“You people of today are frequently of the opinion that you need to have a firm hand on the tiller in the boat of life: in your private relationships, in your job, and in society. Nothing must be left to chance, everything needs to be planned in detail, controlled and exhausted in the extreme. Time and again you go to the limits of your and other people’s capacity. You hate being dependent on others, having to accept a subordinate role to others and not being entirely able to be in control of a situation.

Humbleness means to hand over the reins and entrust yourself to the guidance of a higher heavenly power.

Humbleness means to approve of everything that is and was; to accept your life unconditionally and give thanks for all the experiences it has ready for you.

Humbleness means to restrain your ego in the confidence that everything must follow the higher plan you once agreed to on the soul level.

Humble is he/she who possesses inner greatness, who is strong and wise and still does not prize himself/herself above others.

Humble is he/she who can delight in a sunrise and recognise the true greatness of the Maker in it.

Summon up the courage to be humble! I am with you whenever you call me. I am Germaine.”


© transmitted by Ingrid Auer

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