“Greetings! We are two Angels from the Angel groups “Eloiah” and “Akabesh” speaking in their behalf. You are currently going through challenging times, which cause you to complain and whine sometimes. Frequently with good reason, because the human, earthly life is not always easy. We angels have deep respect and veneration for you, because we watch you and accompany you through your life. And sometimes we ask ourselves the question how we angels would deal with the difficulties that life has in store for you … and that you have in store for yourselves. As you are well aware, you have chosen your learning task on your own, at a time when you were still souls residing on a higher plain, long before your current incarnation.

But let us dwell on the subject of your self-pity, your complaining and your commiseration with yourself. Next time you think of yourselves as the poor victims on whom life or other people play dirty tricks, have a close look at your situation: What is behind it? Do you really have to feel like a victim? Why do you play the role of the victim? Out of fear, cowardice, convenience or because you were raised to play that role? Have another very close look. Suspend your complaining, your whining, and your lamentations, and make a list of why you got into this situation. What does life demand from you? What is the deeper meaning of it?

Imagine that you are growing wings and that they enable you to change your perspective in a way that you are able to view your surroundings and your current situation from above. What can you see from this bird’s-eye perspective? Probably not only yourselves and your plight, but also the things that led up to it. And maybe also the things that are behind this situation. Look closely and make yourselves realise what you are supposed to learn from it.

Now return to your starting point and think once again: Do you still want to keep complaining? Do you still want to think of yourselves as victims? Do you still want to pity yourselves? Or do you prefer to say: There is an end of it! I take my life into my own hands, I face up to the facts, I admit my own share in this problem?

Even though you do not have a direct influence on the circumstances, you can at least try to accept the situation the way it is. Complaints and self-pity tend to weaken you, they do not get you anywhere. If there is no other way, then sit down in a corner for a quarter of an hour and complain, scream, cry and rage … but that should be the end of it. Pool your divine power, focus on the positive outcome of the situation and connect yourself with us angels. You will see that you will soon be able to leave behind your self-pity and regain your strength. We are with you. We belong to the angel groups Eloiah and Akabesh.”

A Message of the Angel groups Eloiah and Akabesh @  transmitted by Ingrid Auer www.ingridauer.us

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