In the helping or healing professions it is not uncommon that clients or patients are being manipulated – often without their noticing it. The greatest means of exerting pressure is fear. As is common in many branches of business, many so- called helpers in the healing professions regrettably have joined that “business with fear.” First fear is generated, then help is offered and soon the manipulation machinery is running at high speed. Unfortunately, this can frequently be seen as well in situations where the healer tries to talk his patients into buying products or medications that are not really necessary but generate a nice extra income for him. One should also be especially on one’s guard against healers who wish to create dependencies. Often these are individuals who pose as being very spiritual and knowledgeable, yet at closer examination reside on the dark side of power, wanting to bind people to themselves through manipulation and creating fear.

Guiding Toward Personal Responsibility

The quality of a helper or healer can be measured in terms of how well he supports his clients on the path toward personal responsibility. Recovery and a fulfilling life can only “function” if the client recognizes that he and only he is responsible for it. He can of course seek help and support, but in the final analysis he must assume personal responsibility in order to achieve health or to remain healthy.

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