Stride powerfully through rough times!

“Greetings, I am Lady Gaia. Some of you class me with the Ascended Masters, but this classification is not entirely correct. Because I am no master in the traditional sense, but rather the ‘energetic mouthpiece’ between Earth and you humans. You live on her and are inextricably linked with her energies. Without her, you would not be able to exist on Earth. But also Gaia needs you, because your consciousness and your energies are synergistically linked with hers.

Therefore, if you increase your human vibrations, the vibrating frequency of the planet Earth, i.e. Gaia’s vibrating frequency, will increase likewise. In this context, this increase of vibrational frequency also involves an increase of consciousness, as well as the generation of multidimensional spiritual abilities like telepathy, channeling, spiritual healing, activation of the 12 DNA layers, and many more. After all, the higher your vibrating frequencies become, the more steps you take in the consciousness and transformation process. That is the big plan.

But the message I want to convey to you today is something different: Gaia feels and senses all information and vibrations emanating from you humans, both the good ones and the burdening ones. That also pertains to your environmental problems, like the exploitation of available resources, the destruction of rainforests or the pollution and contamination of seas, lakes and rivers.

Gaia senses your fears which typically surface in times of upheaval and realignment, but also your aggression and your discontent or your anger. But of course she also reacts to the positive energies of light and love that are emanating from more and more people and are still going to emanate from them.

Therefore, my advice: Maintain your inner equilibrium and return to it if you have lost it due to challenges! Balance yourself out again and again! Focus on the positive, the unique and the beautiful in your life. Believe in the good in people and in a positive future, because it is changeable after all.

The more of you who work on remaining internally stable or returning to their inner equilibrium again and again, the stronger and more powerful the light on your planet will become and the more strongly and powerfully it will spread.

Gaia is incredibly strong – how else could she have survived until today, after all the mischief humanity has done her? But do not exploit her brazenly by using and destroying her for your economic interests! Instead, connect with Gaia’s power in order to realign yourselves as spiritual beings, to straighten yourself and come out of this time of upheaval and change strengthened and powerful.

Never before was the spiritual world with such a strong and loving presence at your side! Repeatedly schedule time-outs for yourself, meditate or withdraw from your daily routine and the noise of life from time to time. Then you will be able to feel Gaia’s immeasurable power and strength. Because she is your power potential at the same time!

You are connected with Earth and everything that exists! Above and below, internally and externally. You know this wise saying. It has not lost validity yet; make yourself realise that again and again. Gaia carries and nourishes you, physically and energetically, materially and spiritually. Connect with her and the many other high beings so that you can stride powerfully through rough times. You will be able to sense Gaia’s powerful and at the same time very calming energy. And I am at your side as a mediator, if you like. I am Lady Gaia! Be greeted!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


I am going to offer a spiritual holiday and self-awareness week on the subject of “Stride powerfully through rough times” in May 2017 in Tuscany. With a lot of practical exercises, self-awareness, meditations and live channelings. For more information, please contact my colleague Sigrid Glaser:


  1. Yes, now I will go to the ocean to feel her power! As Lady Gaia grows and changes in her vibrations she pushes us to expand and grow too! It is very important to rebalance daily! I love EFT (tappping or emotional freedom technique) Of course, daily meditation for my connecting with Source is so important. Recently I have been learning some more grounding techniques and I have been able to feel more strongly Gaia’s energy and support streaming in to greet me! Learning how to self nurture! Being in nature on a daily basis is very important for me to feel connected to her and a deep peace within.


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