As I was reading the world bestseller ‘The Mists of Avalon’ 20 years ago, I did not have the slightest idea how important Mary Magdalene would be in my later life. And then, I did not know about the connection between her, Glastonbury and the Queens of Avalon.

Mary Magdalene’s sons in the south of England

Historians discovered that Joseph of Arimathea arrived with his nephew Josephus (the youngest son of Mary Magdalene and Jesus) in the west of England in 63 A.D. The arrivals were treated with suspicion by the locals, but King Arviragus of Siluria gave them, and the twelve missionaries who arrived with them, 580 hectares of land. There they built a small church made of clay. In the course of the centuries it was extended, until eventually the Abbey of Glastonbury developed, whose ruins today still attract thousands of people.

Already in the year 49 Joseph of Arimathea travelled with the twelve-year-old Jesus II (Mary Magdalene and Jesus’ oldest son) to England. The same names for father and son, often cause confusion. This is also the reason why so many people think that Jesus himself was in England.

Glastonbury – the most magical place in England

According to folklore Jesus II had a memorial stone placed into the clay chapel of Glastonbury, in memory of his parents. Supposedly it can be still seen on the southern wall of the Lady Chapel at Glastonbury. It carries the inscription ‘Jesus – Mary’, whereby Mary does not apply to Jesus’ mother, but Mary Magdalene.1

Glastonbury is supposed to be the most magical of all places in England. The hill of Glastonbury Tor is said to have been the island of Avalon which was surrounded by marshes, and thick fog, which only the initiated were able to cross. It was also the centre of the wise Druids, one of King Arthur’s retreats, and the supposed hiding place of the Holy Grail (which I want to look at more closely in another blog).

Avalon – the former kingdom of mists

Numerous ruins and legends are the witnesses of a magical past whose centre is Glastonbury Tor, the highest hill far and wide. On its top a famous ruin reaches up into the sky, a relic of the former church spire of St. Michael.

Glastonbury is a mystical and holy place that attracts numerous people from all over the world. The most important English ley-line runs directly through Glastonbury. It connects Avalon with Saint Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, and also the great stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury. It continues up to the northwest of England. Sensitive people can feel the energies of this power place, knowing that around Avalon and Glastonbury Tor there are special, magical powers.

King Arthur, Morgaine, Viviane and Mary Magdalene

Avalon also plays a big part in the legend concerning King Arthur which developed in the 5thcentury. It says that the healer Morgaine le Fay cured Arthur in Avalon, after he had been gravely injured in battle. But Avalon and Morgaine are more than legendary figures. After years of research, the internationally renowned British historian and genealogist Laurence Gardener worked out the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene from the past, forward to the present.

In doing this he came across names, such as King Arthur, Lancelot or Viviane, who can all be dated back to Mary Magdalene and Jesus’ line of descendants, as well as Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus’ brother. To us, living in the 21stcentury, this might sound weird and unbelievable, but the truth is often just beneath the surface of legends, or Christian traditions, which are meant to distract, or sometimes deliberately mislead us.


1 Also Joseph of Arimathea is often simply called ‘Joseph’ which makes people confuse him with Joseph, Mother Mary’s husband. Names like Mary, Joseph, David, etc. were terms for positions within the spiritual societies they belonged to.


  1. Ingrid,
    Fascinating blog! Thank you for presenting these connections. Makes me want to read Mists of Avalon again. Also, I hope you & Gred are planning a spiritual tour to Scotland & Ireland that includes English speaking participants. If so, sign me up & Kathy too. 😍JoAne Bulotti


    1. Dear JoAne, thank you for your lovely feedback! Avalon / Glastonbury is always an amazing experience. At the moment we have no plans offering tours, sorry about that. Much love, Ingrid


  2. The Magdalene came back to Britain in AD37 (among other biblical figures) where she lived among the Druids from whom she had learned so much previously. After the Roman invasion by Claudius in AD43, she fled to the Isle of Anglesey along with the Druid leaders after it was discovered that Claudius had invaded Britain primarily to murder the Druids. Claudius’s reason for murdering the Druids was because he had received a miracle cure from the Magdalene a few months before she left for Britain of a serious illness, he found out that the Magdalene had gone back to Britain so he set up an invasion force with the intention of arresting MM and the Druids then torturing them for the knowledge they had obtained in miracle cures (the grail).
    Claudius searched Britain for MM and the Druids for 11 years unsuccessfully and died in AD54 (murdered by Agrippa). After his death MM returned to Avalon where she lived for the next 6 years until the emperor Nero sent another invasion force to arrest the Druids in Anglesey in 60AD who by this time had settled on the Island. While Nero’s invasion force was heading to Anglesey it was decided between 5 Celtic tribal chiefs that they would attempt to an uprising to remove the Romans from Britain and create a diversion to stop Nero destroying the Druids. The uprising was led by none other than MM herself and after the sacking of Roman towns Colchester, London and St Albans she was named Boudica which is the Celtic meaning for victory. You will notice in British history that even though scholars admit the Boudica was the name given to her after the sacking of those towns, there is no history of her name before the uprising, well actually there was but it has been erased from history. When Nero found out about the uprising, he ordered the Governor of Britain to bring back the legions from Wales and defeat the uprising which they did but not before MM had escaped back to Anglesey. From Anglesey the remaining Druids and MM including her daughters went on yet another pilgrimage to escape Roman rule and safeguard the grail, they sailed at night and landed in Solway firth on the Scottish side and headed north into Midlothian eventually settling in Roslyn near Edinburgh. The Roman’s had several attempts to find MM and the Druids but never ever found her. MM was born in Avalon, as was Jesus Christ as well as many other biblical figures of the time. The Druids were a very mysterious people who knew things about nature and it’s miracles, that knowledge was passed onto the Magdalene and she took it to the holy land, the rest is history. For all intents and purposes, the Magdalene is the grail and the true messiah, she can be found if you know where to look but not in the centuries you’d imagine.


    1. There are some theories where Mary Magdalene lived after the death of Jesus (some say in southern France, others believe in England, the third are convinced that she was in southern France and then in England). Others believe that Jesus also lived in southern France and/or England. Each of us should form our own opinion on this, because although some people claim to “know” the truth, there is no one who can say this for sure.


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