The new year has begun, and we have left the old one behind us. Many of us felt it as unsettling, worrying, destabilizing, or unusually demanding. Yes, it needs a lot of strength to stay balanced. Strength and confidence are important attributes of the Ascended Master Martha who we can connect with, whenever we seem to get unbalanced. Here is a message from her:

“Greetings! I am Martha! Human life is sometimes tiresome and troublesome. You are increasingly faced with the feeling of being stuck in a dead-end. You came here on earth as souls to make certain experiences, and learn in a human body. I know that you keep hearing this, but even so, I repeat these words. They give you the chance to get realigned.

When you lie on the ground and cannot raise your eyes, or look ahead, you will find it hard to stand up. Therefore, at least, try to change your view in difficult circumstances, where you feel trapped.

Time and space are human illusions, just like the view of life. What you can see are human aspects of life. They deliver a very subjective and limited picture of what life actually means: a defined field which gives you the chance to recognize your possibilities, your limits, and your potential.

Think of little children! How often do they put one block on top of the other to build a tower which keeps collapsing. But children hardly ever give up. They try, again and again, until one day they take on the behaviour of resigning and frustrated adults. They give up prematurely, and do not have any more energy, or pleasure, in finishing a challenging situation.

Believe me, I know what I am talking about! As an Ascended Master I have gone through various lives, and, just like you, I have been confronted with situations which make you scared, resigned, angry, sad or desperate. You probably know my incarnation as Martha, together with Mary Magdalene. But this was not my only life. Through many incarnations I was able to develop a strong fighting nature, but remain soft and loving at the same time. I was leading groups and often incarnated as a man. I had to train courage and confidence, as these were one of the most important learning tasks in my former lives.

Therefore, I ask you, not to turn your eyes back into the past which you cannot change, and not too far into the future which is yet to come. Instead, try to focus on the here and now, on challenging situations which desire your strengths. And do not get distracted by the outside. Remain in your strength, and do not waste your energies on inattentiveness, excuses or laziness. Because ultimately you will simply not get around your learning topic.

An intense time is lying ahead of you which you can create actively, and which you should enjoy. It provides an abundance of new possibilities in living your life. Look ahead and go on with courage and fearlessness. I would like to remind you again that you are never alone. Give me your hand whenever you feel anxious and discouraged. I will hold it until you stand firmly on your feet again. I am on your side in love! I am Martha!

You will find the corresponding symbol card, and further information, in my set of cards, ‘The Symbols of Mary Magdalene and her Companions’.


„I was a human, just like you!“ (Christmas message)

“Greetings to you! I am Easa. You also call me Jesus, Yeshua or Joshua. I have got a message for you, suitable for Christmas, which you celebrate every year in my memory.

Not only did I become a man, but you did as well, incarnating as souls in an earthly body. It was a voluntary decision on my side, and yours. Nobody forced us, nobody expected it from us.

You may be surprised that I should put myself on the same level as you: haven’t you heard that I am the incarnate Son of God? That I was holy, infallible and endlessly kind?

Not everything, the books tell about me, is true. Much has been added to match the picture, people have created of me. I can’t even say I feel honoured. I would much prefer the truth was not so distorted and concealed.

But actually, I would like to tell you something completely different. I want to encourage you to accept yourself, and your life, the way it is. With all its fears, mistakes, imperfection and difficulties. Believe me, my life was not perfect either. In that incarnation I wanted to learn everything I was still missing. I immersed myself in the deep emotions of human existence to learn, experience, and understand being human.

Therefore, I have come to you, to encourage you in the difficulties of your life. Most of these problems are created by your fears. They are like a magnifying glass which turns a tiny mosquito into a huge insect. Not that I want to play down your worries and problems! I would rather make you understand that reality is usually not as bad as your fears and worries!

Stop trying to be perfect! Instead, ask for the reason why you strive for this perfectionism which keeps driving you on until you become completely restless. You feel unsettled, stressed, dissatisfied and grumpy. Be content with less than you always have in mind, and you will be happier! I do not mean laziness, or convenience, but happiness and balance.

Do not bemoan your fate. You may moan and groan, complain about your fate! However, accept it. You will notice, as soon as you face life, and do not flee, it will become easier. Do not dwell in self-pity, which makes you weaker than you actually are. I am familiar with human emotions, and I would not like to be without them. This is why I would like to support you in shaping your life trustingly, consciously and actively. I am always at your side!

I am Easa!”


A Message of Master Easa/Jesus

“The Light in the World”

“Greetings, I am Isa – Jesus. It is no coincidence that my birthday is celebrated at the darkest time of the year, but rather this date has taken on an additional meaning in present times. It signifies the transformation process that was started not so long ago. A phase you people are going through in order to leave the ‘darkness’ permanently behind you.

In other, similar messages, we Masters have pointed out to you again and again that you are in the process of moving from a long period of darkness out into the light. These dark phases were important for you and your development, and you have consciously decided for them. After having emerged from the divine light as sparks of consciousness, you set out on the long way down into human duality: in doing so, you have experienced goodness and badness, light and darkness, sorrow and happiness. In the course of this journey, your consciousness has moved farther and farther away from the divine source and has nearly forgotten that you are in fact divine beings who have merely donned an earthly dress.

In numerous incarnations, you have passed through many different lives in order to gather human experiences that you could not have made in the divine source. You might not be aware of this, but: your planet Earth shares in this development. Together with you, it breaks its way through the dark phases, and accordingly its energy field changes for the better. In this time of darkness, its vibration increases and together with it your human level of consciousness.

The higher energy frequencies, which prevail on Earth now, enable you to grow spiritually and to reactivate the spiritual abilities inherent in you. This awakening does not always take place without problems, which is why some of you humans still hold on to the darkness very much. This tendency can be observed worldwide in trouble spots, also in society, in politics and in the economy. But numerous souls have already awakened and are ready to consciously turn towards the light. You can feel this spirit of optimism, because you as well are part of this soul community.

This is why I would like to invite you to realise that the divine light will blaze even more brightly than before – in you and around you. I am one part of it, you are the other part. Together we will change the world. So be it! I am bound to you in love – I am Isa, Jesus!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


Mirror, mirror on the wall. A Message of Master Hilarion

“Greetings, I am Master Hilarion. How many of you get angry with other people on a daily basis: with those who run their country, govern their economy, or decide on what is wrong and right over other people’s heads? But they also get angry with people they know personally, because they are part of their private life.

How many of you bother themselves about other people’s personal matters and interfere in them? They know where others go wrong and what they could do better, despite the fact that their time would be fully engaged if they dealt with their own issues instead of trying to fix other people.

And yet you know very well that other people together with their shortcomings are merely your mirrors. You do not meet somebody who annoys you by accident. No, his or her behaviour always contains an important message for yourselves as well. Instead of being vexed with the other person, you should feel into yourselves and find out WHY he or she could trigger such strong emotions in you in the first place. And HOW he or she could elicit such a strong resonance in you?

As soon as you have realised which idiosyncrasy or which kind of behaviour of the other person incenses you most, you will know what you should explore in yourselves. And instead of trying to change others, you had better start changing yourselves. Perhaps you just need more tolerance and broad-mindedness or more inner peace and serenity to be able to allow others to be the way they want to be.

Be aware of the fact that those people who contain a hidden message or indication of your own weaknesses will run across you again and again until you have penetrated their meaning and dealt with them. This is why you should be grateful for other people’s shortcomings, because they yield information on what your next developmental steps should be. Make those steps with love and not with self-condemnation; that is another important advice for you. Be greeted, I am Master Hilarion!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


“You have no idea how powerful you are!” A Message from Archangel Haniel

“Greetings dear ones, I am Archangel Haniel! In everyday life, you humans are not conscious of how powerful your thoughts are. And not only your thoughts, but also your words and your patterns of belief are very powerful. You must not conceive of yourself as mere humans made of flesh and blood, but beings with a consciousness whose energetic ramifications are not to be underestimated.

Moreover, powerful energy fields, which some highly sensitive people are able to sense as aura field and Merkabah, are stored inside you. This is why I would like to remind you to consider the following important aspects:

Everything you think and believe to be true remains energetically stored inside you. If your thoughts could be represented as colours, then – symbolically speaking – your positive thoughts would, for instance, be blue, while your negative thoughts would be red. The more negative thoughts you have, the redder your energy field becomes. The more dissatisfied or aggressive you are, the more the colour red builds up in your energy field. But it also works the other way around: The more positive thoughts and feelings you have, the more love you carry within you, the more entrenched the colour blue will become inside you and spread in your energy field.

Everything you take in mentally, emotionally and energetically on a daily basis intensifies your vibration and your energetic field. It is probably redundant to tell you which colour most world news, war reports or horror movies have, or which colour is concerned when you meditate and practice mental hygiene, respectively.

You are part of a big and very complex system, which you call human life. You have come to this world equipped with free will, which most of you are allowed to exert. So, how about you consciously and voluntarily focus on the positive aspects of life? How about you make yourself realise that every resentment you feel for others automatically also creates negative energies inside yourself? That every rejection and every outcry against the negative excesses of society and politics effects something negative in your energy field so long as you do not bring about change on your inside?

Everything is connected to everything, and everybody is connected to everybody. Even if this might be difficult for you to imagine. Do not reduce yourselves to the physical, because you are much more than what natural scientists would like you to believe. Your energies are entwined and have been like this long before you came into this world.

If you let yourselves be dragged down by negative events, this downward movement will also affect your energy. If, however, you align yourselves in a positive direction, you will also pull up your energy field.

Therefore, before you join in the complaints and railings of the people around you, think about which direction of energy you intensify by doing so. It is on you to influence the collective events. The power to do so lies in your hearts!”

A Message of Archangel HANIEL © transmitted by Ingrid Auer


A Message of the Ascended Master SAINT GERMAIN

How egotism and self-love can live in harmony

It is not always easy to see the difference between egotism and self-love. For this reason, I have put this question to the spiritual world, and I have received the following explanation from the Ascended Master Saint Germain, which I would like to share with you:

“It speaks in your favour that you contemplate the subject of egotism. After all, you humans have frequently heard from others that egotism is bad and reprehensible. But it is not inherently bad! Your so-called egotism is part of your humanity; you would not be able to survive without it.

The spiritual world takes a quite different view on human egotism, and of course it also does not pass judgement on it. But: why do you need egotism in the first place? My answer to this is: in order to make certain learning experiences. Do not forget that you are spiritual beings in a human body. You have come to Earth in order to make certain experiences. You go through a number of earthly lives in order to learn and to grow. Sometimes you are strong, sometimes weak, sometimes generous, sometimes stingy, sometimes exceedingly spiritual, and sometimes you lead a quite unwitting life.

Pure love exists at the place where you originally came from. This is why you created something that you could take with you into this earthly life in order to be protected and to be able to survive. After all, the world you now live in lacks love. And your human egotism helps you realise when it is necessary to isolate yourselves and in which situations you should watch out for yourselves in order not to be hurt by others.

Your ego is governed by your intellect; self-love, on the other hand, originates in the emotional level. This is an important distinction. Because it takes both in human life. But where should you draw the line? Isn’t it the case that egotism violates other people’s boundaries, but that self-love can equally cross other people’s lines?

It all depends on how you live your egotism – but also on how you live your self-love. Because both can be very “selfish” and self-involved.

But it is also possible to put them both to very constructive use. Egotism is susceptible of change, with the result that it can gain a whole new energy quality. This is why it is so important for you to grasp that you do not fight your egotism, but that you rather transform it and integrate it into yourselves according to your development of consciousness. It will serve you well as long as you are human. Ideally, your transformed ego will approximate self-love, even though you might not be able to imagine that to happen right now. But so it is and so be it! Be greeted, I am Saint Germain!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


A Message of the Ascended Master NICODEMUS

“Greetings, I am Nicodemus! In your consumer society, a lot is said about needs. Mostly, it is about satisfying tangible wishes and needs. That’s okay, but they are not the only needs you should pay attention to. Equally important – if not even more important – are your emotional needs. After all, every one of you has a desire for closeness and affection, for love and sympathy. Because those needs are frequently neglected or even suppressed by you; you try to find a surrogate level for them in order to vent them in another way.

In other words, that means that you do not talk about your needs for affection, approval, attention or appreciation, but rather try to compensate for them by means of (frequently even unconscious or unacknowledged) power games, an exaggerated self-display, a dog-eat-dog mentality or similar patterns of behaviour.

Yet it would be so easy to talk about your needs by saying for example: ‘I need closeness’ or ‘Please, help me’ or ‘I need more distance’ or ‘I am out of my depth here’. No, you try to do it in a roundabout way. Hoping that the others will understand your meaning, you make signs instead of laying your feelings on the line for them. But those signals are often misunderstood, overlooked or misinterpreted. Then you feel not taken seriously, unaccepted or disrespected. And as a result you go round in circles.

Some of you consider it weakness to talk about their needs. They are afraid of asking others for something or admitting that they are not feeling well. Some on the other hand adopt the wrong tone when they talk about their needs – and then their words are understood as orders or encroachments.

Modesty of one’s needs has been talked up as a virtue for many centuries, if not longer; frugality has been cherished. This is a false type of modesty that does not benefit anyone, but only frustrates or makes unhappy. Humans did not come into this world in order to live in poverty – only if they definitely have chosen it as learning experience for this life –, but to experience contentment and equilibrium. Wealth and affluence are an advanced form of this, which of course may be enjoyed to the full. But that’s another story.

It is my duty to help you learn to voice your needs and stand by them, even if this might be unusual or inconvenient at first. I am by your side! Be greeted!”


© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


A Message of the Ascended Master CONFUCIUS

“When projects that are very close to one’s heart fail, this is very painful! After all, you assumed that your heartfelt desire to put a vision into action is part of your life plan or your destiny. It usually is, but with an open outcome.

By this I mean that the outcome of your undertaking is not preordained; instead, it is up to you to determine the outcome. I know that such bluntness is not pleasant, but after all you want to learn from your mistakes and gather experience, or don’t you?

Some heartfelt desires are disguised as learning tasks; they were sugar-coated so to say so that you take the bait. After all, if you did not feel like putting your visions into action, you would probably steer clear of these learning processes. This is why they are coated so deliciously, so that you want to unwrap them and tackle them.

Sometimes, the failing of a project that is close to your heart also means that you should look more closely when it comes to putting a vision into action in the future, that you should not let yourself get carried away by your feelings when setting something in motion for which the time may not be right yet or for which the right people are not by your side or for which you have to learn something else before you can realise it.

But sometimes you are able to realise that a failed project can also include a number of positive aspects from which other people – and indirectly you as well – are able to benefit. After all, the point is that you change your view, shift the focus and appreciate the result, even if it differs from what you wished for.

However, from time to time a failed project that is close to one’s heart is only the stepping stone for a new, bigger or more important one. It is the final rehearsal where you are still allowed to make mistakes without any far-reaching consequences. You frequently learn something new and gather your experiences in certain areas of life solely by trial and error, because it is impossible to prepare for it.

I want to embolden you not to consider your failings as humiliating experiences but as a step forward. If there weren’t people who followed their dreams anymore, humanity would not make any progress at all. That is how it is and that is how it should be! I am Confucius, be greeted!”


© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


Heal Goddess Within! Everything you need to know about Archetypes, Goddesses and Mary Magdalene

Now, in our time of great transformation, we have the opportunity to heal and integrate issues which have been stuck away and buried for millennia. What is meant here specifically, is our connection to a primal female vibration: the abilities, potentials and energies that come with it and which generations of women were not allowed to live, because society has been imprinted and dominated by a solely male principle. What is at stake here in a transformational process that spans the globe, is not so much emancipation and equality of the sexes, but rather an awareness and re-awakening of the female spirit, its power and its potential. This, then, will bring about a true balance between male and female principles on Planet Earth.

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A message from Francis of Assisi

“Greetings, I am Francis of Assisi. I address you today because I have observed that many spiritually-minded people come to feel insecure from time to time, especially concerning financial issues. On the one hand, you are told that spirituality and wealth are mutually exclusive, and, on the other hand, it is imparted to you that all of you can live in abundance since this abundance comes directly from God and is designed for you.

So what is right and what is wrong?

At the spiritual level there is no right and wrong! There is only truth, namely the divine truth, of which you humans are only able to perceive partial aspects. One important area of your human development results from the fact that your fields of consciousness are extending and that the divine truth increasingly discloses itself to you. Information from the spiritual world, for instance from angels and Ascended Masters, but also from us patron saints, is intended as support.

My doctrine of poverty and denial, which I disseminated about 800 years ago, corresponded with life in those days and the collective learning theme of the people around me. It was written down and widely disseminated within the Church. At that time, I – as many people still do today – was fighting against the thought of waste and the divide between rich and poor.

But as you know, the contents of writings are sometimes changed knowingly or unknowingly, copies are forged or made inaccurately or the essence of messages is interpreted differently over the course of centuries. It already suffices to slightly shift the focus of a statement and highlight another statement in order to alter a doctrine.

During my lifetime, it was a very important learning theme for the people around me to get back to basics and set bounds to their ego. Of course, this is equally important today! But still, you humans have arrived at a different point of your collective development than back then: today it is important for you to depart from the old, karmic learning programmes and evolve into what you really are, namely grand, lightful beings that may depart from this privation mentality, poverty or deficits. It is not about a re-emergence of egotism, but rather about achieving a balance and enjoying life’s abundance and its gifts with gratefulness. The more you are in balance, the better you can accompany and support others in achieving their own balance. And balance does not merely mean emotional but also material well-being in this case.

Perhaps some of you have already been wondering why some messages from the spiritual world seem to contradict each other. Can you imagine that we are not always allowed to tell you people everything we know? Can you imagine that we hold back parts of the truth so that we do not anticipate your steps of development and influence you in your decisions? Can you accept the fact that there were predictions that do not hold true anymore at this moment in time? But not because the medium was wrong, but rather because you people have realised the potentials of this time and have ‘rewritten’ the quality of time! Thus, today I would like to ask you to think about how you deal with the old, recorded messages, how you interpret them and how you make them your own truths. If you manage to adjust them to present times, you have understood my message. Be greeted!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer