“Many of you have grown up with the belief that there is a higher authority, judging all your deeds. Many believers were told they were born with original sin. In the Middle Ages one could purify one’s soul with a lot of money. Children, who do not really understand what sin means, are sent to confession and made to do penance for their misbehavior. Guilt and atonement are reflected in fine arts, on stage and in films. In the name of guilt and justice wars are fought and people killed. Many people claim to know what justice is, imprisoning others, who they think are wrong and guilty.

Welcome to the energies of the old times! Welcome to the limited views of duality! Welcome to the world of the self-declared righteous ones!

You may have read articles about people with near-death-experiences. All of them saw radiant light at the end of a tunnel and were welcomed by a wonderful energy of love. Nobody asked about guilt, nobody asked for atonement. Is it possible that your view of guilt and forgiveness is far too human? Do you think you will be forgiven for your misbehaviour, your errors and the pain you have caused deliberately? Who shall forgive you, the good Lord? Do you really think God is shocked by your behaviour? That he entitled authorities to forgive your sins?

‘Do not think like a human!’ the angel being Kryon keeps trying to tell you. But how should you think if not like a human? This is a fair question, particularly if you cannot see that people are highly developed souls in a human body! If you do not know that you have different terms for guilt and atonement on the spiritual level, namely responsibility and consequences.

Who does it benefit if somebody is punished for their misbehavior? Can a crime be annulled by incarceration? Yes, it does make sense to protect innocent people from violent people by isolating them! No, it does not make sense to think this would solve the problem. This needs much more: it needs a radical change in awareness!

Forgive yourself and forgive others. However, start with yourself. As long as you cannot forgive yourself, your forgiveness will remain a mere declaration of intent, a lip service. Forgiving yourself is one of people’s most difficult developing steps. Because it is not about suppressing, but about recognizing and admitting what you have done. Forgiveness requires an inner spiritual attitude, rising above the old views of duality, where there is only black or white, good or evil, right or wrong. Forgive yourself, and stand by your mistakes! Take responsibility for them and you will set an example for others!”

© transmitted through Ingrid Auer www.ingridauer.com

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