How MARTHA, sister of MARY MAGDALENE, can heal your 3rd female chakra

Some women literally feel powerless, without any own power. It is because they have never learnt to stand up for their own needs. Therefore, they are incapable of granting themselves permission for their own actions and decisions.

Whereas the first female chakra has to do with grounding and balancing, but also with imprints from the clan, the second female chakra with emotional securities, creativity and children, the third female chakra is about personal power and self-authorization. The energy centre is above the navel, and is also called the solar plexus. When we are nervous or scared, we feel an unpleasant tension in the stomach area around the navel chakra (which it is also called).


For centuries a woman’s personality was entirely judged on whether and how they were beneficial to others, and how they were able to find their place within the family unit. Therefore, a lot of women were only judged on their domestic duties and motherly qualities, and as a result, treated accordingly. They were normally not allowed to live their individual personality. And if they did, only hidden from public view.  I do not think I need to comment on the effect this had, and still has, on the collective female self-worth


  • “Women belong to the children/in the kitchen.”
  • “Women do not need to learn a job.”
  • “Women should not interfere in family affairs.”
  • “Women do not need hobbies. They should rather take care of raising the children.”
  • “He is the master of the house.”
  • “Men are responsible for finances.”
  • “Men bear responsibility for the family.”
  • “Men know better what women need.”


Strength and weakness of the third female chakra are connected with performance and competence, inferiority and immaturity. And, of course, with our own rights. This means that we women (as well as men) must have the power of making decisions regarding ourselves and our lives. Whereas, on the other hand, we must not give voluntary or involuntary permission to others, to make decisions for us and on our lives.

Former generations of women were content with the aim in life of serving others, and to subordinate themselves to the other members of the family, including their needs. Therefore, many women were not supported in their families of origin to live self-determined lives, develop and express their talents.


  • external control
  • not living one’s self-empowerment
  • lacking trust
  • lacking self-worth
  • powerlessness
  • subservience
  • abuse of power
  • serving role


Another women’s problem is shame which can have a burdening effect on the three bottom chakras. This may be connected with religious moral beliefs which generally see sexuality, and particularly female sexual organs as dirty or immoral.

These belief patterns have been integrated into the ideas of morality of families and clans over centuries. They have been seen as irrevocable fact and passed on from generation to generation as the ‘sole truth’. In the meantime, this shame has already been saved in the morphogenetic field of women. It will require a great deal of information to get them out of this.

The following table (after C.N. Shealy and C.M. Myss, The Creation of Health, 1983) shows the disorders that can correlate with a weak third female chakra:

organs mental and spiritual areas possible physical disorders
third chakra stomach area

upper intestinal area

liver, gall bladder, kidneys


adrenal gland


central spine


guilty feelings

problems with sexuality, money and control in partnerships

power/control in the physical world


stomach and duodenum ulcers

problems with colon/bowels

inflammation of pancreas


chronic and acute digestion problems


Just as with all the other chakras, there are various ways to strengthen and balance the third chakra:

  • through physical exercises on the energetic level
  • with the help of body-energy-work
  • with the help of mediation
  • on the emotional level through talk therapy, family settings, kinesiology, astrological sessions, etc.
  • on the mental level through positive thinking, mental training, etc.
  • on the spiritual level through transformation of karmic blockages or oaths with the help of spiritual tools, e. g. my channeled spiritual symbols and essences


2,000 years ago MARTHA was the physical and/or biblical sister of MARY MAGDALENE. In our times she supports you as an ASCENDED MASTER if you have problems with power or suffer from abuse of power. Her high vibrating energies can support you with courage and strength, if you are confronted with problems and difficulties.

To heal your 3rd female chakra, you can integrate my energized Master Symbol of MARTHA , or my energized Master Aura Essence MARTHA  in your daily life, or your therapy session.

Both the symbol and the Aura Essence, energized by Ascended Master MARTHA, work on the quantum level in your subtle-spiritual body, your chakras, your morphogenetic field, and your multidimensional DNA layers. They dissolve your energy blockages from the present, the past, and past lives.

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Source female chakras: Dr. Christiane Northrup

Mary Magdalene


The new year has begun, and we have left the old one behind us. Many of us felt it as unsettling, worrying, destabilizing, or unusually demanding. Yes, it needs a lot of strength to stay balanced. Strength and confidence are important attributes of the Ascended Master Martha who we can connect with, whenever we seem to get unbalanced. Here is a message from her:

“Greetings! I am Martha! Human life is sometimes tiresome and troublesome. You are increasingly faced with the feeling of being stuck in a dead-end. You came here on earth as souls to make certain experiences, and learn in a human body. I know that you keep hearing this, but even so, I repeat these words. They give you the chance to get realigned.

When you lie on the ground and cannot raise your eyes, or look ahead, you will find it hard to stand up. Therefore, at least, try to change your view in difficult circumstances, where you feel trapped.

Time and space are human illusions, just like the view of life. What you can see are human aspects of life. They deliver a very subjective and limited picture of what life actually means: a defined field which gives you the chance to recognize your possibilities, your limits, and your potential.

Think of little children! How often do they put one block on top of the other to build a tower which keeps collapsing. But children hardly ever give up. They try, again and again, until one day they take on the behaviour of resigning and frustrated adults. They give up prematurely, and do not have any more energy, or pleasure, in finishing a challenging situation.

Believe me, I know what I am talking about! As an Ascended Master I have gone through various lives, and, just like you, I have been confronted with situations which make you scared, resigned, angry, sad or desperate. You probably know my incarnation as Martha, together with Mary Magdalene. But this was not my only life. Through many incarnations I was able to develop a strong fighting nature, but remain soft and loving at the same time. I was leading groups and often incarnated as a man. I had to train courage and confidence, as these were one of the most important learning tasks in my former lives.

Therefore, I ask you, not to turn your eyes back into the past which you cannot change, and not too far into the future which is yet to come. Instead, try to focus on the here and now, on challenging situations which desire your strengths. And do not get distracted by the outside. Remain in your strength, and do not waste your energies on inattentiveness, excuses or laziness. Because ultimately you will simply not get around your learning topic.

An intense time is lying ahead of you which you can create actively, and which you should enjoy. It provides an abundance of new possibilities in living your life. Look ahead and go on with courage and fearlessness. I would like to remind you again that you are never alone. Give me your hand whenever you feel anxious and discouraged. I will hold it until you stand firmly on your feet again. I am on your side in love! I am Martha!

You will find the corresponding symbol card, and further information, in my set of cards, ‘The Symbols of Mary Magdalene and her Companions’.


Mary Magdalene, Martha, Sara-la-Kali, Mary Jacobe and Mary Salome

SAT, May 14th, 2016: Today´s trip to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer was most definitely a highlight of our spiritual journey. It was special because according to a legend this was the place Mary Magdalene and her companions went ashore. Also, Mary Magdalene´s sister Martha is said to have lived in Tarascon around 2,000 years ago. Learn more about it below the photos.

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Visiting Mary Magdalene´s Grotto

Fri, May 13th, 2016: The weather did not cooperate with us today – the weather god was definitely not in a good mood. It rained throughout of the entire first day of our spiritual journey. Even if it wasn´t heavy rain, the beautiful basilica in Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume was not glistening in the sun as usual. Also, the grotto, in which Mary Magdalene supposedly lived, was entirely dark today. Nevertheless, we did not let the weather dampen our mood. It was a wonderful day filled wit impressive energy and messages from Mary Magdalene, which I was able to channel for the group. They will continue to have a positive affect on us for a long time to come. If you want to learn more about the place that Mary Magdalene lived in and is allegedly buried in, you should continue reading below the photos.

Today we have been guided and accompanied by Mary Magdalene and Maximinus. He was the first Bishop of Aix-en Provence. Legend tells that he was so close to Mary Magdalene that he was also her confessor, and she received the last rites from him. (It remains to be seen whether she was really in need of this…)

In the morning we went from our hotel to Saint-Maximin. Allegedly, Mary Magdalene’s remains, which had been hidden to prevent them being stolen, were found here again in 1300. They were buried in a stone sarcophagus in the crypt in front of the high altar of Saint-Maximin.

The church is a devotional complex, representing Mary Magdalene in different ways: in paintings, sculptures, on the high altar, as a brass figure, carved or as a painted medallion. The golden ‘rose altar’ is particularly remarkable. It contains several scenes of the life of Mary Magdalene, and the carved pulpit. Only one side chapel is dedicated to Maximinus, where he is represented with Mary Magdalene and Martha on an altar.

In a sarcophagus in the crypt there are the supposed remains of Mary Magdalene. Furthermore, her head is set up in a glass container behind the altar bar. The front of this container is decorated with a golden mask which can be removed. The relics are carried through the village in a large procession once a year. Next to Mary Magdalene’s sarcophagus there are four others, containing Maximinus’s and Nicodemus’s relics.

Our journey took us to the high plateau of Plan d’Aups next. On the way we came past an old shrine, which shows the last encounter of Mary Magdalene with Maximinus. First we arrived at the high plateau Plan d’Aups, which holds a pilgrims refuge and a small restaurant which are open for pilgrims and hikers throughout the year. The chapel of the Hostillerie, as the hostel is referred to, is decorated with wall paintings and glass windows, showing scenes of the life of Mary Magdalene.

From there the path leads us up to the grotto through a particularly mystic wood, with trees, hundreds and thousands of years old. Numerous kings, noblemen and Popes have walked this path before us because La Baume (‘the cave’) has been apopular pilgrimage place since the 5th century. The crucifixion scene, which we reached shortly before, was impressive as well.

In front of the entrance to the grotto you enjoy impressive views over the landscape of eastern Provence, the area around St. Maximin. Mary Magdalene is said to have lived in the cave for 30 years to do penance for her allegedly sinful life. At the end of her life ‘angels should have carried her down into the valley’ to receive the last holy communion from Maximin. All this is legend. Inside the grotto there are two devotional places as well as some beautiful stained glass windows, showing scenes of Mary Magdalene’s life.

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In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene: Tarascon – Les Baux – St. Remy-de-Provence – Gordes

„Yesterday was under the guidance of Martha of Bethany and her energy was especially strong. We visited the church in Tarascon that is dedicated to her, the sister of Mary Magdalene. In the nave and the chapels of the church we found various depictions of her in oil paintings, statues and a relief shrine. According to oral tradition, Martha’s home stood in the very place where nowadays one can visit the lower part of the church. Many of us could get in touch with Martha in this place.

Across the church one can visit an old castle; we only went in there briefly. The picture made of stone of the „Monsterous Tarasque“, which is located on the shore oft he Rhone was particularly funny to us. This creature terrorized Tarascon about 2000 years ago and was killed by Martha herself.

I also took the group to an abandoned quarry, which has been transformed in a magical world of colors, sounds and pictures. In a grandious lighting and sound show, beautiful pictures of the most famous impressionists were being protected onto the 15 to 10 meters high stone walls. It was a breathtaking spectacle for everyone.

After our lunch break in St. Remy-de-Provence we drove to Goult, a medieval village, which is located on a mountain crest. Just a few days before our tour, Gerd and I discovered a spot where once a Mary-Magadalene church was located, whose engery can still be strongly felt. The wonderful view of the place where we will be staying for the next few days was a beautiful ending to yesterday’s excursion.

The energetic highlight was the evening meditation, where Martha of Bethany announced herself via a live-message to the participants. Her words and energy were so present, so expressive and so overwhelming that many of us felt very strong emotions. I also channeled Mary, Easa, Mary Magdalene and arc angel Michael. Today we are looking forward to a seminar day in my favorite town of Gordes.“

Mary Magdalene

Martha: More Than Just a First Name

The name “Martha” surfaces in the bible as being the name of Mary Magdalene’s and Lazarus’ sister. As mentioned in my blog No. 85, the name Maria (Mirjam) was seen as a title of high honor during the peak of Qumram. During that time, women with this name held high spiritual appointments within the religious communities. For example, these women were trained in the art of healing or lead liturgic ceremonies for women.

The name “Martha” has also a deeper meaning and actually presented a title. Martha means “mistress” and in contrast to women who were named Maria, a woman named Martha was allowed to possess property. Within their religious communities, both occupied the same status.

On our journey through Provence we also visited Tarascon, the place where Martha once lived. As legend has it, Martha freed that place from a monster named “Tarasque” and the inhabitants honored her for her brave deed. On paintings and depictions of Martha throughout that region of Provence, one can see her portrayed with a dragon and a mallet with which she supposedly killed the monster. The church of Tarascon is one big memorial site, full with pictures of her. Our tour group had also view this church on our spiritual journey through Provence in the fall.

Mary Magdalene