Mirror, mirror on the wall. A Message of Master Hilarion

“Greetings, I am Master Hilarion. How many of you get angry with other people on a daily basis: with those who run their country, govern their economy, or decide on what is wrong and right over other people’s heads? But they also get angry with people they know personally, because they are part of their private life.

How many of you bother themselves about other people’s personal matters and interfere in them? They know where others go wrong and what they could do better, despite the fact that their time would be fully engaged if they dealt with their own issues instead of trying to fix other people.

And yet you know very well that other people together with their shortcomings are merely your mirrors. You do not meet somebody who annoys you by accident. No, his or her behaviour always contains an important message for yourselves as well. Instead of being vexed with the other person, you should feel into yourselves and find out WHY he or she could trigger such strong emotions in you in the first place. And HOW he or she could elicit such a strong resonance in you?

As soon as you have realised which idiosyncrasy or which kind of behaviour of the other person incenses you most, you will know what you should explore in yourselves. And instead of trying to change others, you had better start changing yourselves. Perhaps you just need more tolerance and broad-mindedness or more inner peace and serenity to be able to allow others to be the way they want to be.

Be aware of the fact that those people who contain a hidden message or indication of your own weaknesses will run across you again and again until you have penetrated their meaning and dealt with them. This is why you should be grateful for other people’s shortcomings, because they yield information on what your next developmental steps should be. Make those steps with love and not with self-condemnation; that is another important advice for you. Be greeted, I am Master Hilarion!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


A Message of the Ascended Master SAINT GERMAIN

How egotism and self-love can live in harmony

It is not always easy to see the difference between egotism and self-love. For this reason, I have put this question to the spiritual world, and I have received the following explanation from the Ascended Master Saint Germain, which I would like to share with you:

“It speaks in your favour that you contemplate the subject of egotism. After all, you humans have frequently heard from others that egotism is bad and reprehensible. But it is not inherently bad! Your so-called egotism is part of your humanity; you would not be able to survive without it.

The spiritual world takes a quite different view on human egotism, and of course it also does not pass judgement on it. But: why do you need egotism in the first place? My answer to this is: in order to make certain learning experiences. Do not forget that you are spiritual beings in a human body. You have come to Earth in order to make certain experiences. You go through a number of earthly lives in order to learn and to grow. Sometimes you are strong, sometimes weak, sometimes generous, sometimes stingy, sometimes exceedingly spiritual, and sometimes you lead a quite unwitting life.

Pure love exists at the place where you originally came from. This is why you created something that you could take with you into this earthly life in order to be protected and to be able to survive. After all, the world you now live in lacks love. And your human egotism helps you realise when it is necessary to isolate yourselves and in which situations you should watch out for yourselves in order not to be hurt by others.

Your ego is governed by your intellect; self-love, on the other hand, originates in the emotional level. This is an important distinction. Because it takes both in human life. But where should you draw the line? Isn’t it the case that egotism violates other people’s boundaries, but that self-love can equally cross other people’s lines?

It all depends on how you live your egotism – but also on how you live your self-love. Because both can be very “selfish” and self-involved.

But it is also possible to put them both to very constructive use. Egotism is susceptible of change, with the result that it can gain a whole new energy quality. This is why it is so important for you to grasp that you do not fight your egotism, but that you rather transform it and integrate it into yourselves according to your development of consciousness. It will serve you well as long as you are human. Ideally, your transformed ego will approximate self-love, even though you might not be able to imagine that to happen right now. But so it is and so be it! Be greeted, I am Saint Germain!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


So, that´s Hot Springs! – KRYON Summer Light Conference 2016

June 9, 2016: As a side note, Bill Clinton was probably the most famous resident of Hot Springs. It was his hometown before he became governor of Arkansas and later president of the United States.But this is not the reason we are here. Gerd and I came to Hot Springs to be part of the Kryon Summer Light Conference and to introduce my spiritual tools to an international audience. The conference takes place at the historic Arlington Hotel where we set up our booth today.

We were beyond happy to see lots of our friends again, like Lilly Wong, Robert Coxon, Dr. Amber Wolf, Bea Wragee, Deborah DeLisi, Monika Muranyi, Mara Pacheco and Shamir Ladhani, again. Tany Cortés my representative for Latin America is going to support us the upcoming days. It just feels so good to be here! (To be continued)


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In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene

At the end of our journey, after a wonderful day in Toulouse and Albi, we as a group got together one last time to exchange our personal experiences, inner processes, insights and observations of the last 9 days. It is just incredible to see what has changed in such a short time and what profound transformations we were able to witness. The presence of the spiritual world was particularly strong during our final meditation. I channeled messages from Mary Magdalene and her most important companion for the group. After dinner we said goodbye in the hope that our paths will cross again soon.

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Communicate through your Heart – Message from Mary Magdalene

“Communication is a major issue of your time. In the whole history of mankind it has never been so easy to communicate with so many people (at the same time) over long distances. The focus is mainly on the exchange of knowledge and experiences. And this is good because education and knowledge can change the world in a positive way.

However, I would like to remind you to include your heart in communication. Words and messages carry vibrations and energies. Before expressing the same sentence, you can create it in your mind, or you can include your heart. What a difference! Communication with your heart requires mutual respect and esteem. Therefore, I want to remind you to step out of your judgements.

Whoever calls themselves spiritual should stop commenting on other people’s thoughts and deeds, and should dispense with gossip. I particularly want to point this out to therapists and other professional tutors. Because HOW – I wonder – would you like to support people to enter their process of self-healing, if you accompany them without love from the heart? You will find the answer yourself…”

Mary Magdalene © transmitted through Ingrid Auer

Mary Magdalene

¡Viva México!

On Friday we got  from Los Angeles to Mexico City only took three hours. The capital of Mexico has more than eight million inhabitants and lies 2.200 m above sea level in a former dried up lake. That was about everything I knew about Mexico City until now. But I also knew that wonderful people who have opened their hearts wide up for the angels and their wonderful spiritual tools live here. Foremost Tania Cortés, who disseminates my work not only here in Mexico but also in the South American area. She has also organized my lecture as well as my first two seminars. Tania is my main Mexican cooperation partner and a very nice person … and I have the feeling of having known her forever.

When Gerd and I arrived at the airport at midday, we were cordially received by Mara Pacheco, her mother and her friend Elena and conveyed to our hotel after an hour’s drive through the Friday afternoon traffic. My lecture, which was attended by about 65 people, took place only a few streets away. Brenda, who had already studied German at school, put up a good show, because she had to translate what I was saying for two hours – including a live channeling. It was incredible what kind of vibrations dominated the room. I was allowed to channel Archangel Raphael and Mary Guadalupe, and all of us were deeply touched by their energies.

Mexicans are incredibly genial. I was hugged, squeezed, kissed and photographed numberless times today. We had a lot of fun together, and I am very glad to be here. And as chance would have it, I also met an old “soul friend” of mine. I met Luisa, who is half Dutchwoman and half Mexican, via Facebook and Gary Quinn from Los Angeles. From the beginning, we have been very close to each other, and we had a long and very rewarding conversation after the lecture.

Really looking forward what the next days will bring for us!

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A message from Francis of Assisi

“Greetings, I am Francis of Assisi. I address you today because I have observed that many spiritually-minded people come to feel insecure from time to time, especially concerning financial issues. On the one hand, you are told that spirituality and wealth are mutually exclusive, and, on the other hand, it is imparted to you that all of you can live in abundance since this abundance comes directly from God and is designed for you.

So what is right and what is wrong?

At the spiritual level there is no right and wrong! There is only truth, namely the divine truth, of which you humans are only able to perceive partial aspects. One important area of your human development results from the fact that your fields of consciousness are extending and that the divine truth increasingly discloses itself to you. Information from the spiritual world, for instance from angels and Ascended Masters, but also from us patron saints, is intended as support.

My doctrine of poverty and denial, which I disseminated about 800 years ago, corresponded with life in those days and the collective learning theme of the people around me. It was written down and widely disseminated within the Church. At that time, I – as many people still do today – was fighting against the thought of waste and the divide between rich and poor.

But as you know, the contents of writings are sometimes changed knowingly or unknowingly, copies are forged or made inaccurately or the essence of messages is interpreted differently over the course of centuries. It already suffices to slightly shift the focus of a statement and highlight another statement in order to alter a doctrine.

During my lifetime, it was a very important learning theme for the people around me to get back to basics and set bounds to their ego. Of course, this is equally important today! But still, you humans have arrived at a different point of your collective development than back then: today it is important for you to depart from the old, karmic learning programmes and evolve into what you really are, namely grand, lightful beings that may depart from this privation mentality, poverty or deficits. It is not about a re-emergence of egotism, but rather about achieving a balance and enjoying life’s abundance and its gifts with gratefulness. The more you are in balance, the better you can accompany and support others in achieving their own balance. And balance does not merely mean emotional but also material well-being in this case.

Perhaps some of you have already been wondering why some messages from the spiritual world seem to contradict each other. Can you imagine that we are not always allowed to tell you people everything we know? Can you imagine that we hold back parts of the truth so that we do not anticipate your steps of development and influence you in your decisions? Can you accept the fact that there were predictions that do not hold true anymore at this moment in time? But not because the medium was wrong, but rather because you people have realised the potentials of this time and have ‘rewritten’ the quality of time! Thus, today I would like to ask you to think about how you deal with the old, recorded messages, how you interpret them and how you make them your own truths. If you manage to adjust them to present times, you have understood my message. Be greeted!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


A visit of Native Americans and Nature Spirits

Our friends Sonja and Peter have only been living on their new farm near Temecula (in Southern California), where we visited them yesterday, for six weeks. The sun was already setting and bathed their house, the giant stones and the ancient trees on their premises in a beautiful light when we arrived. They showed us around their estate, and I could even feel the energy of two very strong power places, which reminded me of the so-called “vortexes” (energy spirals) in Sedona.

Funnily enough, we spent the night in their brand-new trailer, which made my heart jump with pleasure! (As I have already mentioned several times in this blog, I probably was a settler and toured around in a covered wagon in this country in former incarnations 😉 ).

At night, we had surprise visitors, which I unfortunately did not witness, but Gerd awoke suddenly and felt strong energy fluxes flowing through his body. With him, this usually is a sign for the presence of angels, Ascended Masters or patron saints, but this time it was someone else who was paying him a visit: It was the souls of Native Americans and of those settlers who had lived on these premises generations ago. But they were not the only ones who came to visit, but also nature spirits connected with the energies in Mount Shasta. They asserted that our friends are very welcome as new estate owners and are appreciated by them, because they intend to leave nature as it has been for centuries.

The presence of the spiritual Native Americans and nature spirits lasted for several hours, and they only withdrew when Gerd asked them to. Thus, he still got some sleep before sunrise. And our friends’ resolve was further strengthened when they learned about the nightly visit.


Kryon Israel Tour 2015: Meggido/Armageddon – Sepphoris – Safed


MONDAY, Oct 5, 2015

With “Armageddon” most people tend to associate the “Last Days” or the “Last Judgment”. This also crossed my mind during the drive to yesterday’s first channelling. But – those who are familiar with KRYON – know that he would not tell us of the end of the world in the channelling, but rather of the fact that humanity is recalibrating itself in an unprecedented way.

Early in the morning, we drove to a very powerful and energetically vibrant place situated in the Megiddo National Park, which is called “Armageddon” in the Bible. The channelling by KRYON/Lee Carroll was accordingly intense and my assumption was confirmed: there will be no Armageddon, because humanity has already left the respective critical zone and decided for a positive change of direction long since.

Soon afterwards another channelling ensued; this time in the ruins of Sepphoris. By the way, you can listen to the channellings for free on Lee Carroll’s website. In Nazareth, the town where Jesus grew up, we unfortunately only made a quick stop for the lunch break. Another reason for me to come to Israel once more on my own.

In the afternoon, we went for a walk through the picturesque town Safed and were inducted into the teachings of the Kabballah by a very sympathetic, young Jew named Adam. I was deeply impressed by how lively and joyfully he talked about his faith. One could sense immediately: this young man lives everything he says also in everyday life. Lived faith in the truest sense of the word. By the way, he grew up in Los Angeles and only moved to Israel 10 years ago.

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