Illness is not only connected to thoughts and/or emotions, but also to the spiritual level of our being. If this level is not experienced or there is no access to the higher dimensions, it can also lead to disorders in the area of health and well-being. In the present time, in the time of great transformation this is truer than ever before.

In his groundbreaking book “The Biology of Belief,” the American cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton comprehensively illustrates for his readers, how human thoughts and feelings penetrate each individual cell of the body and what then occurs on the molecular level.

And beyond this, in the epigenetic science developed by him he questions the prevailing assertion: that our physical existence is determined by our DNA. And he proves that individual human life as well as our collective existence is controlled by the relationship between spirit (spirituality) and matter.

In my opinion Bruce Lipton is one of those most revolutionary scientists who closely link medicine with spirituality. Just as Swiss Dr. Jakob Boesch, Ph.D. who reports in his book “Spirituelles Heilen und Schulmedizin” experiences from his practice. He presents results from the latest scientific research from various countries and delivers important arguments so that spiritual healing and traditional medicine will in the future quite naturally join forces. In this regard he also places tremendous importance on the personal responsibility of the individual patient.

As someone who is not a doctor, it is of course not appropriate for me to speak about health and sickness from a medical point of view. I can only confine myself to the areas of energetics and spirituality, which stand behind everything. And there certainly are new discoveries and new information, which reaches us directly from the spiritual world. Here I would like to pass along the following to you:

“You humans, who desperately are seeking new possibilities for healing, be prepared that what you have researched and learned during the past decades and centuries is only a small part of what ultimately constitutes healing. To access this knowledge, you must drop your limitations and leave what seems to be the secure terrain of science. Pepare yourselves for that which the cosmos, the spiritual world or whatever you want to call this metaphysical realm, will be offering in terms of new information. You limit yourselves tremendously and occupy yourselves too much with the search for evidence and the discovery of proof, because you have no faith. Were you to live and act more from your inner knowledge, you would be much farther along with your medical discoveries. We, the helpers from the spiritual levels, will guide you and show you where the journey is going to. If you agree to this, we can together affect a great deal, and what you call a miracle today will one day be your reality, your medical reality. I am Archangel Raphael.”

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