“Be greeted, I am Mary Magdalene! The Easter days are just around the corner and every one of you will more or less – or even not at all ‒ deal with the death and resurrection of Jesus. I am not here to moralise and to wag my finger at you, after all it is up to yourself if and what kind of significance you attribute to Easter.

However, I would like to encourage you to think about awakening and starting afresh. Normally, you humans only deal with these energies at the beginning of a new calendar year, but look inside yourself: Has not again come a time for you to realign yourself anew and to rethink and possibly change your life and the role you have taken in it? Remain sensitive and open for the energies of the New Age, because they will demand a reorientation from you with increasing frequency.

Let go of the old and burdensome – like a butterfly pupa that casts off the case that has become too small for it – and be ready to be ‘reborn’ again and again: in your thoughts, in your feelings and in your humanity. I accompany you through the Easter days with my energy and my love, and – how could it be otherwise – Isa or Jesus, as you call him, is by my side. We are with you and support you if you want and ask us to. Be greeted!”

(c) Message channeled by Ingrid Auer

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