When being HIGHLY SENSITIVE becomes normal

Some people think the topic of being highly sensitive has become a new hype… Others, particularly the ones who are affected themselves, feel relieved that their being different has got a name at last, and that they are not alone. Because most of us do not know that 15 to 20 per cent of people are born highly sensitive (if you would like to know whether you belong to this group, then click here). I dare say that there are a lot more highly sensitive people than we think. However, let us start at the beginning:

In France Elaine N. Aron is considered among experts as the discoverer of high sensitivity. The psychologist already recognized in 1991 that many of her clients, who came for help and advice, showed the same behaviour patterns as herself. So they were obviously in the best hands. In the last years, the knowledge about high sensitivity spread, so that in bookshops you can find shelves filled with books on this topic.


As in other areas of life, there are also different views on high sensitivity. Let’s start with the human-earthly one (I call it ‘programme one’ [1] or the frog-perspective):

Elaine N. Aron explains high sensitivity by an increased sensitivity to stimuli. This does not only appeal to the sense of hearing, sight and/or touch. The difference is somewhere on the way between the nerve and the brain, or in the brain itself, the processing of information. [2]

Let’s leave this explanation and look at a highly sensitive person from a different perspective, the bird’s-eye view, or ‘programme two’. [3]


Also in the nineties the American medium Lee Carroll received the first messages from the spiritual world that there was a new type of man coming. We are talking about the so-called Indigo children, who show very unusual personality and behaviour patterns, and could only be occasionally be found before.

Many of their characteristics are congruent with ones of highly sensitive people. Indigo children are thin-skinned, sensitive to noise, delicate, feel other people’s conditions, or read their thoughts, are closely connected to the spiritual world, etc. In addition, they mainly do not behave according to expectations, at least to adults’ expectations.


It is part of their life plan to be so unadjusted, to push adults out of their comfort zone. This sounds quite provocative, but in this short article I cannot go into detail. Besides their high sensitivity, they undermine old encrusted, and obsolete social norms with their being not adjusted.

Unfortunately the behaviour of Indigo children (as well as Crystal children) is often misinterpreted by adults as negative disturbed behaviour or mischief. Accordingly these children sometimes have to suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives.

The forerunners of these children were already born in the last decades of the 20th century, therefore, it is not surprising that there are already so many highly sensitive adults. I am strongly convinced that many of them show typical characteristics of Indigo children. With their being-different they also challenge their environment, and force it to question what is ‘normal’ and what is not… what should be changed in our society, and what should not…


Highly sensitive children and adults need a large degree of understanding, but they also need special tools which pick them up from where they are. Namely, a much higher vibrational level than the rest of the people live in.

Therefore, I am not surprised that the effects of my spiritual tools, such as the energized symbols and essences, are better ‘understood’ and perceived by highly sensitive people than normal sensitive ones. Above all, the angel aura essence Energetic Boundary which provides an energetic barrier in everyday life.

Many highly sensitive people report that they could not survive in today’s world with all its energetic challenges and burdens without this essence. And these burdening energies will not get less in the future, on the contrary.

[1] ‘programme one’: the earthly, material, intellectual level of awareness of human beings

[2] Aron, Elaine N.: The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive when the World Overwhelms You. Broadway Books, 1997

[3]  ‘programme two’: the metaphysical or spiritual level of human existence


High Sensitivity

The inner child of HIGHLY SENSITIVE people 

“When we are little, we dream of growing up. As adults we often desperately seek for the lightness and the magic we experienced as children.” Silvia Harke

During my time as a kinesiologist, I frequently noticed that the problems of my clients, e.g. anxieties, insecurities or allergies, were rooted in their childhood. There were also cases in which I could trace back the roots of their problems to their mother’s pregnancy or past lives. Although this is “normal”, it still bears mentioning.

Many people find it difficult to mentally or emotionally go back to their childhood. Either because the memory is unpleasant or painful to them or because they have blocked out their time as a child, so that they cannot think of anything in connection with the topic childhood.

Access to the inner child is very important when it comes to rekindling lost enjoyment of life, vitality and creativity. However, since especially highly sensitive people have experienced their childhood more intensely than most other people have, their inner child is especially in need of care and “healing”. After all, they were frequently left alone with their powerful emotions since others were simply unable to understand them.

Highly sensitive people respond especially well to spiritual tools

Besides the established therapeutic support, other methods have proved successful regarding the integration and the conscious acceptance of the inner child in adulthood. Those who not only want to get support for their inner child on the mental and emotional levels, but also on the spiritual level, can find it in the form of spiritual tools.

The classic among my spiritual tools in connection with the healing of the inner child is the Angel Aura Essence ANGEL HARIEL. Not only is it the “spiritual emergency essence for children”, but it has also been used very successfully by people working on their inner child for years. All the injuries borne by the inner child take hold in the subtle body. Occurring often in the aura and the chakras or the multidimensional DNA and remain there for life and even beyond if they are not transformed with the help of subtle-spiritual tools.


High Sensitivity

HIGH SENSITIVITY: “What other people think of me is none of my business”

“What other people think of me is none of my business.” This statement by Wayne Dyer is intended to remind us that we should not question ourselves too frequently. This especially holds true for highly sensitive people. Due to their felt “otherness”, they consistently meet with hurtful criticism or rejection. This is why it is all the more important for them to stay true to themselves, to go their own way and to trust to their inner voice unconditionally.

Adjustment at all costs can not only be very painful for highly sensitive persons, but can also waste their energies and life quality. And when you think of why they actually are highly sensitive – namely because they bring new qualities into our world and into our society – then you will come to the conclusion that adjustment to the mainstream would be a complete disregard of their life mission.


Therefore, my dear highly sensitive people, remain authentic and be proud of the special mission with which you have come to Earth! After all, if anything is to change for the better here, it requires a lot of tact, sensitivity, patience and love.

Stay true to yourselves! And if you need support in doings so, seek it from METATRON! This Ascended Master gives you courage and accompanies you even on very unconventional paths through life.

High Sensitivity

HIGHLY SENSITIVE people are harbingers of a new species of human beings

“Greetings, I am the Ascended Master Adalah’. I was asked to give you some information on the subject of high sensitivity, as you call it. Well, many of you are still surprised at the fact that there are people among you who are more thin-skinned and more sensitive than most other people. Maybe you think of them as oversensitive and therefore not as easily integrable into society as many others. Where do you put your focus when you look at them? Is it really all about quantifiable performances with you human beings? Is it not high time that you rethink your values and ideals?

The highly sensitive among you are harbingers and members of a new species of human beings, which is spreading everywhere on Earth and of which we have been talking for a very long time. Maybe you imagined them differently, maybe you thought of them as something extraterrestrial. Well, that is not entirely wrong, after all you can take it that these highly sensitive people come from far away in the universe.

Many of the souls that reincarnate as highly sensitive people in your time and age are here by their own choice. After all, most of them have already left the wheel of reincarnation and could withdraw to a higher plane of the planet Earth if they wanted to. But they have come here of their own volition, because they wanted to serve humanity and Gaia. They are the ones you call indigo children or crystal children, and you frequently forget that they are not children anymore but have been grown-ups for a very long time.

If you want to give a new orientation to your life and your home planet Earth, you cannot carry on the way you used to. You know that too! It needs many people who live from their heart, who see more than just with their physical eyes, who think with more than their physical intellect and who do not let themselves be wedged in by apparent truths. Those you call highly sensitive have come to you and you are in the process of pushing them to the margins of society because they are not able to perform the way you are. As I have already said, performance can be defined in various ways …

But now I also want to address those who think that they are highly sensitive but who, in fact, are lazy and shy away from difficulties and challenges. Yes, they exist as well. I call them the highly sensitive copycats … they hide their laziness under the guise of high sensitivity and thereby cheat their way through life. But life will show them that they cannot escape responsibility.

Well then, you truly highly sensitive people, do not lose heart! Your life is not always easy and sometimes you need more energy than you have at your disposal. But always think about why you are here and why you have chosen this particular life: You are the pioneers that humanity needs in order to open itself up to the spiritual level of its being and in order to reconnect with your multidimensional wisdom.

Your world will not be saved through intellect, but through sensitivity, wisdom and above all the love that connects you with the universe. This is why you are here! And we with you! We, the Angels and Masters, love and accompany you! Be greeted, I am Adalah’, a Master of the Hathors.”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


High Sensitivity