“Perfection and striving after completeness are values that are very common among you people on Earth; maybe they are even more frequent in the so-called industrial countries than anywhere else. At this juncture, many of you are aspiring after becoming “even better” and “more perfect”. You set the standard where mass media have already influenced you subconsciously by demanding high standards of perfection without you having noticed it. It is about the perfect looks, the perfect face, the perfect outfit, the perfect posture, the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect relationship, the perfectly planned party, or the perfectly well-bred children …

What does perfection mean? Have you ever tried to get to the bottom of it? Who defines perfection? Who assesses it? In what way does it enhance your life?

Indeed, nature offers a lot of examples for what perfection amounts to because nature is a master of perfection. Nevertheless, especially in nature one can observe that the imperfect has its place just like the perfect, if not more so. Therefore, I would like to ask you if the imperfect might not possess even more quality or at least another quality than the perfect?


Think of a child who is knitting a scarf for its mother. As yet it is inexpert and the result turns out accordingly. However, does this matter to its mother? On the contrary, her child’s love which is inextricably linked with the scarf is much more valuable to her. Or think of the quality of a self-made cake compared to a perfectly looking frozen cake from the supermarket. Even though the self-made one might not be perfect from a visual point of view, you are sure to taste the difference.


You are asking what my point is? I would like to invite you to stand by your imperfections in order to alleviate the stress stemming from your high expectations. Moreover, insecurity, poor self-esteem, or the silent wish for being loved are often hid away behind perfection. Once you have realised that, you will discover an entirely different, new quality in the imperfect which might even enrich your life! Therefore, stick by your imperfections and enjoy your life!


Farewell, I am Lady Portia“



© transmitted by Ingrid Auer

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