“Be greeted! We are two Angels from the Angel groups “Eloiah” and “Akabesh speaking in their behalf. And we want to ask you: Do you really know who you are?

We want to explain to you with the help of human words today: You are sparks of light, spiritual sparks, Divine sparks, who have chosen a body – like a cocoon – to live in a sort of dozy state. We are almost tempted to say “vegetate”, but this would be judging and devaluing. You have been slumbering with your soul, your spiritual centre, for uncountable incarnations, living your lives like in a film. “This is not true”, you might protest, “because in a film I don’t feel hungry, thirsty, I don’t suffer from pains. But I do feel very real!”

But listen to us: You are padded like in a thick caterpillar’s body, like in a thick ball of cotton wool and only notice, as through a filter, WHAT REALLY EXISTS. You have not managed to find out what and who you really are.

You are light beings, inter-dimensional Divine beings, sparks – we are looking for a different expression – beings, why not just beings whose time has come to slip out of their cocoon to get back into their old position. You can imagine it as in a bees’ or wasps’ nest. They do not all hatch at the same time, although their biological watch is programmed for the same period of time. But the first one hatches, then the second one and the next.

It is the same with your spiritual awakening. You rub your eyes in surprise and realize that you still look like human beings. But deep inside you something has changed. Your inner light, your awareness has started to shine and sparkle. First you have not noticed but then it got stronger and more and more radiant.

Sometimes your egotism plays a trick and you start to compare each other. “Spiritual competitions”, that’s what we call it. This is normal, also children do it. One day, when you will have stepped out of the shadow of your true size, you will realize who you really are. You automatically feel what is your task and you will stop looking for it desperately.”


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