The new year has begun, and we have left the old one behind us. Many of us felt it as unsettling, worrying, destabilizing, or unusually demanding. Yes, it needs a lot of strength to stay balanced. Strength and confidence are important attributes of the Ascended Master Martha who we can connect with, whenever we seem to get unbalanced. Here is a message from her:

“Greetings! I am Martha! Human life is sometimes tiresome and troublesome. You are increasingly faced with the feeling of being stuck in a dead-end. You came here on earth as souls to make certain experiences, and learn in a human body. I know that you keep hearing this, but even so, I repeat these words. They give you the chance to get realigned.

When you lie on the ground and cannot raise your eyes, or look ahead, you will find it hard to stand up. Therefore, at least, try to change your view in difficult circumstances, where you feel trapped.

Time and space are human illusions, just like the view of life. What you can see are human aspects of life. They deliver a very subjective and limited picture of what life actually means: a defined field which gives you the chance to recognize your possibilities, your limits, and your potential.

Think of little children! How often do they put one block on top of the other to build a tower which keeps collapsing. But children hardly ever give up. They try, again and again, until one day they take on the behaviour of resigning and frustrated adults. They give up prematurely, and do not have any more energy, or pleasure, in finishing a challenging situation.

Believe me, I know what I am talking about! As an Ascended Master I have gone through various lives, and, just like you, I have been confronted with situations which make you scared, resigned, angry, sad or desperate. You probably know my incarnation as Martha, together with Mary Magdalene. But this was not my only life. Through many incarnations I was able to develop a strong fighting nature, but remain soft and loving at the same time. I was leading groups and often incarnated as a man. I had to train courage and confidence, as these were one of the most important learning tasks in my former lives.

Therefore, I ask you, not to turn your eyes back into the past which you cannot change, and not too far into the future which is yet to come. Instead, try to focus on the here and now, on challenging situations which desire your strengths. And do not get distracted by the outside. Remain in your strength, and do not waste your energies on inattentiveness, excuses or laziness. Because ultimately you will simply not get around your learning topic.

An intense time is lying ahead of you which you can create actively, and which you should enjoy. It provides an abundance of new possibilities in living your life. Look ahead and go on with courage and fearlessness. I would like to remind you again that you are never alone. Give me your hand whenever you feel anxious and discouraged. I will hold it until you stand firmly on your feet again. I am on your side in love! I am Martha!

You will find the corresponding symbol card, and further information, in my set of cards, ‘The Symbols of Mary Magdalene and her Companions’.

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