“Greetings, I am Aurora! You humans are born as spiritual beings and bring along a lot of inner wisdom into this world. And what happens then? At school at the latest primarily intellectually oriented teaching and learning contents are stuffed into you. Those are energies that are not always in conformity with the structure of your soul, because they do not fit you and from time to time rather turn out to be a hindrance instead of being a benefit. However, you also force your own children into this learning and thinking pattern.

We are aware of the fact that merely a very few of you possess the means to send their children to private or alternative schools, although many of you would be happy to do so. But what could and would actually change if YOU adults still stuck to your fundamental attitude towards learning? In your minds learning is still related to delivering performance and maybe your personal situation in life supports this way of thinking at first glance. Because: he/she who performs earns more money, he/she who performs complies with the social order. He/She who performs receives approval and respect and thereby gains a certain status. He/She who performs …

We Ascended Masters know very well that one cannot live off sitting on one’s hands, because at one time we as well passed through numerous earthly incarnations as human beings. But this is what I would like to ask of you today: reconsider your stance on performance! How up-to-date is your performance principle after all? How happy does it make you and your children? How could you redefine it? From where else can you draw your self-esteem, your contentment, your financial basis?

The Children of the New Age – your children and your children’s children – bring different values into their life than you. They challenge you by refusing the common learning and performance principle. They are called ‘maladjusted’ or even ‘troublemakers with behavioural problems’. How would you describe your achievement-oriented society? Does not it as well display behavioural problems?

In order to revisit the issue of the coming school term: Is it not about time to learn to distinguish which teaching and learning contents are old, worthless burdens and which of them actually help on your children? Do not give yourself up entirely to traditional imparting of knowledge and the advancement of intellectual faculties, because it is of utmost importance that the wisdom of the heart does not get the short end of the stick, since it alone will be the means of survival for the human race! Your children have brought an abundance of it into this life. Think of it when the next performance evaluation at school is coming up!”


© transmitted by Ingrid Auer

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