“After birth many people pulled the veil of forgetfulness so thoroughly in front of their awareness that they are totally unable to notice the presence of us angels and the spiritual world any more. They have descended deeply into duality because there they want to make experiences which are important for them. They have moved far away from the divine awareness, and their knowledge about human existence is entirely restricted to this one earthly life. All the ones who have been brought up as Christians can imagine a life after death. But that’s about it!

Everything is fine as it is! You have all chosen certain things for this life. You have probably planned to integrate spirituality and reminiscence of the divine source into this life, otherwise you would not be reading my message.

If you go back to your childhood in your mind, what sort of world view shaped you then? Did you know about us angels? Did you have conscious contact with us? Could you talk to adults about us? Have you been able to preserve a childlike informal contact with the spiritual world? Has anybody told you that angels and beings of nature are just childish and you should at last grow up? What has been your spiritual role in your family?

Lots and lots of questions whose answers I know. But I would like to confront you with these questions to make you aware that you entered a child’s life as a knowing and highly-developed soul. And that you might have taken on a difficult role in your family, confronting the adults with the spiritual side of life.

They might have told you that earthly life with all its tasks is more important than a spiritual one. However, how can one picture a spiritual life? Monks live in monasteries, nuns live in convents, the Pope and the bishops play a certain public role, but when it is about essential and significant decisions, only politicians and business magnates hold all the aces.

As a result you may have lost the conscious contact with the angelic world and beings of nature; it has been hidden because you were not taken seriously. The children of the New Age are born under different conditions. People’s awareness has changed. The time of great transformation, which you are just undergoing, makes earthly life more transparent. Spirituality beyond earthly matter is more and more perceptible. Your generation and the generation of your children are just about integrating spirituality in everyday life. There is still much to be done, thinking of the fanatic followers of faith, or the wars that are made in the name of faith. But there is no way to stop spirituality finding its firm place in earthly life again. It’s a new position which you are able to identify with, as your soul resonances with it! I am looking forward to it!”

© transmitted through Ingrid Auer www.ingridauer.com

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