“How do you apply your spiritual tools?” I am often asked. Voilá, here is a practical tip for everybody that wants – like me – to start the day with angel energies.

The combination of the following tools has proved highly effective:

  • Use an organic toothpaste for cleaning your teeth
  • After cleaning your teeth rinse your mouth thoroughly with organic coconut oil and a few drops of angel combi essence no. 07 /Angel Carmiel (spiritual level – immune system) or angel combi essence o. 11 / Angel Lunael (spiritual level – viruses and bacteria). Move the oil and the drops intensively around in your mouth ( wonderful for my sensitive gums!)
  • Organic coconut oil and sea salt makes a wonderful peeling under the shower and is pleasantly greasing
  • Spray the Angel Aura Essence ‘Angel Sonael’ above your head into the subtle field for energetic protection of the aura and the chakras, after a long day on the computer or exposure to other technical radiation.

May the new day start!

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