When being HIGHLY SENSITIVE becomes normal

Some people think the topic of being highly sensitive has become a new hype… Others, particularly the ones who are affected themselves, feel relieved that their being different has got a name at last, and that they are not alone. Because most of us do not know that 15 to 20 per cent of people are born highly sensitive (if you would like to know whether you belong to this group, then click here). I dare say that there are a lot more highly sensitive people than we think. However, let us start at the beginning:

In France Elaine N. Aron is considered among experts as the discoverer of high sensitivity. The psychologist already recognized in 1991 that many of her clients, who came for help and advice, showed the same behaviour patterns as herself. So they were obviously in the best hands. In the last years, the knowledge about high sensitivity spread, so that in bookshops you can find shelves filled with books on this topic.


As in other areas of life, there are also different views on high sensitivity. Let’s start with the human-earthly one (I call it ‘programme one’ [1] or the frog-perspective):

Elaine N. Aron explains high sensitivity by an increased sensitivity to stimuli. This does not only appeal to the sense of hearing, sight and/or touch. The difference is somewhere on the way between the nerve and the brain, or in the brain itself, the processing of information. [2]

Let’s leave this explanation and look at a highly sensitive person from a different perspective, the bird’s-eye view, or ‘programme two’. [3]


Also in the nineties the American medium Lee Carroll received the first messages from the spiritual world that there was a new type of man coming. We are talking about the so-called Indigo children, who show very unusual personality and behaviour patterns, and could only be occasionally be found before.

Many of their characteristics are congruent with ones of highly sensitive people. Indigo children are thin-skinned, sensitive to noise, delicate, feel other people’s conditions, or read their thoughts, are closely connected to the spiritual world, etc. In addition, they mainly do not behave according to expectations, at least to adults’ expectations.


It is part of their life plan to be so unadjusted, to push adults out of their comfort zone. This sounds quite provocative, but in this short article I cannot go into detail. Besides their high sensitivity, they undermine old encrusted, and obsolete social norms with their being not adjusted.

Unfortunately the behaviour of Indigo children (as well as Crystal children) is often misinterpreted by adults as negative disturbed behaviour or mischief. Accordingly these children sometimes have to suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives.

The forerunners of these children were already born in the last decades of the 20th century, therefore, it is not surprising that there are already so many highly sensitive adults. I am strongly convinced that many of them show typical characteristics of Indigo children. With their being-different they also challenge their environment, and force it to question what is ‘normal’ and what is not… what should be changed in our society, and what should not…


Highly sensitive children and adults need a large degree of understanding, but they also need special tools which pick them up from where they are. Namely, a much higher vibrational level than the rest of the people live in.

Therefore, I am not surprised that the effects of my spiritual tools, such as the energized symbols and essences, are better ‘understood’ and perceived by highly sensitive people than normal sensitive ones. Above all, the angel aura essence Energetic Boundary which provides an energetic barrier in everyday life.

Many highly sensitive people report that they could not survive in today’s world with all its energetic challenges and burdens without this essence. And these burdening energies will not get less in the future, on the contrary.

[1] ‘programme one’: the earthly, material, intellectual level of awareness of human beings

[2] Aron, Elaine N.: The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive when the World Overwhelms You. Broadway Books, 1997

[3]  ‘programme two’: the metaphysical or spiritual level of human existence


High Sensitivity


Washing a teddy bear in the washing machine is not necessarily a good idea. Maybe a tender hand wash does not make it lose its shape. Who knows…

But what do we really do if we get toys as presents, or if we want to give toys away ourselves? Wash them? Clean them? But how? Because the ‘dirt’ which we do not see, is actually more critical than the layer of dust the toys have accumulated over the years.

I am talking about the energies and subtle information which are saved on furry animals, picture books, dolls, bricks, etc. They come from the burdening emotions of the children and families where they have lived for years, and/or the heavy energies in their flats and houses.


How often does a sad child cuddle its teddy bear? How often does it dry its tears with the teddy’s soft fur? Everything can absorb energies and information, and save them over decades. This is not limited to houses, land or Auntie Emma’s heirlooms.

Therefore, do not forget about cleansing before giving away, or after having got a present. Not only wiping or washing, but really energetically cleansing. How does this work? The simplest way is to spray the toys with the Angel Aura Essence ENERGETIC CLEANSING and leave it for a while.

People who can see the aura, can see whether toys are clean, or not, anyway. Sensitive people feel it, and others can test with a pendulum, a dowser or the muscle test, or are simply guided by intuition. Thanks to the angels energetic cleansing in the children’s room can be so easy!


Interesting Facts


“How do you apply your spiritual tools?” I am often asked. Voilá, here is a practical tip for everybody that wants – like me – to start the day with angel energies.

The combination of the following tools has proved highly effective:

  • Use an organic toothpaste for cleaning your teeth
  • After cleaning your teeth rinse your mouth thoroughly with organic coconut oil and a few drops of angel combi essence no. 07 /Angel Carmiel (spiritual level – immune system) or angel combi essence o. 11 / Angel Lunael (spiritual level – viruses and bacteria). Move the oil and the drops intensively around in your mouth ( wonderful for my sensitive gums!)
  • Organic coconut oil and sea salt makes a wonderful peeling under the shower and is pleasantly greasing
  • Spray the Angel Aura Essence ‘Angel Sonael’ above your head into the subtle field for energetic protection of the aura and the chakras, after a long day on the computer or exposure to other technical radiation.

May the new day start!

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