‘The Divine is within you!’ A message from Ascended Master Sananda

“Greetings, dear ones! I am Sananda. No matter what abilities you brought into this life, you were hardly ever allowed to develop and live your potential.

In the last centuries and millenniums it has been one of people’s main learning experiences to submit themselves and their personalities to a large collective, and to be part of it. This was your learning experience throughout numerous incarnations.

However, your journey into duality has been a voluntary one. To begin with, you knew that you were divine consciousness, slipping into a human body to make certain learning experiences. But in the course of all the incarnations you started to forget. You descended into the deepest darkness of duality, to be human. In the process you have buried your divinity deep inside you and forgotten what is inside you.

On your long journey through duality you have been subject to different leaders: high priests, pharaohs, spiritual and worldly leaders, shamans, tribal leaders, gurus, bosses and other authorities. This has strongly shaped you. You either handed over the power over yourself and your life to others, or you were forced to do so. In some of your lives you were even deprived of your own dignity.

But those days are now over! You have reached the end of your journey through duality, and at the same time, at the beginning of a new era. You call this transition transformation process. It forces you to question all your supposed ‘truth’. At the same time, many of your authority figures and their rules and laws are questioned and steadily lose their importance.

You are no longer sheep, following their shepherd. You are shepherds yourself. Self-determined, responsible and full of joy you follow the star which is shining inside you. It is your divine spark of awareness which you have not lost during all the journeys through time and space. You have only forgotten that it exists.

I accompany you on this important part of your journey, which I have already done some time ago. Besides me there are also numerous other Ascended Masters ,angels, archangels and other higher beings on your side. They support you when you change into a higher level of awareness. The journey back into divine unity has begun! Maybe some more incarnations are waiting for you, but it is going to be a journey full of light – and we are happy with you!

Call me whenever you need me! I will be on your side.

I am Sananda, I am the light!”


Sarah Tamar’s loving energies for your Inner Child and the Children of the New Age


SARAH TAMAR, the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus is now called an Ascended Master. She accompanies you on the spiritual level as a luminous being if you want to heal your inner child, or understand better and accompany the children of the New Age. She is also a wonderful support if you work on the effects of miscarriage or stillbirth.

She is not mentioned in the Bible at all because the existence of a daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus would equal blasphemy. However, traditions and channelled information say that SARAH TAMAR travelled to the south of France together with Mary Magdalene and other members of the family, where she lived for decades.

As an Ascended Master SARAH TAMAR offers her help when

  • you want to heal your inner child
  • you want to work on your childhood
  • you do not want to pass your unpleasant childhood patterns on to your children
  • you want to improve/heal the relationship with your child
  • you accompany/look after children
  • you want to understand the children of the New Age better
  • you want to get in contact with an unborn child
  • you want to work on a miscarriage/stillbirth
  • you want to listen to your heart more
  • you should shed emotional dependencies.

*** *** ***

To get a closer connection with the energies of Sarah Tamar, you can integrate the energized Master Symbol of SARAH TAMAR, or the energized Master Aura Essence SARAH TAMAR in your daily life, or your therapy session.

Both the symbol and the Aura Essence, energized by Sarah Tamar, work on the quantum level in the subtle-spiritual body, the chakras, the morphogenetic field, and the multidimensional DNA layers. They dissolve energy blockages from the present, the past, and former lives.

Mary Magdalene

Ever wondered about Mary Magdalene’s red hair?

I am sure you have noticed that in most paintings Mary Magdalene is shown as having red hair. Have you ever asked yourself why? Is there a deeper meaning or a certain symbolism behind it?

The official portrayal of Mary Magdalene by the church was in the image of a fickle whore, although she was never described in the Bible as such. However, since the Renaissance, mainly ecclesiastical clients, had requested paintings which often showed her naked. This was to hint at her ostensible role as a prostitute.

Many artists of the time knew perfectly well who Mary Magdalene really was. They hid this old lore encrypted in their work, as the traditional church had a very different view of Mary Magdalene.

Therefore, knowing artists took special care to portray Mary Magdalene in their paintings with long red hair, covering her (naked) body. In doing so they could maintain her dignity, and neither her body nor her soul were exposed by her nakedness.

In recent centuries red hair became an important attribute of noble families. They placed great emphasis on artists of the time to expressing this visible sign of their ancestry in paintings.

Of course, Mary Magdalene’s hair colour was no longer known, and yet she used to be portrayed as a woman with red hair. Religious critics see it as an encrypted hint at her aristocratic status. According to the old writings of Jacobus de Voragine (1229-1298) Mary Magdalene’s mother Eucharia was supposed to come from a royal family. Also in an early manuscript she was described as a descendent of the royal house of Israel. (1)

Not only is Mary Magdalene portrayed in old paintings and sculptures with red hair, but also often with extremely long hair. In fine art, this was a symbol that a woman, even if she was naked, was covered with a veil of chastity.

Mary Magdalene’s long red hair expresses metaphorically that nobody managed to steal her dignity, no matter what attempts were made to present her as an insignificant,  suppressed or unworthy woman.

[1]John W. Taylor, The Coming of the Saints, London 1969, Chapter 5, p. 83


Mary Magdalene

In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene’s descendants in Scotland

Although I really want to talk about Mary Magdalene’s descendants, I should start with Joseph of Arimathea. It is important to know that Joseph of Arimathea was ‘a prominent member of the Council, who was himself waiting for the kingdom of God’ (Mark 15:43), and, at the same time, one of Jesus’ disciples.

Joseph of Arimathea – brother of Jesus

However, historical research has discovered that Joseph of Arimathea was Jesus’ brother. In the 9thcentury, the church declared him to be Jesus’ uncle, probably in order that he could not be connected with the Messianic line of Mary and Joseph, and Jesus.

As long as Joseph was ‘only’ considered to be Jesus’ uncle, and not another son of Mary and Joseph, the tales of Mary’s Immaculate Conception through the Holy Spirit could continue. This becomes a hard thing to believe as soon as you know that Mary gave birth to eight children.

But let’s, for a moment, concentrate on Joseph of Arimathea. Between 63 and 64 A.D he built, together with twelve missionaries who had come to England with him, a little chapel in Glastonbury. It was made of clay, and in later years a monastery was added. But this theme I shall return to in a later article.

Joseph of Arimathea (who, like Jesus, was descended from King David) was married and his bloodline continued down the years. 20 generations, and about 500 years later, the famous King Arthur was descended from this line.

Josephus, son of Mary Magdalene and Jesus

Also Jesus’ and Mary Magdalene’s bloodline started in Britain as their second son Josephus, who came to Glastonbury with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, married a daughter of Nicodemus. I refer to the man who was said to have helped Joseph of Arimathea to bury Jesus (John 19,30).

Josephus’ bloodline – and therefore the direct descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene – produce, a few hundred years later, some famous persons, such as Viviane d’Avalon del Acqs, and also Morgaine d’Avalon del Acqs, Lancelot and Parcival.

What has this to do with Scotland? Well, just south of the town of Penrith are the ruins of Pendragon Castle. Legend states that this castle was built by King Arthur’s father. The High History of the Holy Grail emphasises that Arthur’s court was there. This is confirmed by the French Suit de Merlin and the British legend Sir Gawain and the Carl of Carlisle and The Avowing of King Arthur.

King Arthur’s Round Table is a geometrical earth wall in the former royal gardens underneath Stirling Castle. For centuries it has been a mysterious place. Although the present site was established in the 1620s, people assume that its central hill with a flat top is much older. Documents, dating back 600 years, already connect this sight with the legends of King Arthur.

Mary Stuart – a descendant of Mary Magdalene and Jesus

Last but not least, the Scottish line of the Stuarts is supposed to go back to Joseph of Arimathea; the Breton line, through the so-called ‘Fisher Kings’, from Jesus’ and Mary Magdalene’s youngest son Josephus. The most renowned and vibrant person of this dynasty is most definitely Mary Stuart. For a long time, she was misjudged, and her personality was, deliberately or not, misrepresented. Only recently – such as her ancestor Mary Magdalene – she has been rehabilitated in some way.

The ruins of Loch Leven Castle, an hour north of the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, is still a silent witness to the many captivities Mary Stuart had to suffer during her lifetime.


Mary Magdalene

HIGH SENSITIVITY and misinterpreted shyness

Have you ever thought about the difference between sensitivity and shyness? (High) sensitivity is related to a sensitive nervous system [1] and is heritable, shyness on the other hand, is a state of mind or a character trait and is never inherited.

Nevertheless, highly sensitive people are often wrongly labelled as shy, although all they need is quiet or distance from other people. Unfortunately, the word “shyness” carries negative connotations with many people and is confused with timidity, insecurity, nervousness, self-consciousness or diffidence, which can be very irksome for highly sensitive people (who are actually not shy).


Therefore, my dear highly sensitive people, make yourselves aware of the difference between sensitivity and shyness. Do not allow yourselves to be told by others that you are shy. After all, highly sensitive people are just like everyone else and are not invulnerable to self-fulfilling prophecies, and I am sure you can well do without those.

The Ascended Master MARTHA provides us with her energy in the form of an Aura Essence as a spiritual tool for inner stability and natural authority. It is especially suited for becoming aware of and living one’s power and strength.

[1] See: Aron, Elaine N. Sind Sie hochsensibel? MVG: München 2015. S. 30.

High Sensitivity

LA ALTA SENSIBILIDAD y la timidez malinterpretada 

¿Alguna vez has pensado en la diferencia entre alta sensibilidad y timidez? La (alta) sensibilidad está relacionada con un sistema nervioso sensible [1] y es hereditario. Por el contrario, la timidez, es un estado mental y un rasgo de personalidad que nunca se hereda.

A pesar de todo, a las personas altamente sensibles a menudo se las etiqueta erróneamente como ‘‘tímidas’’, aunque lo único que necesitan es tranquilidad y distancia de las demás personas. Por desgracia, la palabra ‘‘timidez’’ conlleva una connotación negativa para muchas personas y se confunde con la introversión, la inseguridad, el nerviosismo y la inhibición; algo que puede resultar muy fastidioso para las personas altamente sensibles (que en realidad no son tímidas).


Por ello, mis amadas personas altamente sensibles: tomad conciencia de la diferencia entre sensibilidad y timidez. Y no permitáis que os convenzan de que sois tímidas. Después de todo, las personas altamente sensibles –igual que todas las demás– no son inmunes a las profecías autocumplidas, y estoy segura de que están mejor sin ellas.

La Maestra Ascendida MARTA nos proporciona su energía en forma de Esencia para el Aura y herramienta espiritual para la estabilidad interna y la autoridad natural. Es especialmente adecuada para tomar conciencia y vivir el propio poder y fuerza.

[1] Ver: Aron, Elaine N. Sind Sie hochsensibel? MVG: München 2015. pág. 30.



Why mankind needs more HIGHLY SENSITIVE people

The world outside adjusts to the average, and when people think and act differently than the general public, they are called unworldly. They are even told that they live in a bubble, in an illusory or a fantasy world. This is why many highly sensitive persons think that they should adopt the “norm” or the “average” in order to be able to get along in the world and be accepted by it.

In the course of time, our society has developed many rules, guidelines, norms and constraints and decided what is good or bad, what is normal or abnormal, what makes sense and what does not. And then highly sensitive people come along and challenge what is “normal” through their otherness and different way of thinking. All I can say to that is, thank goodness!

But frequently it goes the other way around! After all, many highly sensitive persons consider themselves outsiders and condemn themselves for it. Instead of being proud of their gifts and abilities, precisely because they cast new light on the set norms, outdated rules or pointless guidelines, they are full of self-doubts. Moreover, they are hard on themselves and accept the mainstream more than their own feelings and their unusual characteristics and abilities.

We live in a time of transition and reorientation, which is why we need more of you and your “otherness”, my dear highly sensitive people, because the world needs to renew itself! And if you need loving support from the spiritual world for doing so, the Ascended Master Lady Rowena is a wonderful companion. If one could describe her energy in just one sentence, this sentence would read as follows: “Follow the call of your heart!”

High Sensitivity

Por qué las personas ALTAMENTE SENSIBLES son con frecuencia más tolerantes con los demás que consigo mismas

El mundo exterior se ajusta a la normalidad y, cuando alguna persona piensa o actúa de forma diferente a las demás, se la tacha de ingenua. Incluso se les dice que viven en una burbuja, en una ilusión o un mundo imaginario. Es por eso que muchas personas altamente sensibles piensan que deberían acercarse a la ‘‘norma’’ o lo ‘‘establecido’’ para encajar en el mundo y ser aceptadas.

Con el paso del tiempo, nuestra sociedad ha desarrollado muchas reglas, directrices, normas y restricciones; ha decidido lo que es bueno y malo, normal y anormal, lo que tiene sentido y lo que no. Y entonces llegan las personas altamente sensibles y retan lo que es ‘‘normal’’ a través de su ‘‘ser diferentes’’ y su forma diferente de pensar. Al respecto solo puedo decir: ‘‘¡Gracias a Dios!’’.

Pero frecuentemente esto sucede al contrario. Después de todo, muchas personas altamente sensibles se consideran marginadas y se condenan por ello. En vez de estar orgullosas de sus regalos y habilidades –precisamente porque arrojan luz nueva sobre las normas, reglas obsoletas y directrices sin sentido–, están llenas de dudas sobre sí mismas. Además, son duras consigo mismas y aceptan la corriente más que sus propios sentimientos y sus habilidades y características fuera de lo común.

Vivimos tiempos de transición y reorientación, y es por ello que necesitamos más de vosotras y vuestra ‘‘diferencia’’, mis queridas personas altamente sensibles; ¡ya que el mundo necesita renovarse! Y si necesitáis apoyo amoroso del mundo espiritual al hacerlo, la Maestra Ascendida Lady Rowena es una excelente compañera. Si uno/a pudiera captar su energía en solo una frase, esta frase sería: ‘‘¡Sigue la llamada de tu corazón!’’.


Of course there are HIGHLY SENSITIVE men

“An Indian knows no pain!” (German proverb) and “Boys don’t cry!”. Who among us does not know these sayings from their childhood? For centuries, the male role expectations have been shaped by a patriarchal society in which performance, toughness, discipline and strength play a very important role.

Living with an “actually highly sensitive man”

Thus, it is hardly surprising that many (young) men who were born highly sensitive or highly perceptive (approx. 15–20% of all men) are thrown into emotional turmoil because they are unable to live up to the traditional male ideals. Many of them would gladly stand by their emotionality, their sensibility or their sensitivity to pain, but they were taught to hide it or cover it up as children because giving in to such sentiments would be “unmanly”.

For this reason, it is no wonder that many women are taken by complete surprise when they realise that they live with an “actual highly sensitive man” who does not express his true self due to his education. Maybe he grew up among men who demanded emotional and physical toughness from him. Maybe he never learnt to talk about his true feelings and needs. Or maybe he is embarrassed by his high sensitivity and has learned to assume a role that has little or nothing to do with his true self.

Highly sensitive persons feel the effect of spiritual tools most clearly

Owing to such inner conflicts and identity problems, misunderstandings and crises can arise in relationships. However, these can be eliminated as soon as both partners endeavour to clear the air and are not afraid to discover new facets and aspects of themselves and others.

The spiritual world offers energetic help to all those who want to undergo an internal or external clarification process, for instance in the form of the Angel Aura Essence ARCHANGEL GABRIEL. This angel energy not only purifies the subtle body, e.g. the aura and chakras, but also provides support on the paths of self-awareness and re-orientation.


High Sensitivity

MARY MAGDALENE, Dan Brown and Kathleen McGowan

On one of my first journeys through the south of France, many years ago, I remembered the novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown. The movie was playing in the area. It was the first book which aroused my interest in Mary Magdalene, a long time before I came across Kathleen McGowan’s ‘The Expected One’. Both books have become world bestsellers, opening new perspectives on Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and their relationship, to millions of readers.

These two authors also opened my inner door to Mary Magdalene. Until then I was not aware that Mary Magdalene was assigned with a totally false role in the Bible. And, to be honest, I was not really interested in this historical figure.

But these two books triggered an inner wake-up call. All those of you who know me, and my work, are aware that I am closely connected with Mary Magdalene in a psychic way, and that I receive messages and spiritual tools, from her.

The Bible should be rewritten

But let’s go back to Dan Brown and Kathleen McGowan. Their tales about Mary Magdalene, wrapped into a thrilling story, allowed many people for the first time, to think that Mary Magdalene and Jesus could have been in a relationship. Their books are based on years of research, and knowledge gained from experts on Mary Magdalene. Specialists, such as Margaret Starbird and Laurence Gardner.

The story of Mary Magdalene can be reconstructed in different ways, historically, religiously and on a psychic level. However, the recognition that she was the wife of Jesus, totally questions old clerical theories and beliefs.

It is obvious that the church is not happy with these findings. Accepting them would affect the veracity of their doctrines, not only the way they present Mary Magdalene and Jesus. We know what this means. And we also know what shouldn’t be, cannot be.

Life is safer as fantasist and dreamer

Dan Brown and Kathleen McGowan were smart enough to wrap their revelations into a novel and not a work of non-fiction. Otherwise their discoveries could have been seen as claiming to be the truth and used against them. Therefore, they probably live an easier, and most of all safer life, as fantasists and dreamers rather than having the reputation of being historical researchers into Mary Magdalene.

If it was their purpose in life to present Mary Magdalene as the woman by Jesus’ side, to a wider audience, then they have more than fulfilled it. I am sure they have become immune to all the attacks and defamations they have endured through the years.


Mary Magdalene