Message of the Angels for VIGOR AND SUCCESS

“Greetings, we are the ‘Angels for Vigor and Success’! We made ourselves known under this name some time ago, but our cosmic name is an entirely different one. However, we circumscribe it with human words because you would not be able to make sense of our interdimensional names.

You humans associate success with the attaining of defined objectives, certain goals or visible results. But have you ever given thought to the possibility that ‘success’ could also refer to something entirely different? For instance, happiness and contentment? These are two modes of being you can neither enforce nor acquire through work! Of course, you need to make a contribution so that happiness and contentment can be admitted into your life. But how many of you are frequently unhappy and discontent because they have another conception of success?

As soon as you begin to detach the term ‘success’ from material values, you will understand even better what we mean by it. Success can involve having found one’s life task, resting in the core of one’s being or leaving a lightful trace in the lives of others.

Perhaps – from a human point of view – your endeavours are not always crowned with success. But when you consider yourself and your efforts in a bigger context, you will realise that sometimes it already is the encounters with other people, your words and gestures, that affect them and spark off something positive.

Or maybe it is your energy field and your vibrations that transform other people, sites and places energetically. This counts as success as well! Detach yourselves from your too narrow perception and try to perceive your being from a higher plane. Then you will go through life happier and more contented! We support you in doing so!”


© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


Message from LADY PORTIA

“Perfection and striving after completeness are values that are very common among you people on Earth; maybe they are even more frequent in the so-called industrial countries than anywhere else. At this juncture, many of you are aspiring after becoming “even better” and “more perfect”. You set the standard where mass media have already influenced you subconsciously by demanding high standards of perfection without you having noticed it. It is about the perfect looks, the perfect face, the perfect outfit, the perfect posture, the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect relationship, the perfectly planned party, or the perfectly well-bred children …

What does perfection mean? Have you ever tried to get to the bottom of it? Who defines perfection? Who assesses it? In what way does it enhance your life?

Indeed, nature offers a lot of examples for what perfection amounts to because nature is a master of perfection. Nevertheless, especially in nature one can observe that the imperfect has its place just like the perfect, if not more so. Therefore, I would like to ask you if the imperfect might not possess even more quality or at least another quality than the perfect?


Think of a child who is knitting a scarf for its mother. As yet it is inexpert and the result turns out accordingly. However, does this matter to its mother? On the contrary, her child’s love which is inextricably linked with the scarf is much more valuable to her. Or think of the quality of a self-made cake compared to a perfectly looking frozen cake from the supermarket. Even though the self-made one might not be perfect from a visual point of view, you are sure to taste the difference.


You are asking what my point is? I would like to invite you to stand by your imperfections in order to alleviate the stress stemming from your high expectations. Moreover, insecurity, poor self-esteem, or the silent wish for being loved are often hid away behind perfection. Once you have realised that, you will discover an entirely different, new quality in the imperfect which might even enrich your life! Therefore, stick by your imperfections and enjoy your life!


Farewell, I am Lady Portia“



© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


Message from the patron GERMAINE

“You people of today are frequently of the opinion that you need to have a firm hand on the tiller in the boat of life: in your private relationships, in your job, and in society. Nothing must be left to chance, everything needs to be planned in detail, controlled and exhausted in the extreme. Time and again you go to the limits of your and other people’s capacity. You hate being dependent on others, having to accept a subordinate role to others and not being entirely able to be in control of a situation.

Humbleness means to hand over the reins and entrust yourself to the guidance of a higher heavenly power.

Humbleness means to approve of everything that is and was; to accept your life unconditionally and give thanks for all the experiences it has ready for you.

Humbleness means to restrain your ego in the confidence that everything must follow the higher plan you once agreed to on the soul level.

Humble is he/she who possesses inner greatness, who is strong and wise and still does not prize himself/herself above others.

Humble is he/she who can delight in a sunrise and recognise the true greatness of the Maker in it.

Summon up the courage to be humble! I am with you whenever you call me. I am Germaine.”


© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


Message from AURORA

“Greetings, I am Aurora! You humans are born as spiritual beings and bring along a lot of inner wisdom into this world. And what happens then? At school at the latest primarily intellectually oriented teaching and learning contents are stuffed into you. Those are energies that are not always in conformity with the structure of your soul, because they do not fit you and from time to time rather turn out to be a hindrance instead of being a benefit. However, you also force your own children into this learning and thinking pattern.

We are aware of the fact that merely a very few of you possess the means to send their children to private or alternative schools, although many of you would be happy to do so. But what could and would actually change if YOU adults still stuck to your fundamental attitude towards learning? In your minds learning is still related to delivering performance and maybe your personal situation in life supports this way of thinking at first glance. Because: he/she who performs earns more money, he/she who performs complies with the social order. He/She who performs receives approval and respect and thereby gains a certain status. He/She who performs …

We Ascended Masters know very well that one cannot live off sitting on one’s hands, because at one time we as well passed through numerous earthly incarnations as human beings. But this is what I would like to ask of you today: reconsider your stance on performance! How up-to-date is your performance principle after all? How happy does it make you and your children? How could you redefine it? From where else can you draw your self-esteem, your contentment, your financial basis?

The Children of the New Age – your children and your children’s children – bring different values into their life than you. They challenge you by refusing the common learning and performance principle. They are called ‘maladjusted’ or even ‘troublemakers with behavioural problems’. How would you describe your achievement-oriented society? Does not it as well display behavioural problems?

In order to revisit the issue of the coming school term: Is it not about time to learn to distinguish which teaching and learning contents are old, worthless burdens and which of them actually help on your children? Do not give yourself up entirely to traditional imparting of knowledge and the advancement of intellectual faculties, because it is of utmost importance that the wisdom of the heart does not get the short end of the stick, since it alone will be the means of survival for the human race! Your children have brought an abundance of it into this life. Think of it when the next performance evaluation at school is coming up!”


© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


Message from Mary

“Greetings! I am Mary. Some of you call me ‘Mother Mary‘. I regard myself as an ascended master who walked the Earth before you. I have come to talk to you about your parents. Because many of you still blame your parents for the course of your lives.

I would like to give you a different perspective: your parents came with their own life plan. They brought certain talents, patterns, likes, and a self-determined life-alignment from former incarnations, which had been strongly influenced by their parents and their environment in turn.

But eventually, as adults, they more or less came away from these patterns and stood up for their own philosophies and beliefs. Can you really judge whether this helped them in their lives or not? What you call development, can also happen in silence, with the help of situations or circumstances which you may call unspectacular. Do not judge them!

One day, both parents entered a partnership with you as a result.

This partnership is not just based on the physical level, but also on the higher-vibrating subtle level. Although both parents may represent different views of life and positions, they create a higher mutual energy field. You were born into this information and energy field because your soul has chosen so.

Now, as an adult, you decide whether you want to be charged by this energy field or a higher-vibrating one. Only as soon as you have recognized your own control dramas and the ones of your parents, are you in a position to consciously leave them. At the same time, you will be more and more capable of drawing your energy directly from the divine source. This is your very personal contribution to the spiritual evolution of the planet Earth.

What makes this time of the great transformation so special is that, for the first time, you are ready to accelerate this process consciously. No matter how many fears and doubts emerge thereby.

Once you have understood what it is all about, you cannot suppress or delete this spiritual knowledge. Whenever you try to leave or deny the path of spirituality, you will feel something essential missing.

Therefore, make peace with your parents because they are significantly involved in your spiritual development, even if you are probably not aware of it. Make peace with yourself – and be patient! Your time will come!

I am connected with you in love. I am Mary!”


© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


Message from KWAN YIN

“Greetings! I am Kwan Yin. I am also called the ‘Asian Goddess of compassion’. I speak to you today because it is about your human control dramas. What sounds so horrible, is one of your most important behaviour patterns. It has accompanied you since childhood and influenced you greatly. From the cradle you unconsciously take on the characteristics of your parents or the people who bring you up. You sometimes even get caught in the crossfire of your parents’ different views or philosophies.

Do you feel like poor victims now, who have been so strongly influenced as small children by their parents, that they have to suffer from ‘control-dramas’ as adults? By the way, what is your relationship with your parents like? Do you feel like a victim who was in childhood absolutely dependent on their parents? Isn’t it too easy to blame your education for your own blocking behaviour patterns?

Who are you? Do you prefer being stuck in your role as a victim because it is easier and more comfortable than standing up and rising above these patterns? Who decided to incarnate in this very family? You knew very well before your conception why you had chosen these exact parents! They are your ideal teachers – not in the sense of learning, but personal experience and self-discovery.

Your parents’ imprints have made you become the person you are today. Once you recognize this and understand the higher meaning behind your choice of parents, a new door will open for you, and you will come closer to your actual life path again. But if you get stuck in your ‘control-dramas’ you will incarnate again and again, until this door is revealed to you. It is up to you. But as you have come so far on your spiritual path of development, I would like to encourage you to make the next important step. We Masters and Archangels are at your side!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


Message from Archangel OMNIEL

“Greetings, I am Archangel Omniel. Only a few people know me since I am not mentioned in the Bible, but only in some spiritual books. However, I am one of the great and powerful beings, accompanying you through this important time.

You people originally come as ‘sparks of awareness’ from the divine source. There is only unity, no separation. It is like the oceans: there are innumerable drops of water, creating the sea. It was the same with you. I say WAS, because one day you decided to leave the ‘sea’, to make individual experiences as ‘drops of water’. But this is a well-known comparison anyway.

You have gone through numerous incarnations, slipping into different identities. You have learnt (almost) everything you can possibly experience on this training planet Earth. And gradually it is time to think of your final return to the womb of the divine source, the huge ‘sea basin’.

In the last centuries you have been busy discovering and exploring human existence in its full depth. Think of the numerous incarnations and experiences as travellers, pioneers, explorers, scientists, musicians, builders, workmen, farmers, or people working in social areas. Everybody was on their own to fulfill their own life plan, and to follow the great higher plan to promote the development of mankind.

Now is the time when all these learning processes may eventually come to an end. You are encouraged to rise from a purely human awareness into a collective awareness. The future is more and more about remembering the spiritual energies which have been forming your entire YOU since the beginning of your existence. Focus on a new feeling of togetherness, since you have experienced separation well enough.

Open up for a higher awareness, open up for the energies of the divine source which is your home. Get ready for your return to the big sea basin which you have come from. Now you are single drops of water, but soon you will be united in the divine source. Time can come, we are ready! Get ready, too!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


Message from Angel Caniel

“After birth many people pulled the veil of forgetfulness so thoroughly in front of their awareness that they are totally unable to notice the presence of us angels and the spiritual world any more. They have descended deeply into duality because there they want to make experiences which are important for them. They have moved far away from the divine awareness, and their knowledge about human existence is entirely restricted to this one earthly life. All the ones who have been brought up as Christians can imagine a life after death. But that’s about it!

Everything is fine as it is! You have all chosen certain things for this life. You have probably planned to integrate spirituality and reminiscence of the divine source into this life, otherwise you would not be reading my message.

If you go back to your childhood in your mind, what sort of world view shaped you then? Did you know about us angels? Did you have conscious contact with us? Could you talk to adults about us? Have you been able to preserve a childlike informal contact with the spiritual world? Has anybody told you that angels and beings of nature are just childish and you should at last grow up? What has been your spiritual role in your family?

Lots and lots of questions whose answers I know. But I would like to confront you with these questions to make you aware that you entered a child’s life as a knowing and highly-developed soul. And that you might have taken on a difficult role in your family, confronting the adults with the spiritual side of life.

They might have told you that earthly life with all its tasks is more important than a spiritual one. However, how can one picture a spiritual life? Monks live in monasteries, nuns live in convents, the Pope and the bishops play a certain public role, but when it is about essential and significant decisions, only politicians and business magnates hold all the aces.

As a result you may have lost the conscious contact with the angelic world and beings of nature; it has been hidden because you were not taken seriously. The children of the New Age are born under different conditions. People’s awareness has changed. The time of great transformation, which you are just undergoing, makes earthly life more transparent. Spirituality beyond earthly matter is more and more perceptible. Your generation and the generation of your children are just about integrating spirituality in everyday life. There is still much to be done, thinking of the fanatic followers of faith, or the wars that are made in the name of faith. But there is no way to stop spirituality finding its firm place in earthly life again. It’s a new position which you are able to identify with, as your soul resonances with it! I am looking forward to it!”

© transmitted through Ingrid Auer


Message from Angel Veriel

“Many of you have grown up with the belief that there is a higher authority, judging all your deeds. Many believers were told they were born with original sin. In the Middle Ages one could purify one’s soul with a lot of money. Children, who do not really understand what sin means, are sent to confession and made to do penance for their misbehavior. Guilt and atonement are reflected in fine arts, on stage and in films. In the name of guilt and justice wars are fought and people killed. Many people claim to know what justice is, imprisoning others, who they think are wrong and guilty.

Welcome to the energies of the old times! Welcome to the limited views of duality! Welcome to the world of the self-declared righteous ones!

You may have read articles about people with near-death-experiences. All of them saw radiant light at the end of a tunnel and were welcomed by a wonderful energy of love. Nobody asked about guilt, nobody asked for atonement. Is it possible that your view of guilt and forgiveness is far too human? Do you think you will be forgiven for your misbehaviour, your errors and the pain you have caused deliberately? Who shall forgive you, the good Lord? Do you really think God is shocked by your behaviour? That he entitled authorities to forgive your sins?

‘Do not think like a human!’ the angel being Kryon keeps trying to tell you. But how should you think if not like a human? This is a fair question, particularly if you cannot see that people are highly developed souls in a human body! If you do not know that you have different terms for guilt and atonement on the spiritual level, namely responsibility and consequences.

Who does it benefit if somebody is punished for their misbehavior? Can a crime be annulled by incarceration? Yes, it does make sense to protect innocent people from violent people by isolating them! No, it does not make sense to think this would solve the problem. This needs much more: it needs a radical change in awareness!

Forgive yourself and forgive others. However, start with yourself. As long as you cannot forgive yourself, your forgiveness will remain a mere declaration of intent, a lip service. Forgiving yourself is one of people’s most difficult developing steps. Because it is not about suppressing, but about recognizing and admitting what you have done. Forgiveness requires an inner spiritual attitude, rising above the old views of duality, where there is only black or white, good or evil, right or wrong. Forgive yourself, and stand by your mistakes! Take responsibility for them and you will set an example for others!”

© transmitted through Ingrid Auer