“Greetings to you! I am Easa. You also call me Jesus, Yeshua or Joshua. I have got a message for you, suitable for Christmas, which you celebrate every year in my memory.

Not only did I become a man, but you did as well, incarnating as souls in an earthly body. It was a voluntary decision on my side, and yours. Nobody forced us, nobody expected it from us.

You may be surprised that I should put myself on the same level as you: haven’t you heard that I am the incarnate Son of God? That I was holy, infallible and endlessly kind?

Not everything, the books tell about me, is true. Much has been added to match the picture, people have created of me. I can’t even say I feel honoured. I would much prefer the truth was not so distorted and concealed.

But actually, I would like to tell you something completely different. I want to encourage you to accept yourself, and your life, the way it is. With all its fears, mistakes, imperfection and difficulties. Believe me, my life was not perfect either. In that incarnation I wanted to learn everything I was still missing. I immersed myself in the deep emotions of human existence to learn, experience, and understand being human.

Therefore, I have come to you, to encourage you in the difficulties of your life. Most of these problems are created by your fears. They are like a magnifying glass which turns a tiny mosquito into a huge insect. Not that I want to play down your worries and problems! I would rather make you understand that reality is usually not as bad as your fears and worries!

Stop trying to be perfect! Instead, ask for the reason why you strive for this perfectionism which keeps driving you on until you become completely restless. You feel unsettled, stressed, dissatisfied and grumpy. Be content with less than you always have in mind, and you will be happier! I do not mean laziness, or convenience, but happiness and balance.

Do not bemoan your fate. You may moan and groan, complain about your fate! However, accept it. You will notice, as soon as you face life, and do not flee, it will become easier. Do not dwell in self-pity, which makes you weaker than you actually are. I am familiar with human emotions, and I would not like to be without them. This is why I would like to support you in shaping your life trustingly, consciously and actively. I am always at your side!

I am Easa!”

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