We are living in a time where darkness is once again rearing up vehemently against the increasing power of light. Long-fostered secrets come to light, assaults on women, which have been kept secret, are denounced in the media. And it is becoming harder to hide knowledge that was not meant for the public.

I am particularly thinking of those traditions which have been portrayed as the only truth by religious organisations for a long time. Their unchallenged claim is starting to crumble.

However, as soon as something unexpected is revealed to the public – such as the GOSPEL OF MARY MAGDALENE – it is immediately placed into the realm of blasphemy, fantasy and esoteric nonsense. What has not officially existed over such a long period of time, is simply impossible. It might even have influenced religious historiography as far as questioning the truthfulness of the Bible.

When the American theologist Karen L. King went public with her sensational discovery of the old papyrus scrolls in 2012, I was sure that the ‘Gospel of Mary Magdalene’ would not be recognized and accepted. (I will say more about it in my next blog in this series).

However, more and more information on Mary Magdalene is emerging, mostly in the psychic way. Whereas it has been possible for the powerful to let important information and truth disappear from the dark times of the past up to our times, now, in the time of the great transformation, these pieces of information cannot be manipulated any more. At the most, the Mary Magdalene opponents call them pure fantasy. But whoever sincerely seeks the truth, will find it in the heart.



  1. I don’t know if you watch a show called “Forbidden History”, but they had an episode on Mary Magdalene and I wish they had contacted you for it. I think you would have been able to offer a lot of insight on it. Have these types of programs contacted you at all? You should do some.


    1. Angie, my mother language is German and I live in Europe. Therefore I think no one will contact me. But there are great scientists studying Mary Magdalene and her role in the USA and they are very well known. Truth is breaking trough! I believe in it! Ingrid


      1. Aw. I’ll keep thinking of you whenever I watch a show like that. ❤ I think people like Lynn Picknett do a great job but you are the best in your field x.
        YES! It's been a trickle over the years and it's now a flood of truth. x


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