“Greetings, I am Archangel Omniel. Only a few people know me since I am not mentioned in the Bible, but only in some spiritual books. However, I am one of the great and powerful beings, accompanying you through this important time.

You people originally come as ‘sparks of awareness’ from the divine source. There is only unity, no separation. It is like the oceans: there are innumerable drops of water, creating the sea. It was the same with you. I say WAS, because one day you decided to leave the ‘sea’, to make individual experiences as ‘drops of water’. But this is a well-known comparison anyway.

You have gone through numerous incarnations, slipping into different identities. You have learnt (almost) everything you can possibly experience on this training planet Earth. And gradually it is time to think of your final return to the womb of the divine source, the huge ‘sea basin’.

In the last centuries you have been busy discovering and exploring human existence in its full depth. Think of the numerous incarnations and experiences as travellers, pioneers, explorers, scientists, musicians, builders, workmen, farmers, or people working in social areas. Everybody was on their own to fulfill their own life plan, and to follow the great higher plan to promote the development of mankind.

Now is the time when all these learning processes may eventually come to an end. You are encouraged to rise from a purely human awareness into a collective awareness. The future is more and more about remembering the spiritual energies which have been forming your entire YOU since the beginning of your existence. Focus on a new feeling of togetherness, since you have experienced separation well enough.

Open up for a higher awareness, open up for the energies of the divine source which is your home. Get ready for your return to the big sea basin which you have come from. Now you are single drops of water, but soon you will be united in the divine source. Time can come, we are ready! Get ready, too!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


  1. I have never heard of Achangel Omniel.This is my first and I would like to learn more. Any books available?


    1. Archangel Omniel works closely with the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara on the twelfth, opal-coloured ray. His name derives from the Latin word “omnes”, which means “all-encompassing”. That is why Omniel is also called the Angel of Unity.
      More about him and his symbol I have at present only in the German edition of my book set “The Symbols of the Archangels and the Masters”, which will also be translated into English and Spanish one day.
      Kindest regards,


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