“Greetings! I am Kwan Yin. I am also called the ‘Asian Goddess of compassion’. I speak to you today because it is about your human control dramas. What sounds so horrible, is one of your most important behaviour patterns. It has accompanied you since childhood and influenced you greatly. From the cradle you unconsciously take on the characteristics of your parents or the people who bring you up. You sometimes even get caught in the crossfire of your parents’ different views or philosophies.

Do you feel like poor victims now, who have been so strongly influenced as small children by their parents, that they have to suffer from ‘control-dramas’ as adults? By the way, what is your relationship with your parents like? Do you feel like a victim who was in childhood absolutely dependent on their parents? Isn’t it too easy to blame your education for your own blocking behaviour patterns?

Who are you? Do you prefer being stuck in your role as a victim because it is easier and more comfortable than standing up and rising above these patterns? Who decided to incarnate in this very family? You knew very well before your conception why you had chosen these exact parents! They are your ideal teachers – not in the sense of learning, but personal experience and self-discovery.

Your parents’ imprints have made you become the person you are today. Once you recognize this and understand the higher meaning behind your choice of parents, a new door will open for you, and you will come closer to your actual life path again. But if you get stuck in your ‘control-dramas’ you will incarnate again and again, until this door is revealed to you. It is up to you. But as you have come so far on your spiritual path of development, I would like to encourage you to make the next important step. We Masters and Archangels are at your side!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer

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