Greetings! We are two Angels from the Angel groups “Eloiah” and “Akabesh” speaking in their behalf. You people too often have very concrete and fixed ideas about how things should be or happen. This affects your daily routine, dealing with others or your job. You plan in advance very carefully and are surprised when things turn out completely different. Or you even get angry because things develop in a different way, people react not how you expected or because once again you did not win the lottery.

Your human ideas of how your life and partnership should develop are, of course, very limited. This means you see your life from the worms-eye-view instead of taking the bird’s-eye-view. Then you groan and moan and are frustrated, wondering why life treats you so badly. Why God and the angels have forgotten you … Life is no request programme although books like “The Secret” try to tell you. But life, your life-plan, you as a spiritual being in a human body, are much more complex than stories in mental trainings. Not everything you want, is good for you. Not every path you seem to be convinced of, is the right one. But if you cling to it, your alleged life-plan may turn out a diversion or aberration. Why? Because you use your human thinking as the measure of all things. You think that your human logic, your human brain can show you what is right for you. Completely wrong!

Your plans and projects are always part of the whole and this is the way they are “handled”. This means, if they are not right for your personal and spiritual development, they are taken away from you. But this is only done under the precondition that our Higher Self agrees with it. Then you have to find another way, stop the path you have begun, or even return to the start. If you find yourself again in a situation that makes you think, “This is it! Now I have found the right way, I have made the right decision!”, then try to feel what your Divine guidance says. Sometimes we let you feel that you are wrong, but sometimes we keep quiet, because we are not allowed to give you a hint that you have started on a diversion again. Only then the diversion is a learning process for you. And we are not allowed to keep back this experience. Therefore do not be sad, angry or fed up, if sometimes your plans cannot be fulfilled according to your wishes. There is certainly a higher Divine plan behind it which provides for other experiences for you.


Message transmitted by Ingrid Auer ©


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