The world outside adjusts to the average, and when people think and act differently than the general public, they are called unworldly. They are even told that they live in a bubble, in an illusory or a fantasy world. This is why many highly sensitive persons think that they should adopt the “norm” or the “average” in order to be able to get along in the world and be accepted by it.

In the course of time, our society has developed many rules, guidelines, norms and constraints and decided what is good or bad, what is normal or abnormal, what makes sense and what does not. And then highly sensitive people come along and challenge what is “normal” through their otherness and different way of thinking. All I can say to that is, thank goodness!

But frequently it goes the other way around! After all, many highly sensitive persons consider themselves outsiders and condemn themselves for it. Instead of being proud of their gifts and abilities, precisely because they cast new light on the set norms, outdated rules or pointless guidelines, they are full of self-doubts. Moreover, they are hard on themselves and accept the mainstream more than their own feelings and their unusual characteristics and abilities.

We live in a time of transition and reorientation, which is why we need more of you and your “otherness”, my dear highly sensitive people, because the world needs to renew itself! And if you need loving support from the spiritual world for doing so, the Ascended Master Lady Rowena is a wonderful companion. If one could describe her energy in just one sentence, this sentence would read as follows: “Follow the call of your heart!”

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