“Greetings, I am Francis of Assisi. I address you today because I have observed that many spiritually-minded people come to feel insecure from time to time, especially concerning financial issues. On the one hand, you are told that spirituality and wealth are mutually exclusive, and, on the other hand, it is imparted to you that all of you can live in abundance since this abundance comes directly from God and is designed for you.

So what is right and what is wrong?

At the spiritual level there is no right and wrong! There is only truth, namely the divine truth, of which you humans are only able to perceive partial aspects. One important area of your human development results from the fact that your fields of consciousness are extending and that the divine truth increasingly discloses itself to you. Information from the spiritual world, for instance from angels and Ascended Masters, but also from us patron saints, is intended as support.

My doctrine of poverty and denial, which I disseminated about 800 years ago, corresponded with life in those days and the collective learning theme of the people around me. It was written down and widely disseminated within the Church. At that time, I – as many people still do today – was fighting against the thought of waste and the divide between rich and poor.

But as you know, the contents of writings are sometimes changed knowingly or unknowingly, copies are forged or made inaccurately or the essence of messages is interpreted differently over the course of centuries. It already suffices to slightly shift the focus of a statement and highlight another statement in order to alter a doctrine.

During my lifetime, it was a very important learning theme for the people around me to get back to basics and set bounds to their ego. Of course, this is equally important today! But still, you humans have arrived at a different point of your collective development than back then: today it is important for you to depart from the old, karmic learning programmes and evolve into what you really are, namely grand, lightful beings that may depart from this privation mentality, poverty or deficits. It is not about a re-emergence of egotism, but rather about achieving a balance and enjoying life’s abundance and its gifts with gratefulness. The more you are in balance, the better you can accompany and support others in achieving their own balance. And balance does not merely mean emotional but also material well-being in this case.

Perhaps some of you have already been wondering why some messages from the spiritual world seem to contradict each other. Can you imagine that we are not always allowed to tell you people everything we know? Can you imagine that we hold back parts of the truth so that we do not anticipate your steps of development and influence you in your decisions? Can you accept the fact that there were predictions that do not hold true anymore at this moment in time? But not because the medium was wrong, but rather because you people have realised the potentials of this time and have ‘rewritten’ the quality of time! Thus, today I would like to ask you to think about how you deal with the old, recorded messages, how you interpret them and how you make them your own truths. If you manage to adjust them to present times, you have understood my message. Be greeted!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer

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