Mary Magdalene and her Companions (part 05/21)

ANNA, the grandmother of Jesus paved the way for MARY MAGDALENE is called an Ascended Master who accompanies you through our times on the spiritual level as a luminous being. Many women increasingly feel attracted by her, her energies and her messages, as she helps us to heal our lineage, and get out of old, outdated structures, belief patterns and restrictive family topics.

The BIBLE describes ANNA as the mother of MARY, and therefore, the grandmother of Jesus. Similar to other stories of the Bible (such as Abraham and Sarah) ANNA and her husband could only rejoice at the birth of a daughter, chosen by God, in their old age.

As an Ascended Master ANNA offers you her help when

  • you suffer from your family’s high expectations
  • you want to do family constellation work
  • you have a weak first chakra
  • you want to solve karmic burdens of your family
  • you are burdened by events of former generations
  • you want to dissolve family secrets without exactly knowing them
  • you are influenced by family pressure
  • you have taken on karmic burdens of your lineage

To get in close contact with ANNA’s and MARY MAGDALENE’s energy, you can integrate the Master Symbol ANNA, energized by her, in the form of a symbol card or the energized Master Aura Essence ANNA into your everyday life or your therapy and body work.

The symbol, energized by ANNA, as well as the energized Aura Essence work on the quantum level in the subtle-spiritual body, the chakras, the morphogenetic field, and in the multidimensional DNA-layers. They dissolve energy blockages in the present, the past and in former lives.

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