‘Your spirituality is innate’. A message from Lady Nada

„You may sometimes feel alone and misunderstood with your spirituality, your love for the angels and us, the Ascended Masters. Maybe other people tell you that spiritual messages are just fantasy which are not scientifically accurate, and lack an intellectual foundation.

You may wonder why so many people simply do not allow any spiritual thoughts?

You should accept that the large majority of your fellow people are still stuck in their tight box of thoughts, not seeing any reason to get out of it. Unfortunately in many cases it takes tragic strokes of fate for them to start looking for an escape from their spiritual dead end.

Ever since the messages from KRYON, channelled by Lee Caroll, you know that your spirituality is virtually innate, based in the multi-dimensional layers of your DNA. However, your DNA may keep sending you spiritual impulses, but as long as you are not ready and open for them, you will not be able to perceive them.

Therefore, it is important for you not to feel alone with your spirituality, or feel like an outsider in society, but be part of a network of light workers. Join spiritual groups, take part in spiritual events, and exchange with others about spiritual views, opinions and experiences.

Living your spirituality consciously can also happen on another level. For example, in your mind, or during meditations you can join the energy of other people who also work for the vibrational elevation and the development of the spiritual awareness on earth, no matter whether you personally know them or not.

There are many ways of consciously living and practising spirituality, and more are emerging every day. Because you have come into this life to mark the beginning of the great change in awareness, and to increase the vibrations of planet earth. Do not be insecure, you have already achieved so much! Just go on! I am the Ascended Master Lady Nada. Greetings! I am with you!”


‘Mankind is moving upwards in a coil of awareness.’ A message from Sanat Kumara

“Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara. Would you have thought, 30 or 50 years ago, that you would be able to communicate over long distances as normally as you do now? Although, even then, there was the possibility to phone, wire or use Morse codes, you now go online, see each other on screens, meet for meditations virtually, help and coach each other, and offer trainings over long distances. Today this has become a matter of course, as the internet is part of your everyday life.

But, nevertheless, there are many things you cannot imagine now which will be reality in a few years or decades. Of course, there will be good, and sometimes not so good, things. However, mankind is moving upwards in a coil of awareness, slowly, but steadily. In doing so, we more and more get out of the darkness.

There are many things we can let go of on this way up: old dogmas, restrictions and paradigms. Present knowledge will change, and so will the so-called human truth. Your perspective will widen hugely, and you will be able to take a look into another dimension, our dimension.

Why do I tell you this? Well, there are still so many sceptics. They stick with the old field of energy and knowledge. The more they hold tight, the more they block the new. Therefore, I am telling you: get ready for the future, for the apparently impossible which will soon be possible!

You are taking part in an unbelievable process of awareness which mankind has never experienced before. You are the transformers, and it won’t work without you! Remember this whenever doubts overcome you.

We Ascended Masters are by your side, we are with you! I am Sanat Kumara, greetings!”



New dimensions open up. Message from Archangel Metatron

“Greetings! I am Archangel Metatron. For a long time the spiritual world has been preparing you for the global paradigm shift which you also call increase of consciousness or transformation process. The preparation process involved the entire planet earth with all its inhabitants, no matter whether human, animal, plant, mineral, bacteria or microbe. Everything, absolutely everything, is subject to this enormous process of change which has just started.

Some of you can already feel it clearly because you have been dealing with it for some time. Others, however, have no idea of it. They are still wrapped up in their earthly learning programme. They have not had time yet to develop any sensors. But this is not important anyway. Sooner or later they will also begin and undergo their transformation process.

There are people amongst you who are scared to make mistakes while going through this process of change. They forget that all the information they need for their development is saved in their souls, their body cells and their subtle DNA. Think of the little caterpillar that is going to develop into a butterfly – it ‘knows’ exactly what it needs to pupate, to slip out of its cocoon and one day develop wings. It is the same with you!

If we could turn time forward one hundred years … you would be surprised! Of course, you would be astonished how much your environment would have changed – for example, your houses, your means of transport and other technical appliances. But you would also wonder about your metaphysical abilities.

Many things that seem to be impossible now, will be taken for granted. Take bilocation (the ability to be at different places at the same time), light-nutrition, communication through telepathy, operations with bare hands, without any surgical tools, to name but a few. You have already made the first steps into this New Age. In the near future it is about continuing this way, refining and completing it. You will be at home on a higher level of awareness, but still remain strongly rooted in earthly life. How does this work? You will experience it. The time has come!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


‘Your karmic fears drift away.’ An Angel message for you

‘Greetings, dear ones! We are an Angels Group for Karmic Fears. Karmic fears are old baggage you have brought into this incarnation from former lives. It is of no use any more, as it contains past experiences which are finished. These burdening experiences keep popping up in your life as diffuse fears which cannot be pinned down. You are not able to understand them as they have nothing to do with the present. This makes you insecure! Feel inside yourself and check your emotions when irrational fears overcome you: what do they want to tell you? Do they contain any important message which might be useful to you? Or is it really about facing these fears, saying goodbye to them, and letting them go?

I admit, this is not always easy for you, as it sometimes involves the well-known jump over one’s shadow. Here it is a jump into another awareness. You have experienced your past on a lower level of consciousness – it does not have anything to do with you, your here and now! It is an energy which does not correspond with you any longer. You are no longer the person you were when you experienced the situations which have caused these karmic fears.

Therefore, you have to realize: YOU ARE NO LONGER THE PERSON YOU WERE. Let go of your fears, and hand them over to the universe, to us angels. Free yourselves of these fears, as they are only blocking your spiritual development. Look ahead confidently and trust that the future contains everything that is important for you. Trust, we are with you!’

Message from the Angels Group for Karmic Fears, transmitted by Ingrid Auer © http://www.IngridAuer.us


OUT OF SELF-PITY. A Spiritual Message from Eloiah and Akabesh

Greetings! We are two Angels from the Angel groups “Eloiah” and “Akabesh” speaking in their behalf. How often can we hear you groan and moan! Very often rightly because physical life is indeed no piece of cake. We deeply respect and highly esteem it. We watch and accompany you through your physical life and do sometimes wonder how we would handle certain situations. You have got high demands. You know that you have chosen your lessons in life. You did this at a time when you were still on the other, higher level. Before you started your present incarnation.

But we won’t talk about this now. Let’s talk about your self-pity and your moaning. Look at yourself closely next time you feel like the poor victim again. What is behind these situations? Do you really have to feel like the victim? Why do you take on this role? Out of fear, cowardice, convenience or because you grew into this role? Have one more close look at it. Interrupt your moaning and list all the reasons why you have found yourself in this situation, what life wants from you, who is involved in the situation. What is at the bottom of it all?

Then imagine you grow wings. You change your point of view, your perspective, the whole environment. You look at the situation from the bird’s-eye view. What can you see now? You don’t just see yourself and your misery, you also see what led to it, what is behind it. The essence of the story, your lesson, the exercise for you. Look carefully and see what you should learn.

Now think again and go back to the start: Do you really want to go on complaining? Do you want to keep feeling like a victim? Do you want to go on pitying yourself? Or do you rather want to say: Stop it! I take my life in my own hands, I face the facts, I realize my part in the whole story. Even if you have no direct influence on the situation, learn to accept it unconditionally. Complaining and self-pity weaken you, they are of no use at all. Okay, if you really need it, snuggle up in a corner for 15 minutes, moan, shout, cry … and then there should be an end to it. Focus the Divine strength inside you, concentrate on a positive result and connect yourself with the angels. You will see that you get away from your self-pity quickly.

Message transmitted by Ingrid Auer © http://www.IngridAuer.us 


It is time for a new understanding of animals!

A spiritual message from Archangel Bariel.

“Greetings, I am Archangel Bariel! I am appealing to you today because it is time for you to start seeing animals from a different perspective. For thousands of years, they had or were allowed to serve you, depending on the viewpoint. On the part of the animals it was a “good turn”, but the way they were treated by many humans is disgraceful and profoundly undeserving.

At the beginning of your evolution, when you arrived on Earth together with the animals (please forget the stories according to which you humans are descended from apes), a contract existed between you humans and the animals: both wanted to make experiences, both wanted to expand their consciousness, and both were willing to learn from each other and profit from the shared experiences. But at some point, this cooperation started to break down, and you subjugated the animals. Just like you subjugated humans and still do.

But this learning and experience process is gradually drawing to a close. You are in the middle of a big ascension process, and your consciousness is developing rapidly. You are activating the multidimensional DNA that is inherent in you, and you have entered the process of mastership. Is it not high time – considering your new consciousness – to change your treatment of animals!

I am not speaking to you in order to moralise, nothing could be further from my mind. But it is one of my duties to remind you of the fact that you cannot take a spiritual path and at the same time have no consciousness of and no understanding for the basic needs of your animals.

As long as you humans consider animals as objects, sources of food and comestibles and do not see and treat them as independent, sensitive beings that are not controlled by instinct, you will not understand what animals actually are: beings just like you, in a differently formed, special body, with different duties, but creatures of God nonetheless. As long as you jam them into cages, let them vegetate or torment them knowingly or unknowingly, we see that you humans have roughly understood spiritual consciousness but are not yet able to actually live it.

I am with you! I am Archangel Bariel. Be greeted!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


Spiritual beings do not emerge by magic

“Be greeted! We are two Angels from the Angel groups “Eloiah” and “Akabesh speaking in their behalf. And we want to ask you: Do you really know who you are?

We want to explain to you with the help of human words today: You are sparks of light, spiritual sparks, Divine sparks, who have chosen a body – like a cocoon – to live in a sort of dozy state. We are almost tempted to say “vegetate”, but this would be judging and devaluing. You have been slumbering with your soul, your spiritual centre, for uncountable incarnations, living your lives like in a film. “This is not true”, you might protest, “because in a film I don’t feel hungry, thirsty, I don’t suffer from pains. But I do feel very real!”

But listen to us: You are padded like in a thick caterpillar’s body, like in a thick ball of cotton wool and only notice, as through a filter, WHAT REALLY EXISTS. You have not managed to find out what and who you really are.

You are light beings, inter-dimensional Divine beings, sparks – we are looking for a different expression – beings, why not just beings whose time has come to slip out of their cocoon to get back into their old position. You can imagine it as in a bees’ or wasps’ nest. They do not all hatch at the same time, although their biological watch is programmed for the same period of time. But the first one hatches, then the second one and the next.

It is the same with your spiritual awakening. You rub your eyes in surprise and realize that you still look like human beings. But deep inside you something has changed. Your inner light, your awareness has started to shine and sparkle. First you have not noticed but then it got stronger and more and more radiant.

Sometimes your egotism plays a trick and you start to compare each other. “Spiritual competitions”, that’s what we call it. This is normal, also children do it. One day, when you will have stepped out of the shadow of your true size, you will realize who you really are. You automatically feel what is your task and you will stop looking for it desperately.”



“Take your life into your own hands!” An Angel message for you

“Greetings! We are two Angels from the Angel groups “Eloiah” and “Akabesh” speaking in their behalf. You are currently going through challenging times, which cause you to complain and whine sometimes. Frequently with good reason, because the human, earthly life is not always easy. We angels have deep respect and veneration for you, because we watch you and accompany you through your life. And sometimes we ask ourselves the question how we angels would deal with the difficulties that life has in store for you … and that you have in store for yourselves. As you are well aware, you have chosen your learning task on your own, at a time when you were still souls residing on a higher plain, long before your current incarnation.

But let us dwell on the subject of your self-pity, your complaining and your commiseration with yourself. Next time you think of yourselves as the poor victims on whom life or other people play dirty tricks, have a close look at your situation: What is behind it? Do you really have to feel like a victim? Why do you play the role of the victim? Out of fear, cowardice, convenience or because you were raised to play that role? Have another very close look. Suspend your complaining, your whining, and your lamentations, and make a list of why you got into this situation. What does life demand from you? What is the deeper meaning of it?

Imagine that you are growing wings and that they enable you to change your perspective in a way that you are able to view your surroundings and your current situation from above. What can you see from this bird’s-eye perspective? Probably not only yourselves and your plight, but also the things that led up to it. And maybe also the things that are behind this situation. Look closely and make yourselves realise what you are supposed to learn from it.

Now return to your starting point and think once again: Do you still want to keep complaining? Do you still want to think of yourselves as victims? Do you still want to pity yourselves? Or do you prefer to say: There is an end of it! I take my life into my own hands, I face up to the facts, I admit my own share in this problem?

Even though you do not have a direct influence on the circumstances, you can at least try to accept the situation the way it is. Complaints and self-pity tend to weaken you, they do not get you anywhere. If there is no other way, then sit down in a corner for a quarter of an hour and complain, scream, cry and rage … but that should be the end of it. Pool your divine power, focus on the positive outcome of the situation and connect yourself with us angels. You will see that you will soon be able to leave behind your self-pity and regain your strength. We are with you. We belong to the angel groups Eloiah and Akabesh.”

A Message of the Angel groups Eloiah and Akabesh @  transmitted by Ingrid Auer www.ingridauer.us


A message from Francis of Assisi

“Greetings, I am Francis of Assisi. I address you today because I have observed that many spiritually-minded people come to feel insecure from time to time, especially concerning financial issues. On the one hand, you are told that spirituality and wealth are mutually exclusive, and, on the other hand, it is imparted to you that all of you can live in abundance since this abundance comes directly from God and is designed for you.

So what is right and what is wrong?

At the spiritual level there is no right and wrong! There is only truth, namely the divine truth, of which you humans are only able to perceive partial aspects. One important area of your human development results from the fact that your fields of consciousness are extending and that the divine truth increasingly discloses itself to you. Information from the spiritual world, for instance from angels and Ascended Masters, but also from us patron saints, is intended as support.

My doctrine of poverty and denial, which I disseminated about 800 years ago, corresponded with life in those days and the collective learning theme of the people around me. It was written down and widely disseminated within the Church. At that time, I – as many people still do today – was fighting against the thought of waste and the divide between rich and poor.

But as you know, the contents of writings are sometimes changed knowingly or unknowingly, copies are forged or made inaccurately or the essence of messages is interpreted differently over the course of centuries. It already suffices to slightly shift the focus of a statement and highlight another statement in order to alter a doctrine.

During my lifetime, it was a very important learning theme for the people around me to get back to basics and set bounds to their ego. Of course, this is equally important today! But still, you humans have arrived at a different point of your collective development than back then: today it is important for you to depart from the old, karmic learning programmes and evolve into what you really are, namely grand, lightful beings that may depart from this privation mentality, poverty or deficits. It is not about a re-emergence of egotism, but rather about achieving a balance and enjoying life’s abundance and its gifts with gratefulness. The more you are in balance, the better you can accompany and support others in achieving their own balance. And balance does not merely mean emotional but also material well-being in this case.

Perhaps some of you have already been wondering why some messages from the spiritual world seem to contradict each other. Can you imagine that we are not always allowed to tell you people everything we know? Can you imagine that we hold back parts of the truth so that we do not anticipate your steps of development and influence you in your decisions? Can you accept the fact that there were predictions that do not hold true anymore at this moment in time? But not because the medium was wrong, but rather because you people have realised the potentials of this time and have ‘rewritten’ the quality of time! Thus, today I would like to ask you to think about how you deal with the old, recorded messages, how you interpret them and how you make them your own truths. If you manage to adjust them to present times, you have understood my message. Be greeted!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer