“Greetings! I am Mary. Some of you call me ‘Mother Mary‘. I regard myself as an ascended master who walked the Earth before you. I have come to talk to you about your parents. Because many of you still blame your parents for the course of your lives.

I would like to give you a different perspective: your parents came with their own life plan. They brought certain talents, patterns, likes, and a self-determined life-alignment from former incarnations, which had been strongly influenced by their parents and their environment in turn.

But eventually, as adults, they more or less came away from these patterns and stood up for their own philosophies and beliefs. Can you really judge whether this helped them in their lives or not? What you call development, can also happen in silence, with the help of situations or circumstances which you may call unspectacular. Do not judge them!

One day, both parents entered a partnership with you as a result.

This partnership is not just based on the physical level, but also on the higher-vibrating subtle level. Although both parents may represent different views of life and positions, they create a higher mutual energy field. You were born into this information and energy field because your soul has chosen so.

Now, as an adult, you decide whether you want to be charged by this energy field or a higher-vibrating one. Only as soon as you have recognized your own control dramas and the ones of your parents, are you in a position to consciously leave them. At the same time, you will be more and more capable of drawing your energy directly from the divine source. This is your very personal contribution to the spiritual evolution of the planet Earth.

What makes this time of the great transformation so special is that, for the first time, you are ready to accelerate this process consciously. No matter how many fears and doubts emerge thereby.

Once you have understood what it is all about, you cannot suppress or delete this spiritual knowledge. Whenever you try to leave or deny the path of spirituality, you will feel something essential missing.

Therefore, make peace with your parents because they are significantly involved in your spiritual development, even if you are probably not aware of it. Make peace with yourself – and be patient! Your time will come!

I am connected with you in love. I am Mary!”


© transmitted by Ingrid Auer

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