“How do you apply your spiritual tools?” I am often asked. Voilá, here is a practical tip for everybody that wants – like me – to start the day with angel energies.

The combination of the following tools has proved highly effective:

  • Use an organic toothpaste for cleaning your teeth
  • After cleaning your teeth rinse your mouth thoroughly with organic coconut oil and a few drops of angel combi essence no. 07 /Angel Carmiel (spiritual level – immune system) or angel combi essence o. 11 / Angel Lunael (spiritual level – viruses and bacteria). Move the oil and the drops intensively around in your mouth ( wonderful for my sensitive gums!)
  • Organic coconut oil and sea salt makes a wonderful peeling under the shower and is pleasantly greasing
  • Spray the Angel Aura Essence ‘Angel Sonael’ above your head into the subtle field for energetic protection of the aura and the chakras, after a long day on the computer or exposure to other technical radiation.

May the new day start!

Allgemein Interesting Facts

The New Age

It is becoming more and more evident that at present humanity is undergoing a powerful process of change, whether it is in politics, in business, in ecology, socially, in health matters, in education or in the lives of individuals. No stone remains in place. This process of change, appears to be accelerating from year to year, is shaping our lives. Some fear this change and yet others welcome it.

There are different ways of looking at these far reaching changes. We see scientific, sociological, historical, spiritual and esoteric explanations. The central and key statement however always remains the same.

Solar Flares Accelerate Frequencies

Astrophysical research has shown that solar disturbances release enormous amounts of gas into space. These coronal eruptions thrust the gas, also known as plasma, at a speed of several million kilometers per hour into space. The special property of this rapidly moving plasma is that it is electrically charged.
As soon as these charged particles impact the earth’s atmosphere they induce magnetic storms and polar lights. They change the magnetic field of the earth and thus affect all living beings. It has been scientifically proven that even individual cell structure changes.

From a physical point of view the increasing solar activity has been triggering extensive changes in the human brain as well. A number of studies have shown a correlation between geomagnetic activities and a deterioration of memory function or concentration. It has even been assumed by scientists that geomagnetic stimulation could lead to a complete re-structuring of the human mind.

For spiritual/energetical protection against solar flares accelerate frequencies you can use my Angel Aura Essence SONAEL