No, it is no coincidence that I have stumbled across the ‘four Indian laws of spirituality’ on the internet. Because, just like so many of you, I do not believe in coincidences any more. More likely, I see this ‘coincidence’ as a discreet hint from above to publish the spiritual laws on my blog, to make them available for many others. Here they are:


“What? Is this supposed to be a joke?” I hear some of you ask. “My ex-husband who does not want to pay alimony? My friend’s sister who ran off with my friend’s husband? My chauvinist boss who looks down on women, and treats them so? What you say about the right encounter can’t be true, can it?”

Let’s try to leave the familiar human level of thinking, and look at our lives from above. Do we still believe that our lives are determined by coincidences? What about our free will, our inner freedom? What about a higher plan, which we agreed to long ago, when we were still souls on a different level?

Nobody enters your life by chance. Everybody has got a message, learning topic or some other enrichment for you. It depends on us whether we experience these as pleasant or not. Let’s be honest: don’t we sometimes need a kick to move on, to leave our comfort zone to make progress on our developing path.


Have you ever thought, ‘If only I had not got involved with this man!’ or ‘If only I had used contraception!’ or ‘If only I had made peace with my family earlier!’

Forget about it! Everything is fine as it is! No, this is no palliation. It is an approach where you have to push the human view away, to switch to a spiritual, or at least, holistic one.

Yes, it was right and good to get involved with this particular man because only through him could you make the experiences which were important for you. It might have taken longer for you to realize than you anticipated. Maybe it took more men, who did not do you any good to make the one important experience. But it has all made you stronger, tougher and maybe a bit more independent. We learn voluntarily, but more often involuntarily. Therefore, let’s be grateful that exactly these things come into our lives which are truly important for us and our development.


In former times every child could decide when it wanted to be born. There were no caesareans and labour boosters. The child came when it was the right time, when its soul said, “Go!”

Nowadays we want to plan everything: the right time for having children, marrying, making a career,… Of course, life has become very complex, and we do not want to leave things to chance. But have we ever thought of letting go of the reins, making spontaneous decisions or letting go? We have no idea what we have already missed out on because with all our planning we have interfered with our life from time to time.

Therefore: let go, relax, lean back and trust that everything that is important for us will come at the right time! If we can manage to put a little plaster on our ego’s mouth to quieten it down a bit, letting go and being in the flow will be easier.


If a carton of milk has run out of date and the contents turned sour, then it’s over with the milk. Nothing can be changed. The milk won’t get fresh any more. When your partnership is over, and love gone, it is the same. It has stopped existing. Maybe you can turn the relationship into friendship. Or you stick with the relationship because separation is a no-go. But the loving and exhilarating relationship is dead. Finished!

Yes, this can be sad and painful. It takes many people a long time to get used to it, they have problems letting go of their ideas, expectations, wishes and dreams. Not again this word ‘letting go’. We can’t hear it any longer!

The art of letting go should accompany us throughout our life, as it is a continuous stream of longer and shorter stages. And if we cannot say goodbye to them, we will not develop. This does not mean we should separate from our partners after a few years. Because the development of our love and our partnership is also a process of letting go. We say goodbye to the person we used to be for a period of time, and discover ourselves from a completely new angle. As soon as we let endings and beginnings, transformation and change consciously into our life, it will be a fulfilled and very happy one. That I am deeply convinced of!

PS: By the way, it would take me too much time to explain why I stopped believing in coincidences many years ago. The fact is that behind the superficial look to our life, there are more relevant spiritual laws which we human souls are connected with. With a higher spiritual order, so to speak. However, that is a story for another day perhaps.



How often do we say YES, although we really want to say NO? And why do we actually do what we don’t really want to? Is it because we want to have peace, we do not want to be annoyed, or we do not have the strength for endless discussions? Because we don’t want to pick a quarrel? Because we are scared of upsetting or losing others?

Even now women are often educated to be inactive and quiet. Therefore, it is no surprise that they do not always say what they are thinking or feeling. But often there is real fear, helplessness or powerlessness at the root of this passivity.


_ Do others assume that you will always give in during discussions?

_ Do others still make demands on you, no matter how much you have already given or done for them?

_ Do people close to you threaten to make life difficult for you, if you do not do what they want you to do?

_ Do others ignore or neglect your feelings or needs?

_ Are you often made promises that are eventually not kept?

_ Does anyone threaten to leave you if you do not satisfy their wishes?

_ Do others call you egotistic, cold, envious, greedy or bad, if you do not react to their demands?

_ Does anybody threaten suicide, if you do not satisfy their wishes?

We will probably not immediately notice when the borders to emotional manipulation have been crossed. It is often close people, who you love and do not want to hurt, that want to wrap you round their fingers, or even put you under pressure. Or nice neighbours, who you want to get on well with. Or parents who can no longer handle day to day life without your help and support.


Before you examine your relationship with somebody carefully, you should ask yourself the following questions:

_ How much can I do for the other person or how much can I give, without being fed up with him (or actually myself), angry or sad?

_ Do I deny myself and my needs when I keep giving in?

_ In which situations am I really egotistic – and when do I just set up my borders to save my space, my power, my energy and my joy of life?

Which signs you should recognize to be able to immediately notice manipulation and border crossing by others, will be a topic in one of my next blogs.

Additional literature on the topic: Forward, Susan; Frazier, Donna: Emotional Blackmail: When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation, and Guilt to Manipulate You



In the helping or healing professions it is not uncommon that clients or patients are being manipulated – often without their noticing it. The greatest means of exerting pressure is fear. As is common in many branches of business, many so- called helpers in the healing professions regrettably have joined that “business with fear.” First fear is generated, then help is offered and soon the manipulation machinery is running at high speed. Unfortunately, this can frequently be seen as well in situations where the healer tries to talk his patients into buying products or medications that are not really necessary but generate a nice extra income for him. One should also be especially on one’s guard against healers who wish to create dependencies. Often these are individuals who pose as being very spiritual and knowledgeable, yet at closer examination reside on the dark side of power, wanting to bind people to themselves through manipulation and creating fear.

Guiding Toward Personal Responsibility

The quality of a helper or healer can be measured in terms of how well he supports his clients on the path toward personal responsibility. Recovery and a fulfilling life can only “function” if the client recognizes that he and only he is responsible for it. He can of course seek help and support, but in the final analysis he must assume personal responsibility in order to achieve health or to remain healthy.

Interesting Facts

‘The ego and ascension.’ Message from Ascended Master Saint Germain

“Greetings, dear ones! I am Saint Germain. I would like to present you an important message on the topic of ego, which seems to be an essential and hidden issue for you. Many of you think that the ego is a great human weakness, and some even confuse it with egotism.

Can you imagine a time when you lived as all-love, divine unity and as a divine spark of awareness, where you experienced only love? As beautiful as that was, you would not have the opportunity for soul growth that comes from the learning experiences of duality. These insights into your actions, thoughts and feelings can give you a way to know yourself better, what translates into progress in the growth of your soul.

When you decided to journey outside the divine source to have human experiences in the world of duality, the ego was created. It became an indispensable tool for survival, growth experiences and your development. The ego is the driving force for experiencing ALL aspects of being human.

What should you do with your ego? Could you love it, accept it and be grateful that it has been your guidance system through numerous incarnations? Instead of fighting against it or rejecting it, invite the healthy ego to become a more integrated part of you. You and your ego will be transformed together.

When you have become a Master of yourself and your ego, you will have started your journey back to the divine source. You will not have to leave the earth, but you will be living in the consciousness of an Ascended Master.

I am Saint Germain!“




Remaining in Inner Balance

If a healer for the new age does not reside in his center or does not believe in his capabilities, he will sooner or later be unable to find any patients. As soon as he drifts out of his center, either for emotional or other reasons, people will sense this more and more clearly. As inside, so outside, as above, so below! In the course of the transformation process this cosmic law will be even more evident than before. The advantage here is, however, that black sheep and charlatans among the healers will be more quickly unmasked and identified as such.

Recognizing the Readiness of the Client

In the future it will be more important to pay attention to the inner readiness of the individual, the patient or client who is seeking help. If the readiness is not sufficient, we can spare ourselves all attempts to help this person. If he is not truly ready from within – and here I am not speaking of a readiness born from the intellect – every effort to help him is a waste of effort. Too little or no readiness will always result in an inadequate healing process.

A Heartfelt Desire to Help

To successfully work in a healing profession in the future, a sincere and honest inner attitude toward the client is necessary. If a physician, health practitioner or healer is first and foremost interested in personal financial gain from his work, he will in the long run be unable to exist in the energy of the new age. The more the transformation process will advance, the less pure rip-off will be possible in the healing professions.

Interesting Facts

‘The world is becoming female!’ Message from Ascended Master Mary Magdalene.

“Greetings, dear ones! I am Mary Magdalene. Many of you know me as Jesus’ wife, however, others dismiss this fact – it does not matter. I would like to talk to you about the energies of the present and future.

I am here with you energetically while you undergo a great change and upheaval in every part of your life. There are no exceptions! It is time for you to be free from old structures, values and views. It is my task to accompany and support you.

Your lessons from ancient times, experienced in numerous incarnations in the past 20,000 years, will gradually decrease in their importance to you. You have had many experiences, that gave you the opportunity to develop personally and spiritually; that is the reason your journey in duality has been important.

I was a living example of how partnership can be, with mutual respect and admiration. In ancient times this partnership was unusual, since women had lower social status than men. Women were only there to serve, and not allowed to express an opinion. Girls from good families were the only ones educated in writing, reading, learning Greek, or trained in art and healing techniques.

Jesus and I lived an equal relationship; he had the utmost respect for all women and chose me as his official successor. Those in power would not accept me as a woman for his successor and history took a different turn.

Then, as now, many women do not play a central role in society, but a serving one. They are expected to make space for men, or let them take the lead. Many women do not live to their full potential and consider themselves less important than men or they take on masculine characteristics trying to become equal with men. Women also compromise their sexuality, playing a role to keep men satisfied, or to hold their ground in the male world.

The transition to the New Age is accompanied by soft, feminine energy, I here to tell you that the world is becoming female. Do not forget, this transition is not about turning from patriarchy to matriarchy. Balance and harmony between masculine and feminine will bring the equality we are longing for.

I am present and happy to accompany and support you as a sister, friend or consultant. I am on your side!

I am Mary Magdalene!”




We are all more or less, emotionally manipulated by others, or wrapped around their fingers. But, on the other hand, we also know exactly how it works to achieve something the other one does not really want. We already knew how to do this when we were small. Think back to the time when you were a little girl. I am sure you knew what to do to get another ice-cream, or stay out longer in the evening.

Back then you unconsciously used mechanisms which were so effective that adults surrendered to your wishes. It is all the more surprising then that we do not notice as adults when someone tries to force their will upon us. This happens so subtly that we can only see it afterwards (if at all).


It is one thing to captivate one’s father with a small girl’s charm until we get what we want. But once we are grown up, we are never satisfied. Then it is not about chocolate, but about putting pressure on somebody else.

Emotional manipulation is a slow process which we are not aware of at the beginning. Only when we start to feel uncomfortable because others intimidate us with their tears, screams or by withholding their love, do we notice that there is something wrong. Exactly: we think there is something wrong with US. But in reality the problem lies in the others.

The weaker one’s self-esteem, the easier it is to manipulate us, the more we feel guilty if we do not meet the other one’s expectations. And the harder we try to make everything better in order not to disappoint the other one.


There are clear signs and hints that show someone is manipulating you; and sometimes this manipulation can happen subconsciously. It is often a manipulation pattern which we have seen from our parents and copied. It used to be normal and, therefore, we did not think about it.

It is well established that we women are more easily manipulated than men. Over centuries women were at the mercy of social pressure and the moods of their male companions. They did not dare to neglect the claims of the male dominated society. Although in the 21st century we have discovered the old patterns and feel equal, we still fall back into the innate or acquired behaviour patterns of our mothers and grandmothers. This might be based on the fact that at the genetic level these behaviour patterns have been passed on through generations of women. And on the energetic level through the morphologic field.


Now we come to the six typical characteristics of emotional manipulation which are all connected:

  • You are faced with demands which are at the beginning quite subtly put, for example, “I could borrow your car, couldn’t I?”
  • First you show some resistance or say NO. It might sound like this, “I don’t want to lend my car, not to anybody!”
  • The NO is not accepted and so pressure is put on you. It may sound like this, “You do love me, don’t you? Why can’t I use your car?”
  • If this does not help, the pressure is increased and, subsequently turns into a threat. In our case it might be, “If you refuse such a tiny thing like lending your car, I feel forced to think about finishing our relationship!”
  • Depending on the personality, there is either an end to putting pressure on, and the manipulator has to realize he can’t get any further, or, the next round starts. The victim can’t see any possibility other than giving in. “Well, if you really think so, then take the car. I want to have a harmonious relationship. This is the most important thing for me.”
  • Giving in lays the foundation of repeating the manipulation. If the manipulated person does not do anything against it, this situation is repeated in different areas of life. This goes on until the victim changes behaviour, forcing the manipulator to change his manipulative behaviour pattern. Maybe the relationship is even ended.

In one of my next blog from this series I will describe how to recognize people who successfully keep manipulating others.

Forward, Susan; Frazier, Donna: Emotional Blackmail: When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation, and Guilt to Manipulate You