being.

Many women feel responsible for the harmony in their families, which increasingly overstresses them. They want to settle tensions between brothers and sisters, parents, children and grandchildren, which sometimes makes them get caught in the crossfire. But what has this got to do with ELIZABETH, one of Mary Magdalene’s companions?

The BIBLE portrays ELIZABETH as Mother Mary’s cousin. They met when they were both pregnant, ELIZABETH with John, and Mother Mary with Jesus. Whether ELIZABETH literally was a companion of MARY MAGDALENE, cannot be traced back, but she definitely was her precursor.

As Ascended Master ELIZABETH offers her help when

  • you have problems with your family of origin
  • you feel trapped in your old family patterns
  • family traditions paralyze and tighten you
  • you notice karmic bonds within your family
  • you feel like the black sheep of the family
  • you wish for more harmony in your patchwork family
  • there is rivalry and envy in your family (e.g. amongst siblings)

Therefore, invite ELIZABETH into your life, and connect with her. To strengthen and intensify this connection, you can integrate the Master Symbol, energized by her, and the energized Master Aura Essence ELIZABETH into your daily life or your therapy and body work.

The symbol and the Aura Essence, energized by her, work on the quantum level in the subtle-spiritual body, the chakras, the morphogenetic field, and in the multidimensional DNA-layers. They solve energy blockages in the present, the past, and former lives.


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