‘What shifting consciousness has to do with unconditional trust’ An Angel message for you

‘Greetings, dear ones! We are the Angels for Unconditional Trust. Unconditional trust is certainly a big challenge for you people. This is on the one hand due to your linear way of thinking. On the other hand you are on a level of awareness where you can only perceive the now, the immediate past and future.

In fact there is no time, and therefore no linearity, but only the great whole. The entirety where you used to live as a soul, before you came down to another earthly life. There is everything inside you’re your entire potential, your stumbling blocks and learning tasks, your cosmic knowledge, your life plan, the knowledge about God and the spiritual worlds, simply everything.

After your arrival on the planet Earth you gradually lost this knowledge, although this is not the exact way to describe it. You have tuned your consciousness down to a lower energy frequency, to be able to really and truly live here on earth.

The compass that guides you through life is the connection with your soul, your Higher Self, because they both know everything. Unfortunately, it is your handicap that you do not trust this connection sufficiently. You want to fathom everything out with your intellect, doubting your intuition. You want everything to be proved and ignore the signs and messages on the outside, which would securely guide and direct you on your life path.

That is why you will do well to exercise your unconditional trust. The more your energy frequency, and therefore your spiritual awareness increases, the more you will be able to go into unconditional trust. We are with you!

Message from the Angels for Unconditional Trust transmitted by Ingrid Auer © http://www.IngridAuer.us



Greetings! We are Archangel Valeoel and Master Kuthumi. You have made the first step in combining conventional medicine with alternative healing methods, calling it “integrative medicine”. You have to understand that it has been a big step forward and an unbelievable success, to save people’s lives with the help of conventional medicine. I am sure you can imagine how helpless people must have felt in former times, when relatives just died and nobody could help them.

Like other human processes, the development of conventional medicine took its course. There have been successes and failures, enthusiasm, motivation, helpfulness, dedication and care – but also power struggles, manipulation and profiteering.

During the last decades, however, conventional medicine has taken an unfortunate direction. It has focused on the scientists’ wish to gain complete control over human lives. Driven by this ambition, scientists have neglected the spiritual and mental side of our lives. They have restricted life to the material level.

At the same time a strong counter-movement has grown up. Old wisdom has been activated or received from the spiritual world. Conventional medicine was faced with spiritual, or at least, alternative healing methods. And started to fight against them. Don’t forget how many people developed an abhorrence of conventional medicine.

What is it really all about? Man “works” on different levels. The highest is the spiritual one, which also exists on the cell level. Your cells do not only exist on the gross physical level, but they are also – and particularly – subtle. Therefore there are several ways to deal with an illness. Some people need the gross physical and the subtle level, meaning conventional and alternative healing, others mainly need the subtle-spiritual level for the transformation of their illnesses. And sometimes it only takes a conventional treatment, although some of you don’t want to hear this.

Your integrative medicine therefore is a first clash of classical and alternative methods. There will be a lot more arguments, until this form of medicine will make its way. And then it is still a long way from getting prescriptions of angel energies from integrative doctors. But the “birth” of integrative medicine is an important step which is supported and welcomed by the spiritual world! In times of transformation, things we have been dreaming of, will be possible. We are always with you!

Message transmitted by Ingrid Auer © http://www.IngridAuer.us 


‘Who can explain the Higher Self to me, please?’ An Angel message for you

‘Greetings, dear ones! We are two Angels from the Angel groups Eloiah and Akabesh speaking in their behalf. You often ask, Who can explain the Higher Self to me, please? Well let us explain it in human words. Your Higher Self – everybody has a Higher Self – is the Divine administration point inside you. This expression is weak, but it is the Divine administration in you.

Many people look for the Higher Self on the outside or above themselves. They think it is situated where the angels and masters are. No, the Higher Self is in the middle of you. And although it is inside you, you often haven’t found the access to it. The connection is too weak. It is like a computer. If the line is too weak, you can only download a small amount of data. If the capacity of the line is strengthened, a bigger amount of data can be downloaded. Your Higher Self has accompanied you through all your incarnations, it has never left you. It has only got too little or no attention from you, because you did not know about its existence.

Do not mix up your Higher Self with your Guardian Angels. They work for and support your Higher Self. The Higher Self is merged with your soul, the centre of you. It represents what makes you an inter-dimensional being, which you truly are. Try again and again to get in contact with your Higher Self. This does not have to be done consciously, get in touch with your feelings. Just show that you appreciate your Higher Self and give it the space it deserves. You don’t have to do more. Meditations with the Higher Self can support this developing process, but are not absolutely necessary.

If your Higher Selves get in connection with each other, it causes big changes in the morphogenetic field of the Earth. It is like connecting the knowledge and the information of different computers. Knowledge is not visible, but it is there. The changes that are caused by your Higher Selves in the morphogenetic field are also not visible, but they are there. Positive changes on the Earth are accelerated by positive changes in the morphogenetic field of the people. In this way everybody can contribute by living in a spiritual way, simply being a good person. We wanted to give you this information, because things are not always as complicated as you think they are.’

Message transmitted by Ingrid Auer © http://www.IngridAuer.us 


OUT OF SELF-PITY. A Spiritual Message from Eloiah and Akabesh

Greetings! We are two Angels from the Angel groups “Eloiah” and “Akabesh” speaking in their behalf. How often can we hear you groan and moan! Very often rightly because physical life is indeed no piece of cake. We deeply respect and highly esteem it. We watch and accompany you through your physical life and do sometimes wonder how we would handle certain situations. You have got high demands. You know that you have chosen your lessons in life. You did this at a time when you were still on the other, higher level. Before you started your present incarnation.

But we won’t talk about this now. Let’s talk about your self-pity and your moaning. Look at yourself closely next time you feel like the poor victim again. What is behind these situations? Do you really have to feel like the victim? Why do you take on this role? Out of fear, cowardice, convenience or because you grew into this role? Have one more close look at it. Interrupt your moaning and list all the reasons why you have found yourself in this situation, what life wants from you, who is involved in the situation. What is at the bottom of it all?

Then imagine you grow wings. You change your point of view, your perspective, the whole environment. You look at the situation from the bird’s-eye view. What can you see now? You don’t just see yourself and your misery, you also see what led to it, what is behind it. The essence of the story, your lesson, the exercise for you. Look carefully and see what you should learn.

Now think again and go back to the start: Do you really want to go on complaining? Do you want to keep feeling like a victim? Do you want to go on pitying yourself? Or do you rather want to say: Stop it! I take my life in my own hands, I face the facts, I realize my part in the whole story. Even if you have no direct influence on the situation, learn to accept it unconditionally. Complaining and self-pity weaken you, they are of no use at all. Okay, if you really need it, snuggle up in a corner for 15 minutes, moan, shout, cry … and then there should be an end to it. Focus the Divine strength inside you, concentrate on a positive result and connect yourself with the angels. You will see that you get away from your self-pity quickly.

Message transmitted by Ingrid Auer © http://www.IngridAuer.us 


It is time for a new understanding of animals!

A spiritual message from Archangel Bariel.

“Greetings, I am Archangel Bariel! I am appealing to you today because it is time for you to start seeing animals from a different perspective. For thousands of years, they had or were allowed to serve you, depending on the viewpoint. On the part of the animals it was a “good turn”, but the way they were treated by many humans is disgraceful and profoundly undeserving.

At the beginning of your evolution, when you arrived on Earth together with the animals (please forget the stories according to which you humans are descended from apes), a contract existed between you humans and the animals: both wanted to make experiences, both wanted to expand their consciousness, and both were willing to learn from each other and profit from the shared experiences. But at some point, this cooperation started to break down, and you subjugated the animals. Just like you subjugated humans and still do.

But this learning and experience process is gradually drawing to a close. You are in the middle of a big ascension process, and your consciousness is developing rapidly. You are activating the multidimensional DNA that is inherent in you, and you have entered the process of mastership. Is it not high time – considering your new consciousness – to change your treatment of animals!

I am not speaking to you in order to moralise, nothing could be further from my mind. But it is one of my duties to remind you of the fact that you cannot take a spiritual path and at the same time have no consciousness of and no understanding for the basic needs of your animals.

As long as you humans consider animals as objects, sources of food and comestibles and do not see and treat them as independent, sensitive beings that are not controlled by instinct, you will not understand what animals actually are: beings just like you, in a differently formed, special body, with different duties, but creatures of God nonetheless. As long as you jam them into cages, let them vegetate or torment them knowingly or unknowingly, we see that you humans have roughly understood spiritual consciousness but are not yet able to actually live it.

I am with you! I am Archangel Bariel. Be greeted!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


And then everything was completely different. A Spiritual Message from Eloiah and Akabesh

Greetings! We are two Angels from the Angel groups “Eloiah” and “Akabesh” speaking in their behalf. You people too often have very concrete and fixed ideas about how things should be or happen. This affects your daily routine, dealing with others or your job. You plan in advance very carefully and are surprised when things turn out completely different. Or you even get angry because things develop in a different way, people react not how you expected or because once again you did not win the lottery.

Your human ideas of how your life and partnership should develop are, of course, very limited. This means you see your life from the worms-eye-view instead of taking the bird’s-eye-view. Then you groan and moan and are frustrated, wondering why life treats you so badly. Why God and the angels have forgotten you … Life is no request programme although books like “The Secret” try to tell you. But life, your life-plan, you as a spiritual being in a human body, are much more complex than stories in mental trainings. Not everything you want, is good for you. Not every path you seem to be convinced of, is the right one. But if you cling to it, your alleged life-plan may turn out a diversion or aberration. Why? Because you use your human thinking as the measure of all things. You think that your human logic, your human brain can show you what is right for you. Completely wrong!

Your plans and projects are always part of the whole and this is the way they are “handled”. This means, if they are not right for your personal and spiritual development, they are taken away from you. But this is only done under the precondition that our Higher Self agrees with it. Then you have to find another way, stop the path you have begun, or even return to the start. If you find yourself again in a situation that makes you think, “This is it! Now I have found the right way, I have made the right decision!”, then try to feel what your Divine guidance says. Sometimes we let you feel that you are wrong, but sometimes we keep quiet, because we are not allowed to give you a hint that you have started on a diversion again. Only then the diversion is a learning process for you. And we are not allowed to keep back this experience. Therefore do not be sad, angry or fed up, if sometimes your plans cannot be fulfilled according to your wishes. There is certainly a higher Divine plan behind it which provides for other experiences for you.


Message transmitted by Ingrid Auer © http://www.IngridAuer.us



More haste, less speed

“Be greeted, we are speakers of the Angel groups ELOIAH and AKABESH. You find this proverb a bit old-fashioned. Well, if you look at it more carefully, then it has not lost anything in its topicality. Time passes, at least this is what you people feel. But it is actually true. Time passes more quickly than about twenty years ago, according to your timing. We angels do not have any timing and nor do you. Because time and space are a fiction, an assumption.

Time has accelerated. Your scientist can already measure and prove it. But you feel it in everyday life that time seems to pass more quickly. You do not only notice at the end of a year, on your birthday, no this fact can be felt.

Additionally you fill up your time with a lot of activities. In former times everything was done more slowly. Look at your daily routine and write down all the activities of one day. You will be surprised and say: This is impossible! How can I manage to do this all on one day? …

All the activities of one day sometimes worry and overburden us. But you don’t really notice. Your environment has adapted to this pace. We don’t just mean your neighbours, but just switch on the TV: look at the speed the pictures flicker across your screen, information and news pour down on you! You are forced to think quickly, save it, react and decide.

But, all in all, it is not good for you. Your soul needs more time and space. It sounds paradoxical but it is actually true. Your soul, your inner centre needs space, room and leisure, it needs breaks. Your soul wants to make breaks. Maybe this sums it up. Therefore pause from time to time and rest. Not only at the weekends – sometimes they are not even used for relaxation – or on holidays, but look for freedom, hours or days when you are alone, just for you. Withdraw, paint, listen to music, dream, meditate, sleep – whatever you want. But leave this inner space free from these pictures, this noise, these impressions, the fears and worries of your environment. Keep your inner space free from energetic rubbish, electronic noise … You know best what you should free yourself from every now and then.

With this mind we say goodbye for today and will remind you from time to time. We think you underestimate the noise and stress around you. It is not good for you.

Message of the Angel group “Eloiah” and “Akabesh”, transmitted by Ingrid Auer © (original version in German language)


Spiritual beings do not emerge by magic

“Be greeted! We are two Angels from the Angel groups “Eloiah” and “Akabesh speaking in their behalf. And we want to ask you: Do you really know who you are?

We want to explain to you with the help of human words today: You are sparks of light, spiritual sparks, Divine sparks, who have chosen a body – like a cocoon – to live in a sort of dozy state. We are almost tempted to say “vegetate”, but this would be judging and devaluing. You have been slumbering with your soul, your spiritual centre, for uncountable incarnations, living your lives like in a film. “This is not true”, you might protest, “because in a film I don’t feel hungry, thirsty, I don’t suffer from pains. But I do feel very real!”

But listen to us: You are padded like in a thick caterpillar’s body, like in a thick ball of cotton wool and only notice, as through a filter, WHAT REALLY EXISTS. You have not managed to find out what and who you really are.

You are light beings, inter-dimensional Divine beings, sparks – we are looking for a different expression – beings, why not just beings whose time has come to slip out of their cocoon to get back into their old position. You can imagine it as in a bees’ or wasps’ nest. They do not all hatch at the same time, although their biological watch is programmed for the same period of time. But the first one hatches, then the second one and the next.

It is the same with your spiritual awakening. You rub your eyes in surprise and realize that you still look like human beings. But deep inside you something has changed. Your inner light, your awareness has started to shine and sparkle. First you have not noticed but then it got stronger and more and more radiant.

Sometimes your egotism plays a trick and you start to compare each other. “Spiritual competitions”, that’s what we call it. This is normal, also children do it. One day, when you will have stepped out of the shadow of your true size, you will realize who you really are. You automatically feel what is your task and you will stop looking for it desperately.”



“Take your life into your own hands!” An Angel message for you

“Greetings! We are two Angels from the Angel groups “Eloiah” and “Akabesh” speaking in their behalf. You are currently going through challenging times, which cause you to complain and whine sometimes. Frequently with good reason, because the human, earthly life is not always easy. We angels have deep respect and veneration for you, because we watch you and accompany you through your life. And sometimes we ask ourselves the question how we angels would deal with the difficulties that life has in store for you … and that you have in store for yourselves. As you are well aware, you have chosen your learning task on your own, at a time when you were still souls residing on a higher plain, long before your current incarnation.

But let us dwell on the subject of your self-pity, your complaining and your commiseration with yourself. Next time you think of yourselves as the poor victims on whom life or other people play dirty tricks, have a close look at your situation: What is behind it? Do you really have to feel like a victim? Why do you play the role of the victim? Out of fear, cowardice, convenience or because you were raised to play that role? Have another very close look. Suspend your complaining, your whining, and your lamentations, and make a list of why you got into this situation. What does life demand from you? What is the deeper meaning of it?

Imagine that you are growing wings and that they enable you to change your perspective in a way that you are able to view your surroundings and your current situation from above. What can you see from this bird’s-eye perspective? Probably not only yourselves and your plight, but also the things that led up to it. And maybe also the things that are behind this situation. Look closely and make yourselves realise what you are supposed to learn from it.

Now return to your starting point and think once again: Do you still want to keep complaining? Do you still want to think of yourselves as victims? Do you still want to pity yourselves? Or do you prefer to say: There is an end of it! I take my life into my own hands, I face up to the facts, I admit my own share in this problem?

Even though you do not have a direct influence on the circumstances, you can at least try to accept the situation the way it is. Complaints and self-pity tend to weaken you, they do not get you anywhere. If there is no other way, then sit down in a corner for a quarter of an hour and complain, scream, cry and rage … but that should be the end of it. Pool your divine power, focus on the positive outcome of the situation and connect yourself with us angels. You will see that you will soon be able to leave behind your self-pity and regain your strength. We are with you. We belong to the angel groups Eloiah and Akabesh.”

A Message of the Angel groups Eloiah and Akabesh @  transmitted by Ingrid Auer www.ingridauer.us


A Message of Master Lady Gaia

Stride powerfully through rough times!

“Greetings, I am Lady Gaia. Some of you class me with the Ascended Masters, but this classification is not entirely correct. Because I am no master in the traditional sense, but rather the ‘energetic mouthpiece’ between Earth and you humans. You live on her and are inextricably linked with her energies. Without her, you would not be able to exist on Earth. But also Gaia needs you, because your consciousness and your energies are synergistically linked with hers.

Therefore, if you increase your human vibrations, the vibrating frequency of the planet Earth, i.e. Gaia’s vibrating frequency, will increase likewise. In this context, this increase of vibrational frequency also involves an increase of consciousness, as well as the generation of multidimensional spiritual abilities like telepathy, channeling, spiritual healing, activation of the 12 DNA layers, and many more. After all, the higher your vibrating frequencies become, the more steps you take in the consciousness and transformation process. That is the big plan.

But the message I want to convey to you today is something different: Gaia feels and senses all information and vibrations emanating from you humans, both the good ones and the burdening ones. That also pertains to your environmental problems, like the exploitation of available resources, the destruction of rainforests or the pollution and contamination of seas, lakes and rivers.

Gaia senses your fears which typically surface in times of upheaval and realignment, but also your aggression and your discontent or your anger. But of course she also reacts to the positive energies of light and love that are emanating from more and more people and are still going to emanate from them.

Therefore, my advice: Maintain your inner equilibrium and return to it if you have lost it due to challenges! Balance yourself out again and again! Focus on the positive, the unique and the beautiful in your life. Believe in the good in people and in a positive future, because it is changeable after all.

The more of you who work on remaining internally stable or returning to their inner equilibrium again and again, the stronger and more powerful the light on your planet will become and the more strongly and powerfully it will spread.

Gaia is incredibly strong – how else could she have survived until today, after all the mischief humanity has done her? But do not exploit her brazenly by using and destroying her for your economic interests! Instead, connect with Gaia’s power in order to realign yourselves as spiritual beings, to straighten yourself and come out of this time of upheaval and change strengthened and powerful.

Never before was the spiritual world with such a strong and loving presence at your side! Repeatedly schedule time-outs for yourself, meditate or withdraw from your daily routine and the noise of life from time to time. Then you will be able to feel Gaia’s immeasurable power and strength. Because she is your power potential at the same time!

You are connected with Earth and everything that exists! Above and below, internally and externally. You know this wise saying. It has not lost validity yet; make yourself realise that again and again. Gaia carries and nourishes you, physically and energetically, materially and spiritually. Connect with her and the many other high beings so that you can stride powerfully through rough times. You will be able to sense Gaia’s powerful and at the same time very calming energy. And I am at your side as a mediator, if you like. I am Lady Gaia! Be greeted!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


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