NICODEMUS is called an ASCENDED MASTER who accompanies you through our times on the spiritual level as a luminous being. He was a supporter, advocate and friend of Jesus, and therefore, also a companion of Mary Magdalene. NICODEMUS’ energy can support you to express your needs more clearly and precisely, without affronting or hurting others.

There is not much space for NICODEMUS in the BIBLE. Even though he is mentioned a few times in the Gospel of John, it is only to say that he is someone who is more and more penetrated by the divine light.

As an Ascended Master NICODEMUS offers you his support if

  • you have problems to express or communicate your needs
  • you do not believe in the fulfilment of your wishes
  • you are unhappy and don’t do anything against it
  • you suppress problems for the sake of peace
  • you keep stepping back
  • you are full of thoughts of insufficiency
  • you feel like a poor victim
  • you have problems with setting boundaries
  • you feel overstretched

To get in close contact with NICODEMUS and MARY MAGDALENE’s energy, you can integrate the Master Symbol NICODEMUS, energized by him, in the form of a symbol card or the energized Master Aura Essence NICODEMUS into your everyday life or your therapy and body work.

The symbol, energized by NICODEMUS, as well as the energized Aura Essence work on the quantum level in the subtle-spiritual body, the chakras, the morphogenetic field, and in the multidimensional DNA-layers. They dissolve energy blockages in the present, the past and in former lives.


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