“How do you apply your spiritual tools?” I am often asked. Voilá, here is a practical tip for everybody that wants – like me – to start the day with angel energies.

The combination of the following tools has proved highly effective:

  • Use an organic toothpaste for cleaning your teeth
  • After cleaning your teeth rinse your mouth thoroughly with organic coconut oil and a few drops of angel combi essence no. 07 /Angel Carmiel (spiritual level – immune system) or angel combi essence o. 11 / Angel Lunael (spiritual level – viruses and bacteria). Move the oil and the drops intensively around in your mouth ( wonderful for my sensitive gums!)
  • Organic coconut oil and sea salt makes a wonderful peeling under the shower and is pleasantly greasing
  • Spray the Angel Aura Essence ‘Angel Sonael’ above your head into the subtle field for energetic protection of the aura and the chakras, after a long day on the computer or exposure to other technical radiation.

May the new day start!

Allgemein Interesting Facts

On the way on behalf of the Angels and Masters

Two very intense days lie behind me.  I held nine coaching single sessions and a workshop in addition. I owe the organisation of these events to Dr. Muffit Jensen from Burbank near Los Angeles. I met her in February this year, and the chemistry between us was immediately right. Muffit is clairsentient, clairvoyant and medially highly gifted, and therefore it is a simple thing for her to sense the energies of my spiritual tools. Thus, it is hardly surprising that she uses the symbols and essences in her office with great success.

At today’s workshop in Tarzans (north of LA) – at the house of Susan and Peter – I got to channel a number of angels and Ascended Masters for the persons present, but also Kryon’s presence was extremely palpable – and he finally began to speak to us. That was an especially moving moment for all of us.

Tomorrow, I will be headed to San Francisco.


Rolling up my sleeves and getting to work

We are back to California! How grateful I am that I could spend my birthday here in the sun at the sea. But the day after the serious side of life began, because I had to set my hands to hefting boxes. Why? My Aura Essences and Symbol Cards are moving to a new home, namely the Fulfillment-Center, which then is going to ship the orders to my customers. This is why I unpacked, repacked and labelled to a fare-thee-well. But that is necessary too. Pure programme No 1 so to say 😉