Most wine enthusiasts among yourselves associate the name Chianti with the world-famous region south of Florence where the grape variety of the same name is cultivated and the typical Tuscan wine is pressed. The lovely scenery is characterised by rolling hills, rows of cypresses and medieval wine-growing villages that attract many people from far and wide.

Our Spiritual Journey 2015 is going to take us to this region among others – and thus we have discovered a painting in a small church which hints at a close relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Whether or not the artist was aware of it when he created this portrait, we will probably never know. The painting bears the title “Noli me tangere – Do not touch me!” and shows the encounter of the two after his resurrection. I simply had to share this discovery with you by means of a photo – and we are going to show it to our fellow travellers on site in September.

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